Realtor Rendezvous: Beyond the Awkward Handshakes

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Networking at Real Estate Events

With Inman Connect happening next week, and the Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference around the corner, it's nice to have a refresher on how to maximize your time at events. Networking events are like real-life treasure hunts for clients, partners, vendors, and maybe even some free drinks! So, grab your business cards (yes, those still matter) and flash that dazzling smile – from building your referral squad to unleashing your charming elevator pitch, we've got you covered.

lafido and rew

Morgan Carey, Michael LaFido and Amy Pye at Inman Connect NYC.

Why Networking Events Matter

  1. Building Your Referral Squad: Networking events can be like speed dating for realtors! You can meet other agents who can send clients your way, and you can, of course, return the favor. Matches made in heaven (or maybe Vegas).

  2. Learning & Shenanigans: Not only is there opportunity to learn from industry experts, but you might also pick up some valuable life hacks – like how to sneak an extra dessert at the buffet without anyone noticing (we won't tell!).

  3.  Show Off Your Brand: Time to show off your real estate superhero persona! Networking events are a great opportunity to show the in personal side of your brand. Dress to impress, and remember, the cape is optional.

luxre seattle

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate Conference - Seattle 2022

Prep Work

  1. Think Ahead: Set clear goals for the event (besides trying every appetizer available). Decide if you're there to make new connections, find potential clients, learn about new technology, or maybe just to show off your epic dad jokes.

  2. Do Your Due Diligence: Put your sleuthing skills to work. Who's going to be there and who do you want to connect with? Prepare your elevator pitch accordingly. Most events will release the attendee list ahead of time to make it easy for you. To be really ahead of the game, connect prior to the event.

  3. Rehearse That Pitch: Your elevator pitch should be smoother than butter on a hot summer day. 

  4. Cards, Cards, Cards: There is some debate around this. Maybe my background as a print designer makes me bias, but I still love old fashioned business cards. Hand them out like you're dealing in Monopoly money. And don't worry; no one's going to jail for collecting too many cards.

  5. Dress to "Sell": Dress like a boss, but leave the RBF at home. Approachable and friendly will get you more leads than a fancy tie ever will!

lre property tour

Key Largo Property Tour with Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate

Networking like a Pro

  1. Be Real: You don't want to be remembered as the Realtor with the stiff handshake. Show off your personality and be yourself. That is how you'll be remembered.

  2. Building Relationships: Networking is like playing Jenga. Focus on building real relationships, one block at a time.

  3. Be a "Helpful" Realtor: Might seem basic but it goes a long way. It's like a real estate karma thing – help others, and you can likely expect the same in return.

  4. Take Notes or Bust!: Write down memorable tidbits about the people you meet. You can even plug notes into your REW CRM!

  5. The Afterparty: After the event, follow up with your newfound connections. Take photos and tag each other on social!

inman afterparty

Afterparty at Inman Connect in 2019

Remember, networking events are not just about business; they're about creating memorable experiences and forging lasting connections. So with your business cards in hand and a genuine smile on your face, get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and making valuable relationships that could propel your career to new heights. 

If you're going to be at any of the upcoming events and would like to connect, shoot me a message on LinkedIn and let's make it happen!

Real Estate Networking Event FAQ

How should I prepare for a networking event?

Preparing for a networking event involves a few key steps. Research the event's agenda and attendees, set clear networking goals, and bring plenty of business cards or contact information to exchange with others. Dress appropriately, and practice your elevator pitch to introduce yourself confidently.

What steps should I take after a networking event?

After the event, follow up with the people you've met. Connect with them on LinkedIn or other relevant platforms and send personalized follow-up emails, reminding them of your conversation and expressing interest in continuing the dialogue.

As a Real Estate agent, how can I stand out at a networking event?

Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Instead of trying to impress everyone, focus on forming meaningful connections with a few individuals. Offer help or resources when appropriate, and show genuine interest in others' projects and interests.

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