MLS information for realtors and web developers


Many members of the REW forum ask, how do I go about creating a custom IDX for my website? The programmatic challenges to this are complex and will be covered in a subsequent blog entry, however before one can even go about coding a custom IDX, one must first have a raw data feed set up by their board. So I decided I would document in my IDX section how to go about applying for such a data feed and the processes unique to each board.

In order for me to do this I will need to gather the following:

  • MLS Board Name
  • MLS Board Website
  • Technical Contact for the board
  • Locations of application forms
  • Rules and regulations
  • Fees associated with each type of feed
  • Types of feeds
  • Server requirements
  • Availability (Broker, Agent with broker permission, agent or no feed available
I will likely require more information for each particular MLS board, but this is a pretty good starting list. Anything else you guys need to know? Post your comments below


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