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Posted by Morgan Carey on Saturday, December 10th, 2016 at 5:09am.

Are you a new to intermediate realtor / broker (or perhaps quite experienced but just late to the internet marketing game?) I'm writing this article for you. 

Now most folks know REW (Real Estate Webmasters) for our super high end, custom projects and working with clients like Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) and Fredrik Eklund (Million Dollar Listing New York) as well as powering many of the top teams and franchises in the country. 

This is what is known as our "elite / enterprise" category. And while it's true, the kinds of products and services that are used by this group is generally out of reach for those starting out with internet marketing our largest category of customer actually lives with another division of our company and that is what is known internally as our "non custom ATB" (agents, teams brokers) category.

This category actually offers the VERY SAME products as the huge companies and mega star agents use, however because of budget and a less experienced customer we simply steer the customers to the basics first before we take on major projects with them. 

Of course our goal is to help savvy ATB customers grow over time into our elite / enterprise category as we have done so many times for thousands of Realtors over the last 13+ years! 

So because it is year end, and this is the time when:

A: Everyone FINALLY starts putting a plan together and
B: because there are many folks out there who need to get expenses in before year end

Here is my very simple recipe for success (in the context of REW pricing services) 

As I mentioned before: We are "high end" (which means we are not inexpensive) but in ATB we allow you to use sites like Barbara Corcoran's, Fredrik Eklund's or our lead generating Elite site at a fraction of the cost it would normally be to create such a site. 

We ONLY provide high end sites to clients who are serious about ROI. For other client types, interested in the cheapest solution instead of the best solution - there are other respectable providers (they just serve a different purpose) . 

So before you read the math and realize how amazing the ROI on an REW site can be AND before you read about my money back guarantee, I want you to be prepared for the spend:

Your site will cost you $5,000 USD
REW's platform fees are $499 USD per month 
Your PPC spend should be at least $1,000 USD per month  

If this disqualifies you, you should still read this recipe, because it is what you should be working towards. 

If you want guaranteed ROI and care more about "the best" solution vs "the cheapest" and you're not yet in our elite or enterprise category - this recipe was WRITTEN for you! 

As I mention above: post setup you will spend 

$1,499 USD per month for 6 months totaling $8,994 USD
Trial will generate leads at somewhere between $5-$25 cost per lead (varies heavily by market but is inline with GCI) - I have broken down 2 price bands for you to make it easy to see where you fit. 

Least expensive markets would be generating 150-200 leads per month at average sales price target of $150,000-$250,000 (900-1,200 leads for trial with a long term (24 month) goal conversion is 3%

Mid markets would be generating 66-100 leads per month at average sales price target of $300,000-$500,000 (400-600 leads for trial with a long term (24 month) goal conversion is 3%

GCI potential (low / high)

Least expensive: 27 closings @ 150k = $121,500 to 36 closings at $250k = $270,000
To be conservative, in a 12 months let’s assume a 1% conversion lead to sale which by following our program everyone should be able to hit – that means GCI is 1/3 or $40,000-$90,000

Mid markets: 12 closings @ 300k = $108,000 to 18 closings @ $500k = $270,000 again assume in just 12 months only a conversion of 1% taking it to $36,000 to $90,000 GCI

Site: $5,000 USD 
REW SAAS (includes CRM) $499 USD
PPC Management: 15% 
PPC budget: $1,000 USD+
Customization budget $0 (our focus is lead gen and conversion)

There are a few underlying assumptions to this performance:

#1: Forced registration is always enabled in IDX

#2: PPC spend is $1,000 USD+ uninterrupted at least 12 months

#3: Agents are committed to following up with each lead with a “minimum” of the following

Phone call logged within 48 hours for each lead
Saved search set up for all leads
Personalized email sent to each lead within 7 days
Lead is added to either an action plan or a drip campaign within 7 days

#4: No custom work / services (outside of colors, logos, content) have been made to the REW product

And now for my guarantee! 

Any customer willing to commit to the 4 items above (forced registration, continued spend, follow up and no custom) - I will guarantee you a positive ROI or ALL monies paid to REW will be given a 100% refund. 

That means the site setup AND our monthly fees will be 100% returned to you if you have not generated a positive ROI inside of 1 year. In fact, I am so confident in our products and services that I will offer to guarantee that you at least DOUBLE your investment or your money back.

That's right - DOUBLE your investment in 1 year, or your money back! 

There is no other company on the planet that would offer you this kind of guarantee  - because there is no other service like REW's ATB service. 


Looking forward to working with you!


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