MRIS IDX soon to be available to Real Estate Webmasters customers - new pricing!


For those of you who are MRIS members and were following the thread regarding prohibitive pricing from MRIS - we have some good news. MRIS has decided to adjust their pricing model for data so that agents can now enjoy more choice when it comes to their IDX Vendors - most importantly, you will now be able to take advantage of REW's built in search engine friendly IDX.

Here is how the new pricing breaks down:

For agents: (Brokers please see broker pricing tba)

$1000 per year annual developer fee (regardless of how many agents use the IDX)
Yearly data fees (These are based on the number of subscribers and is a fee charged by MRIS)

  • 1-25 Agents $5000 USD per year
  • 26-100 Agents $10,000 USD per year
  • 101-199 Agents $15,000 USD per year

There is similar pricing for over 200 agents, but at this point, let's just address these numbers so that we can get those of you who have been waiting for us to offer MRIS going.

How these fees effect you (The customer)

As is our policy - any fees charged directly to REW for data access are passed on to the customer (In addition to REW IDX fees) thus depending on the number of MRIS customers who sign up, the yearly fees charged will be reduced accordingly.

Here are some simple numbers for the first 25 (In 5 customer increments)

  • 1 agent $6000 USD per year per agent
  • 5 agents $1200USD per year per agent
  • 10 agents $600 USD per year per agent
  • 15 agents $400 USD per year per agent
  • 20 agents $300 USD per year per agent
  • 25 agents $240 USD per year per agent

For those of you who like to figure things out monthly (Although these fees are yearly this means if there was only 1 customer that customer would be paying $500 per month to access data, if there were 25 customers each customer would only be paying $20 per month for data.

So what we need to know is - who is in! The more who opt in for CORE REW IDX, the less expensive your fees. If you wish to get other agents from your office involved etc, so that each of you can get an REW IDX, by all means.

*Note - our current MRIS IDX subscribers are grandfathered by MRIS, and do not come into the equation above thus the next MRIS "Agent" subscriber to sign up represents 1 agent in the above structure.

REW IDX fees:

A CORE REW IDX is available as either a search engine friendly build in (To a custom REW site, or a template) or as an iframe (Not advised). CORE Setup is 20 hours programming, 5 hours skinning ($2500 USD) and $360 USD per year IDX data hosting (This is an REW fee, not to be confused with an MRIS fee)

 This install includes the following built in search pages:

  • By City (Pick your cities)
  • By Zip Code
  • By MLS Number
  • REW IDX Google map search
  • (Additional search types outside of CORE can be requested, and do require additional billing)

This also includes the setup of the following:

  • Listings (Search results) display
  • Details (Property detail) display
  • Customer registration
  • Saved Searches (Email new properties based on a customers saved search criteria each night)
  • Saved Favorites
  • Managed autoresponders (Tied into the V 2.0 REW lead management platform)
  • Customer intellegence - View customers saved favorites, searches, visitations, and much more in our lead management system.
  • Snippet functionality and custom search building / IDX sitemapping - This is one of the huge draws of REW IDX, through our system you can build custom searches direcly into your content pages for absolute content / listing targetting and much higher conversion.

You can view an example of CORE IDX built into a custom website at (Note the 4 tabs included within CORE as referenced above)

For those of you not already with snippets and what they do, you can view an example of search engine friendly snippet inclusion here (Note price drilldown behavior is standard)



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Morgan Carey

Agent MRIS production will begin once we have 10 confirmed REW IDX orders - I would anticipate that to be no later than the end of March (Based on interest already shown) - I would appreciate anyone planning on using REW for their MRIS IDX, to please chime in here so that we can make sure your name is on the list.

Morgan Carey

Lol I think this post got lost, either that or everyone in MRIS (The largest IDX system in the world) forgot about us :)


Has MRIS published the new prices? I do not see it on their website. Thanks

Morgan Carey

I don't think they post prices on their website CUE


Are foreclosure listings available in the MRIS feed? This is something most of the other vendors don't seem to offer...

Morgan Carey

I am not sure, feel free to fill out the quote submission form here at REW and ask that very question, I am sure a sales team member will be able to find out that info for you from our IDX dept.

Here is the form the second part of the form will ask you for more details just ask there :)


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