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Matt Hutchings Returns To REW As A Second-Time Father

Matt Hutchings returned to the REW team last week after five weeks of paternal leave to a new role — Code Development Manager.

While similar to his previous role as the Team Lead of Professional Services, Matt’s new position with the company will shift more of his focus toward management and support of the development team versus programming on client projects. 

“I’m here to make sure Professional Services is delivering the best development work we can today, and even better tomorrow”, said Matt.

This move from his previous role as Team Lead isn’t the first time the company has seen Matt grow, however.

Applying for a practicum during his second year in the Information Technology & Applied Systems program at Vancouver Island University in 2007, Matt has since worked his way through the roles of Developer, to Team Lead, and now Code Development Manager. 

After 14 years at REW, Matt looks back on his initial days at the company with fondness.

“I felt part of the family almost immediately,” Matt said. “There were only maybe 15 of us at the time, and everyone was really supportive and worked closely to get the job done. Morgan, Carrie, Mike, Moriah, Phil, those are the great people that took me in and I’m grateful they did. What's even cooler is that all of those people are still with REW today.”

After almost a decade and a half, Matt says what’s kept him around REW for so long is the inspiration to always be creative and bring solutions to life, as well as the magic between the people, product and clients. 

“They make it fun, interesting, and challenging each day,” Matt said. “I also like that we're always striving to be bigger and better, it keeps me motivated to bring my best every day!”

Looking ahead to future days in his new role, Matt says he’s most excited about the launch of REW’s new RISMedia branding and site.

“Admired and trusted in the industry, it is a really great honor and opportunity to be the ones behind this.”

As for the promotion in his family life to second time Dad, Matt couldn’t be happier.

He and his wife Steph welcomed their new son Ethan into the world on May 22, 2021, and although it’s just as exciting, Matt is able to ease into the role having been through the experience before with his firstborn Liam. 

“Everything feels a little calmer, since I know what to expect and have done it before. Also less shopping because you already have all the essentials (cue the hand-me-downs).

Only time will tell if either Liam or Ethan follow their father’s footsteps into Code Development Management, or into Matt’s onetime gig of playing guitar and singing (screaming?) in a screamo band, but no matter their future direction, we’re happy to welcome them into the REW family. 


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