Mobilegeddon's impact on real estate - what Realtors must do to survive April 21st


We are less than 2 weeks away from what the internet has called "mobilegeddon" which will happen on April 21st. 

What is Mobilegeddon? In a nutshell, Mobilegeddon is a new algorithm that is going to be applied to ALL Google indexed websites.

What does this algorithm do? This algorithm will evaluate and apply new ranking factors to your website based on how "mobile friendly" or "responsive" your website is. If you do not have a responsive website, it is estimated that you will LOSE ALL RANKINGS IN MOBILE SEARCH RESULTS!

Sorry for the bold caps, but this is REALLY IMPORTANT! Go take a look at your Google analytics right now, click on Audience, then mobile, then overview - take a look at how much of your traffic comes from mobile! 

I've been doing a review of in preparation of some awesome news regarding LEC 2015 (details below) and in looking at our stats - a staggering 160,000+ sessions just this month came from Mobile - that's 44% of all traffic. Still another 49,000 sessions (13%) were on tablet - that means over 200,000 (yes two.... hundred... thousand....) sessions came in on what would be considered a device that requires responsive design. FIFTY SEVEN PERCENT! 

Let's try to put this in perspective - I don't have the number off hand (but I'll find out), but for example purposes, let's say Realty Austin does 1 Billion dollars in total sales volume from the web in a year:

Now lets assume that the same % closes from mobile as from desktop - that means 57% of their sales would be GONE if they did not have a responsive site, $570,000,000 in sales, $17,000,000 in GCI POOF! Gone! 

Can you imagine? That is the reality of this update folks. If you rely on your website rankings to drive leads (and sales) then you too could see a drop of 57% or more in your business OVERNIGHT! 

Thank GOD we upgraded Realty Austin to a responsive site a long time ago, so we are of course not in any danger of this algorithm and there is literally nothing that should change (negatively) for Realty Austin as of the 21st - in fact, if you are running a responsive website and your competition is not, chances are you will see an INCREASE in traffic because anyone that was outranking you in the past with a non responsive site in mobile will be gone from the face of the earth. 

What is a responsive website?

A responsive (device / mobile friendly) website is a website that adjusts itself and it's presentation / content / layout based on the device you are using. If you are using a tablet it stacks one way, if you are using a mobile device it nicely re-organizes itself another way - all in the interest in presenting the most readable format for the user. Because of this, it only makes sense that Google (owner of the worlds largest OS for mobile (android) would focus on benefitting those webmasters who put the effort into mobile friendly products. 

Are "Real Estate Webmasters" websites responsive? 

Yes - All products produced by Real Estate Webmasters (REW, our company) are fully responsive. We launched the very first "responsive product" websites in the Real Estate Industry and have lead innovation in the field ever since. This was 2010 / 11 ish however - thus before that time, any websites built by any company were "not" responsive (especially not in the way we know it today) - and so it is YOU I am talking too. The user of a REALLY OLD WEBSITE design (pre 2012) or anyone who has built their own non resonsive website or used a company that does not offer responsive design or opted to not do responsive on a custom because of cost etc


Or you will lose your rankings on mobile and tablet devices and "possibly" even PC's. If you are not running a responsive site - on April 21st, mark my words you are going to wish you had been.

Upgrading your website is not something you can put off any longer. 

How do I know if my website is responsive / mobile friendly? 

I actually posted a how to test your website - right here. If anyone wants me to test their website for them you can post it in the comments section of this post, or on that thread - I'm happy to make sure your site is "mobile friendly". 

My website is NOT Mobile Friendly (not responsive) what can I do?

The only thing you can do is upgrade! It's as simple as that. 

I've spoken to my production team and they say we are SLAMMED with upgrades from our larger custom clients however for any of our "out of the box" products, we should be able to keep up with demand. As such, we've decided to offer a promotion to help out with this transition. 

Out of the box promotion 

What you need "at least" is one of our premium sites. Normally they are $2,000 setup and $199 per month - we are going to offer them at a 50% discount on the setup (saving you $1,000 USD) so that you can upgrade quickly into an awesome website (which if you don't have a responsive website, to be honest you should have done a long time ago). 

Not only will this save your rankings on mobile / it will likely be a huge upgrade to your site overall and help more traffic and better conversion. 

Here is an example site: (responsive premium site)

What if I want more? What are your best sites? 

Our best "out of the box" sites are the Barbara and the soon to be launched LEC 2015

The Barbara is my latest and greatest design and the pinnacle of responsive design. My team and I worked closely with Barbara Corcoran (our business partner from Shark Tank) on this design and for my $ as an agent or team, it is the best website on the market. It retails at $5,000 USD setup + $199 per month. 

The LEC 2015 - LEC stands for "Limited Edition Custom" and is our absolute Ferarri when it comes to websites. I work with the team each year to design 1 LEC design, and then it is sold on a market exclusive (by major city) basis. I hinted about about the work I am doing on Realty Austin - here's the scoop - is our most successful city based brokerage site in history. We've literally spent nearly 4,000 hours just in the last two years continually updating, optimizing, testing, changing that site. We have over 110,000 leads since Jan 2014 and I'm pretty sure we're up over a billion dollars in sales in that same timeframe. 

Jonathan Boatwright and I got together and started chatting about our "next" iteration of the site, and also the subject of "how everyone wants to copy this monster" came up. I can't remember which of us suggested it (I think it was me), but what came out was - why don't we make this the new LEC? We were about to go into another round of revisions and it made perfect sense for us to partner on it. 

So that's what's up folks! As soon as I am done my next revisions on Realty Austin (working with Jonathan, Phil, and programming as we speak) Realty Austin (the design only, not content or custom applications) will become the latest in our LEC lineup and available (one per market) for purchase at the standard $10,000 USD setup + $199. 

The benefit? We already KNOW it works. It's the best brokerage site ever! This site was specifically designed for region specific brokerages, but can also be used by teams or even agents. 

Note - LEC 2015 will NOT be available until the REW Summit in May which is of course "after" mobilegeddon - so what we are prepared to offer is a FREE premium site (just pay the $199 SAAS fees) for your use until such time as your LEC can be installed (for those that buy the LEC 2015 or any other LEC)

I'm happy to answer any questions regarding LEC 2015 below. 

What about past years' LEC's? 

They are of course also awesome (and all responsive) - they retail at $10,000 USD as well however during this promo I am prepared to discount the older models based on age, here is the pricing for other LEC's

LEC 2014: $7,500 USD (save $2,500)
LEC 2013: $6,000 USD (save $4,000) 
LEC 2012: $5,000 USD (Save $5,000) <<Honestly, at this price, buy the Barbara
2011 and below designs are officially depricated (no longer for sale) 

As I mentioned above, going with a "product" (not a custom site) is the only way we are going to be able to fit you into the schedule and get you something hopefully before April 21st. Later on when things calm down in production and this is past us, we can certainly talk about jazzing up any product you buy - but for now, let's make sure we focus on getting a responsive site ordered, and getting live. 

The clock is ticking: 

Please contact your sales person at REW directly to place an order, alternately if you can't remember or don't have a sales person you can post in the comments of this blog post or email OR you can fill out the contact for at

I look forward to your questions posted below, and I thank you for your business




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Morgan Carey

PS - Austin Texas, San Antonio and all smaller cities between the 2 have been reserved for LEC 2015 for Realty Austin. Several other LEC 2015 areas have already been pre-purchased and others have first right of refusal on them. We will be calling in the FROR now that we know what the design is going to be. Users will have to commit to their purchase of give up that spot - LEC map is located at :)

Morgan Carey

These are the MLS's that the 2015 are reserved for in Texas (noone using these feeds can buy it)

ABOR MLS (Austin)

Highland Lake MLS (Lake LBJ)

Four Rivers MLS (New Braunfels)

San Antonio MLS (San Antonio)

Tina Fountain

Hi Morgan - just emailed you a couple of questions about the upcoming changes.


Tom Thornton

Morgan -

My personal site is, and was upgraded to an REW mobile-friendly version in Dec 2014. Google does not apply the mobile-friendly tag to my site as of today. Any suggestions?


Karen Morrison

When will your IDX product be responsive?

Morgan Carey

Karen, all current REW products are responsive (including our IDX) - if you buy a product from REW today, it is responsive :)

Tom - is responsive - not sure what the issue is there.

REW Anton

Hi Tom is responsive. Google has only started rolling out the 'mobile friendly' tag and they might not have indexed your website yet. We have tested your url on various devices and it looks great on all of them!
Best regards,

Vcki Budden

We would appreciate our site being checked out. I believe we made some changes last year for this? Thanks.

Andree Thomson

Hi Morgan, I can't tell if my site is mobile friendly. Could you or someone on your team test it out for me? It's

Morgan Carey

Hello Mrs Budden easternshoreofmarylandrealestate.comis most certainly NOT a responsive website. Sorry - that is one of our much older templates.

Morgan Carey

Andree Thomson - is not an REW website and it is not responsive. Should definitely be upgraded / changed.

Matt Scoggins

Please upgraded to a premium site ASAP. Thanks.

REW Niki

Hi Matt. I'll have one of our product consultants reach out to you as soon as possible.

Philip Lancelot

Morgan, Please have someone check for responsiveness.

REW Niki

Philip, that's one of our old templates and is not responsive. Would you like for me to have a product consultant reach out to you?

Philip Lancelot

Niki, Yes please have someone contact me regarding

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