Must Love Dogs! Seeking Canada's best assistant


My name is Morgan Carey, I am the CEO of Real Estate Webmasters Inc on beautiful Vancouver Island British Columbia.  I am looking for a new assistant, but not just any assistant, I need Canada's BEST assistant!

Who is REW and why do you want to work here? My company is young, exciting and GROWING! Not just in revenue, but in recognition - you can see some of our press at this link. We are a constant on Canada's profit 500 list and you may have seen us recently on this season of Dragon's Den where my company was offered the largest deal in Reality TV history. $2,000,000 for 5% at a $40,000,000 valuation (you can watch the episode here).

Update: I turned down the Dragons Den Deal and partnered with Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank instead on a deal valuing the company at just over $63,000,000 :)

My life is incredibly busy (yet exciting) and I need someone to help me stay organized, grounded and ensure that I maintain a strong work life balance. You must love dogs (I have 3, they are big, bigger and ginormous!) and more importantly you must love children (and they you) I have a daughter, she is nearly 8 and she is my whole world. 

If you haven't seen Suits (Netflix) or The Bucket List (movie) or even if you have, if you're interested in this position, watch them again! I'd like to think of myself as a little bit of Mike Ross and whole lot of Harve Spectre. I'm looking for some combination of Thomas from the Bucket List and Donna from Suits. 

Before I get into the details of the position, I want to answer a very important question: Why am I looking for a "new" assistant? Truth be told, I had an amazing assistant, Stephanie Brown, she is smart, kind, caring and organized. She served me incredibly well and I was so happy to have her. One of my favourite pics of us working can be seen here.

But I had to give her up :(

Why did I lose her? Because she has been offered her dream education opportunity over in England and I would not be the boss that she loves if I did not support her in her dreams and encourage her to take the chance and follow her heart. I am sad that she left, but I am very happy for her at the same time, and very proud of her for chasing her dreams. 

Update - she is now travelling the world, we all miss you Steph, but we're happy you're living your dreams over in Europe - pic here

Before we get to the "official" job ad, I wanted you to hear it from me first: 

While I'm trying to find THE BEST ASSISTANT EVER! I don't want to sell it on just the super awesome, exciting parts of the job, as that would not be accurate. This job has some amazing parts and some grimy parts - it's important that you embrace BOTH with the same amount of enthusiasm. It's also important that you understand that I am all about being "upfront" 

A quick pro and con list (just a sample):

  • PRO: Work and learn beside one of Canada's most successful entrepreneurs 
  • Con: Be sworn to secrecy in private life regarding much of the awesome you experience (privacy is HUGELY important) - imagine not being able to talk about the Dragon's Den for nearly a YEAR! That was hard even for me. 
  • PRO: Meet amazing people including CEO's of major real estate companies and even celebrities like Barbara Corcoran (who is also a client and our newest business partner).
  • Con: Meet some not so amazing people constantly trying to solicit me for business or investments and having to "get rid of them" politely but firmly. 
  • PRO: Getting to travel all over the US and Canada to amazing events like Inman Connect and the National Association of Realtors
  • Con: There is very little time to be a tourist when traveling with me as you must be available at all times to assist with schedule, planning, running meals / coffee etc (you will get some time to have fun - it's not ALL work though)  
  • PRO: You will work with and learn from one of the brightest marketing minds in Canada. 
  • Con: There is no con to the above item. 
  • PRO: You get to work with our amazing customers
    Con: You have to deal with those same customers when they're mad at me (don't worry they don't stay that way)
  • Pro: You will get to be independent (you will have to be)
  • Con: I don't have time to hold your hand, I'm sorry - I need you to learn who and where to go "without me" to get things done (and done right) as I am WICKED BUSY! 
  • PRO: You get to hang out with my awesome dogs from time to time (pic from Miloh's birthday)
  • Con: You might have to clean up after them every once in a while during a walk.

Update #2: This ad is now being reposted - I tried on a new assistant for 3 months and unfortunately it did not work out. She is a great person and we wish her well, but she is moving on.  As such, I am on the look out again. Being assistant to a CEO is something that is far more challenging than I think a lot of people realize (especially if the company is fun and the people are great) so I do hope applicants do not underestimate how demanding and high pace this position really is. 

Those are just a few things, obviously there is so much more to a job like this - so let me try to sum up what your job is in one sentence: 

"Your job is to help me get the things I need to do, done & sometimes that means doing them for me." 

That's it! It's pretty simple really. Please note this job involves both my personal AND my business life, (more business than personal though) so it might mean getting groceries, house sitting, walking (and cleaning up after) large dogs, picking up my daughter in an emergency, or any other personal task OR it could mean scheduling calls, getting meals, traveling with me and working booths at conferences, organizing events & parties you name it. Basically (aside from obvious personal boundaries) there are no tasks that you should not expect to have to do - if I would do them in my life, you might end up doing them from time to time. 

A few other notes: 

  • You must drive and have a reliable vehicle
  • You must have a valid passport with no restrictions
  • Men and women are of course both welcome but DRAMA of any kind (that you bring, or from your home life) is not. (EVER)! Your personal life should never effect my personal or business life
  • You must be positive and "give energy" at all times

Most importantly - I need you when I need you! If you work for me, this can be your only job. There will be times when I need you to start early, and there will be times when I need you to stay late or work weekends. Sometimes I may need you to house sit for an entire week or sometimes I might tell you today, that we are leaving to New York tomorrow. As such, you cannot have any obligations that would not allow you the absolute maximum flexibility. 

This is a huge opportunity - Our company is headed towards a billion dollar valuation, and we have amazing people here to grow with. I'm hoping I can find that diamond in the rough that I am looking for that will help me take my life to the next level. If you are that person, you will have a promising career path ahead of you, and will learn more about high level business than at any other firm. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

Stephanie has written the following job description for distribution - I just wanted to provide some personal insight before you read it so that you can decide whether or not you will be a fit. If after reading it you think you are up for the challenge please feel free to apply using the ONLY acceptable method and that is by emailing - include not just your resume, but a cover letter that will rock HR's world! Only then would you be considered for a follow up. 

Here is the "official" job ad - but keep in mind this is written for "professional distribution" we are a lot more awesome than you can even imagine! 

Real Estate Webmasters is an exciting company based out of Nanaimo, BC. We are currently seeking an amazing executive assistant to join our team. 

The Executive Assistant’s role is that of an assistant specifically for an executive or CEO, in this case the CEO of Real Estate Webmasters. The job entails desk work, some business related travel, and virtual work while completing tasks outside of the office. Although the regular hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday an executive assistant is also sometimes called upon outside of work hours for any number of reason. 

The successful candidate will possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, the ability to prioritize and multi task quickly and efficiently, have a good working knowledge of administrative computer software, will possess excellent problem solving and time management skills, and retain a high degree of professionalism while still remaining approachable. Some knowledge of the real estate industry is an asset. 

Although this position can be fast paced this is what makes it exciting and interesting. The variety of tasks that an executive assistant is responsible for completing guarantees a rewarding and fascinating work environment. Having an interest and skill base in many different industries is very beneficial in this role. 

If you are awesome and want to work at an awesome company that rewards and promotes its’ awesome employees we are looking for you to join our awesome team – to much awesome?  

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Answering and responding to e-mails
  • Scheduling meetings and setting up phone calls and conference calls
  • Setting reminders and sending reminders for meetings, meal breaks, incoming calls, things to get done etc.
  • Bringing cheques, contracts and quotes for approval and signatures.
  • Booking flights and hotels for business, and occasionally personal, travel
  • Serving as a liaison between staff and CEO with any questions and issues that need addressing
  • Filing papers for anything from insurance policies, and NDA’s, etc. 
  • Securing tenants for rental properties and dealing with repairs, landscaping, cleaning, and complaints.
  • Monitoring CEO’s daughters schedule for cancelations, holidays, pro-d days and working the meetings around such things. 
  • Checking to make sure rent is being paid by tenants
  • Filter solicitation calls (gate keeping)
  • Bring receipts to accountants. Get receipts from CEO. 
  • Monitor Rewsters, and Real Estate Webmasters Facebook pages for requests, questions, comments etc. 
  • Making coffee, dropping off and picking up laundry, putting gas in vehicles and getting them to the shop when needed
  • Travel to corporate events where duties included, but are not limited to, sales related tasks at booths, bringing CEO coffee and meals, networking with clients, providing reminders for any scheduled events/meetings, and setting up such events/meetings. 
  • House sitting and dog watching when CEO away from the house.
  • Minor landscaping and cleaning tasks at residential and commercial buildings. 
  • Keeping all keys up to date and properly labeled at the office. 
  • ABA – Always being Awesome

Note - if you have a writing / marketing background, graphic design skills or have a super secret pancake recipe (and will share it) you have a leg up on the competition.

Thanks for reading my job ad: If you have questions before applying, please ask them below in the comments section and if you don't think this job is exactly right for you, but you might have someone on your facebook, twitter, linked in feeds etc - please share this post! You never know - you might help someone you really like find the job of THEIR dreams :) 

See you soon

Morgan Carey, CEO 
Real Estate Webmasters Inc


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Shannon Ward

If the applicant has kids could she be able to still do this job?..

Morgan Carey

Hello Shannon, if the applicant can satisfy all requirements of the position (including being able to leave on a moments notice for up to a week, every single time required) then yes, he or she can apply.

Canada's Best EA

Are you targeting s specific age demographic? or do you have a age range preference?

Morgan Carey

There are technically no "upper" limits (though you must be in extremely good physical condition as my dogs are BIG and you need to be able to handle them) - on the lower end, you must be "at least" 21 years of age so that you can attend all US based events (some of which have an age restriction)

Helen Jack

:) May the right "Diamond in the Rough" come your way. :) Congratulations to your Assistant on her next chapter in her book of life :)

Sarah Thomas

I'm right here!!!!! Your welcome. Wasn't that easy. Quirky and smart, that's me. You had me at must like dogs. ;)

Ryan Pearson

You spelled Harvey Specter wrong.

Morgan Carey

Haha Ryan, see - I TOLD YOU I need an assistant! :D

Beverly Brown

What a terrific way of getting your point across, well done. A dream job that's for sure. the best part being you're a Dad and you obviously love dogs.

Erik Wright

Congratulations to Stephanie on her acceptance to England's school program!

This job posting is by far one of the most interestingly worded and straight forward I've read in a long time, even cracking a smile on my face a couple times. I might have a secret recipe or two up my sleeve, but they'd best be saved for the creative department, should that be an area in which you're hiring.

REW definitely seems like an awesome (you can never have too much!) place to work, so I may have to further develop my career path in Web / brand design & creativity, and stop by with a resume sometime.

Great post Morgan!

Krista Briere

Very intriguing, definitely my dream job right there!

Travis Novak

Excellent job of getting your message across while still being personable and down to earth, much of which I believe also made you successful on Dragon's Den. I also live in Nanaimo and my chiropractor (as well as a few others) have had nothing but positive things to say about yourself and the businesses you run. I am a current business student at VIU and was the president of my entrepreneurship class in high school. I am only 19, and I understand I may not be a fit for this position at this time - but is there any way I would be able to volunteer or potentially intern at any of your local businesses? I may be young but I am ambitious looking to take initiative. Thank you.


I look forward to meeting with you and discussing this position further, as I know I would be perfect for this position and it would definitely be a job I would Love!

Andrea Sawden

I'm confident and determined that I will find my future career... Let me know if I can be of any help :)

Paula Rosvold

I always thought you would be way more successful in the future, you have a good business sense, well done!

Donna (ok, not.)

when does this posting close?

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