My Visit to Google Toronto: REW Attends Google AdWords Masterclass


Real Estate Webmasters PPCLast week I had the privilege of representing Real Estate Webmasters at a Google Partners Academy Training Event at Google’s Canadian HQ in Toronto. The office was just as I had imagined it: colourful, trendy, and fun. As Google Partners we felt like part of the extended family, treated to a hot breakfast buffet, snacks, and lunch in the gourmet cafeteria. I even got to use the event organizer’s Google Glass!

What was the Google Masterclass about?

When I wasn’t wandering the building or indulging in the delicious eats, I was immersed in the Masterclass’ two day curriculum. This intimate gathering of 25 paid search experts from across the country inspired a lot of discussions and information sharing. Because REW focuses on a niche market, I was able to offer a very different point-of-view in the discussions. Most attendees focus on a broad range of clients and campaigns, from automotive companies, to pharmaceuticals, to sports stores, whereas REW focuses on one thing and one thing only: real estate.

So what does REW do differently?

In addition to focusing solely on what we do best, real estate, we’re able to dedicate the time to becoming the undisputed experts in paid search for real estate. REW’s PPC program is uniquely designed to offer great flexibility at an affordable price. While different models work well for different businesses, I’m convinced REW’s model is one that benefits the people we work with.

No Set Up Fee

Yes, it’s true that PPC campaigns require more labour and management in the beginning. Advertisers find that after about three months, campaigns start to gain momentum and are on their way to performing with great ROI. To off-set the extra work required at the start of the campaign, many other agencies front-load their campaigns with a set-up fee.

REW doesn’t charge set-up fees. Though we do require more labour in the first months to set up a campaign, we don’t believe in charging our clients for this; it’s just part of the service we provide.

No Contracts

Because campaigns often take up to three months to start maturing and delivering optimal results, many agencies negotiate exclusive contacts with their clients.

While we all agree that one month is not enough time to effectively evaluate the success of a PPC campaign, REW understands that sometimes you may need pause or cancel your PPC service unexpectedly. Paused your service, and then changed your mind months later? No problem! We never delete your PPC campaign, so it is ready to go when you are.

No % of Spend

A popular billing model that some agencies employ is one that sees a percentage of spend being collected as payment. The logic behind this model is this: campaigns with larger budgets require more attention, and therefore the compensation should reflect that.

While this is not untrue, we employ a different philosophy. We believe that you as a client should be able to trust your PPC consultant. When we recommend a budget increase, we want you to feel confident that a budget increase is in your campaign’s best interests, rather than ours. Our #1 goal is to increase the performance of your campaign to bring you more leads and more deals, while saving you money.

The REW PPC Department is motivated to help grow your business

All in all, the Google Partners Masterclass was a very motivating and validating experience. I learned from some of the best paid search advertisers in North America and through the discussions confirmed that we're in a great position to continue leading the industry in search marketing for real estate. I'd like to thank the Google Partners program for organizing this Masterclass; it's very rewarding to be able to bring back my experience to the Marketing team at Real Estate Webmasters, and I'm proud to be able to share it with the members of our larger REW community!

Anne Fortin

Marketing & PPC Team Lead
Real Estate Webmasters


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Joyce Collins

This was a very fun read. I'm so happy that you had this experience visit Google and attend Google AdWords masterclass and that you were able to share it with us.

All the best.


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