MRMLS Members Forced to Using RETS


Change is Inevitable

As you may or may not know in November MRMLS sent out an email to all their members telling them that the FTP service they provide their members for IDX data downloading will be shutdown for good on January 31st, 2007. As a result all existing FTP users will need to switch to their RETS IDX service.

"We are asking all IDX recipients to convert to RETS by January 31st, 2007."
Jennifer Chan ~ Project Manager for MRMLS
Novermber 23rd, 2006

MRMLS will now solely provide members usage of their RETS IDX Service. As far as I am aware of their are no costs associated with switching to RETS. Also the FTP csv flat files being phased out now are also from their legacy MLS and they will be phasing that out later too so switching would have been inevitable anyway.

Is their Good Reason for Converting to RETS?

There are not too many reasons I could think of why they are forcing all their users to a more complicated RETS system. Security and data bandwidth could be their two biggest reasons. RETS can also be more stable as it is complely database driven. You connect directly to a database rather then downloading batches of listings and images.

Although I wonder what happens with all the existing member's websites being updated via FTP? Will they all be able to understand the RETS system? Did I mention that MRMLS is not going to do this process for you. They will not be changing your web site or telling you what you need to change. They basically will give you a login to a RETS server and say "Have fun you have until January 31st to figure this RETS thing out", a bit harsh I would say.

MRMLS RETS IDX Completed in September

Luckily REW had me program a custom IDX for Nef Cortez using the MRMLS RETS Server way back in Semptember 2006 so I am full aware of the MRMLS system and how it works. Unfortunately a lot of the developers right now are probably scrambling to figure things out and get the system working for them. Some of them might not be up to par to handling such a complicated system and the brokers are going to have to either find new developers or simply not have listings on their MLS search enabled web sites. With the latter being out of the question Real Estate Webmasters has done many RETS IDX web sites and should you need any assistance in the FTP to RETS conversion process do not hesitate to contact REW.


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