Lunch At Real Estate Webmasters Thanks Joe!


I just wanted to send a great big thanks to Joe Lane for buying the entire Real Estate Webmasters staff lunch last week. We had a great time, and I am sure Delicados really appreciated the order.

Thanks Joe! Here are some pics for ya:

A bunch of hungry web developers - wheres my wrap!

I might be good at figuring out search engine algorithms but damned if I can figure out which one of these is a chicken and shrimp medium minus and which is a southwest chicken - Anyone???

I will be posting a bunch more pictures for you soon Joe, thanks again from all the REW staff, that was a wicked cool gesture and it was really appreciated (And enjoyed) by all.


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REW Nick

Dammmn, that was good. Joe, you're welcome to do that again, ANYTIME. ;)

Morgan Carey

From Holly ... Thank you so much! It was delicious!

MLS Update

Joe, I didn't get to work with you (I won't until you get an IDX), but I really appreciate the gesture. Thank you.


Thanks for Lunch!! I was forced to eat at Noon that day.. lol

REW Anthony

Thanks for lunch Joe. I had the delicious 'Mediterranean Wrap' :)

REW Steven

Thanks for the lunch. Much better than the Subway I normally have!


Thanks for my "Lee's wrap", and for the chipotle sauce nobody else claimed! Bwa ha ha...

REW Tyler

Thanks Joe, that was really good :)

REW Auliya

Hey Joe!! Thanks again for buying us all lunch! It was incredibly tasty (as Delicados is) and was a great break from my usual boring Yogurt and Veggies lunch. Thanks so much! Very VERY much appreciated!!!

Matt Hutchings

Thanks a ton Joe! Very appriciated! Kept me a well fed man all day.

Fergus Gibson

I'd thank Joe too, but I'm too full. (Thanks, Joe.)

Moriah Kemila

Thanks so much for lunch, Joe! It was exquisite! We'd be more than happy to do it again sometime! :)

Ying Lin

Thanks for Lunch, Joe. It was delicious :)


Thanks for the awesome gesture. Very much appreciated.


Thanks a lot, Joe! You'd be hard pressed to find a programmer anywhere that doesn't appreciate free food! :P


Thanks for the lunch Joe

REW Nick

I ate in your honor. It was delicious.

Joel Martin

That was awesome. Thanks Joe. Is this going to be a regular thing? ;)


Thanks Joe - my veggie wrap was super yummy.


Very gracious of you Joe! Hope all's well in Washington.


Very Cool of you Joe! You guys deserved it... By the way, was this before or after the announcement of the $1,000 blog contest? (sorry -- been too busy too keep track of anything anymore.)

REW Nick

Before :)O

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