Messy Leads = Missed Deals: Embrace Organization

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Every lead could mean a lucrative deal or a missed opportunity, depending on how you manage them.

In such a competitive landscape as real estate, the consequence of not properly organizing your leads can be dire. Join us as we turn chaos into opportunity with REW CRM's Lead Groups feature and explore the benefits of a well-organized database.

Leverage REW CRM's Lead Groups

Harness the power of REW CRM's Lead Groups feature to optimize your lead management and sort prospects into categories. To get started, navigate to 'My Setup' and click 'Lead Groups'. Here, you'll find the option to create a new group by clicking the plus sign. It's essential to fill out the group name and description to maintain clarity and ensure you won't forget the group's purpose.

Moreover, you can enhance collaboration within your team by sharing your group with colleagues. Simply tick the shared group box, granting your entire team access to the groups you've created. This fosters seamless communication and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding lead organization and follow-up.

Once your groups are established, efficiently assigning leads is a breeze. You can do this individually by navigating to the lead's profile and assigning them to the appropriate group. Alternatively, head to the Leads page for bulk assignments and select all the leads you wish to assign to the same groups. With a simple click of the Group button at the top of the page, you can swiftly allocate your selected leads to their respective groups. This design saves you time and ensures your leads are categorized effectively for conversion efforts.

Access Lead Groups through REW CRM's 'My Setup'.

Categorizing Leads

Categorizing leads lets you paint a clearer picture of your potential client's preferences and journeys. By segmenting them based on factors such as viewed property type, preferred locations, stage in the sales funnel, and communication preferences, agents can tailor their approach for more effective engagement. For example, understanding whether a lead is interested in residential homes, commercial properties, or investments allows agents to provide relevant listings and updates, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Furthermore, categorizing leads based on their stage in the sales funnel ensures timely and relevant interactions. Whether a lead is in the early research phase, actively considering properties, or ready to make a decision, personalized engagement can guide them toward conversion. With REW CRM, you can create your own categories and establish lead groups based on that, offering flexibility and customization to match your specific business needs.

Example Lead Groups and their lead counts.

Benefits of Lead Organization

Organizing leads offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance your real estate business. Firstly, it enables better targeting by allowing you to categorize leads based on various factors. This segmentation empowers you to effectively tailor your communication and address each group's specific needs and interests.

Furthermore, organized leads improve work efficiency, particularly regarding email blasts or drip campaigns. Lead groups in REW CRM act as an audience list, enabling agents to deliver relevant content to the right people while saving valuable time and effort. 

Moreover, organizing leads enables you to make informed decisions. By structuring your leads into groups, you better understand their preferences, behaviors, and engagement levels. This insight allows you to develop targeted strategies and content that resonate with each group, ultimately leading to more effective marketing campaigns and increased conversions.

Efficient lead filtering using Lead Groups


With REW CRM, it's not just about managing leads, it's about making your work easier and giving you all the support you need to succeed. Don't let messy leads lead to missed deals—embrace the power of organization and watch your real estate business thrive.

Lead Groups FAQ

Why is organizing leads important in real estate?

Organizing leads is essential in real estate to efficiently manage prospects, ensure targeted communication, and increase conversions.

How can REW CRM's Lead Groups feature help?

REW CRM's Lead Groups feature allows agents to categorize prospects, tailor their approach, and improve collaboration within their team.

What are the benefits of categorizing leads within REW CRM?

Categorizing leads offers better targeting, improved efficiency, and informed decision-making, enhancing overall productivity and success.

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