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Welcome CIR Realty Agents. As many of you now know, I have been working with Linsey Smith to put together a package for you that combines the Real Estate Webmasters awesome backend / IDX (MLS search) features with an affordable yet search engine friendly front end (website design) that will allow every agent to be able to compete in the web 2.0 landscape.

Enter the CIR Realty websites:

For CIR Realtors ONLY - you can view the new CIR websites at When you get there, you will notice a black bar across the top (this is not part of the site) it has a dropdown to select your CIR template choice and also has a button called "add-ons" and one for "order"

Here's how it works - I suggest you first select a template:

  • CIR Classic
  • CIR Alt (puts quick search in a different place)
  • CIR Alt Grey (greyscale color scheme + alt quick search)

After you select your template option - click the "add-ons" button - here you will see little toggles for each item (descriptions provided below along with pricing) - go ahead and set them all to "on" and then scroll to the bottom of that page and hit "submit" to save the settings (*NOTE - your settings will not be saved unless you hit submit). After you hit submit - click the CIR Logo or the home button top left of the site to see your changes take effect. Right away you will see the quick search and featured listings appear on the main page (if you have turned them on) - go ahead and click on a listing or use the quick search to see many of the other features live on the demo.

Pricing (Again this is CIR agents only)

Normally a template is $740 USD setup + $599.40 USD per year hosting and a high end built in IDX like this is a minimum $2500 USD setup and $360 USD per year. So your retail year one cost is typically (without any of the addon's below) $4199.40 USD and every year after costs you $959.40 USD << This is what other people pay on a daily basis through our retail structure (and it's well worth the $) - but because of CIR's significant buying power and their willingness to step up to the plate and help promote these products in the interest of helping their agents promote themselves online - I have decided to make the basic website, hosting, complete backend (including content management, and lead management) IDX and email only $360 USD per year per CIR agent.

That's right - a ($4200 website + $1000/year) value for only $360 USD per year.

I have created this handy order form to make it easy for you to place your order. You can find it at but before you go there - make sure you check out all the features listed below and make a list of the ones you would like.

If you have questions regarding this exclusive CIR promotion - I would ask that you ask them directly below this post in the comments section as many folks will have the same questions, and by asking them here, I am able to answer them for everyone. Thank you and welcome to Real Estate Webmasters - Enjoy your new site.

One time add on's

Multi User Blog
The blog is skinned to match your template and includes support for categories, pingbacks, multiple users, RSS syndication and more. Retail $300 USD - CIR price $200 USD (save $100 USD)

Quick search
Quick Search allows your visitors to access available inventory from virtually every page of your website. This feature is extremely beneficial to users, and will help with website stickiness and conversion. Retail $300 USD - CIR Price $250 USD (save $50 USD)

Control Panel
The Control Panel is designed to simplify communications with your members and leads, and to provide an enhanced user experience for visitors using your site. This upgrade allows leads to keep their contact information current, includes an internal messaging system (no outside e-mail communication required), as well as auto-generated Saved Searches. Yes, leads now receive Saved Search updates based on their browsing history, thereby saving you time, and ensuring that they don't miss out on that special home. Retail $1000 USD - CIR Price $500 USD (save $500 USD)

Featured Listings
The Featured Listings Module allows you to query listings (via the Tools section in CMS 2.0) directly from the IDX, and place them in rotation on all main pages of your website. Enter MLS numbers separated by commas, and each time the page is refreshed or your visitor visits another page, the system will rotate through the listings randomly. Retail $300 USD - CIR Price $200 USD (save $100 USD)

301 Redirect Module
Are you switching to a REW site or need to perform some custom redirects? The 301 Redirect tool helps you take care of this whenever you like through the CMS — without our help. Once installed, you simply define the redirect, and you're done. Retail $200 USD - CIR Price $100 USD (save $100 USD)

Google Directions
A very cool tool for helping your buyers find their way from point A (the property) to point B. Type in the address they are coming from and this application provides them a map with directions step by step. Retail $300 USD - CIR price $200 USD (save $100 USD)

Keyword Module
The Keyword Conversion Tool is specifically for this and works seamlessly with your Contact and IDX registration forms. The tool displays three sortable columns - keyword phrase, search engine and Leads - and provides a count of how many are converted. You also have access to viewing the detailed list of Leads per keyword in case you want to consider Lead conversion and Sales conversion. Retail $200 USD - CIR price $100 USD (save $100 USD)

Add ons with residual costs

Add ons with residual cost are those items that have both an install fee as well as a residual cost associated with the product. The reason for the residual cost is for 1 of 2 reasons - they require constant and considerable support, or, (such as in the case of Google Maps) we actually pay a license (usage) fee to access their corporate API.

Mapping Package
Enable the mapping of search results, individual map this property tab and other custom Google mapping features. Retail (part of a $2500 setup and $360 per year fee) CIR price $240 USD per year.

IDX Snippets
Snippets are one of the best features Real Estate Webmasters MLS technology offers - they allow you to query MLS listings directly into your content pages - making them far more sticky and increasing a page's conversion dramatically. They are also the feature that allow search engines such as Google to index your most important listings - they are a must-have. Retail (part of a $2500 setup and $360 per year fee) CIR price $500 USD setup - $120 USD per year.


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Brandee Innes

I am really terrible with technology, I don't even understand what half the add ons mean. will you be having some type of presentation at CIR?

Luke Swansburg

Do you have a demo site that we can check out and play with that has all the add-on features!

Dennis Choo-Kim

Would the fees be USD$360.00/ year for a few years or this is only a one time, one year introductory fee? Also, what benefits and or features do we get for this yearly fee?

Jen Veselic

Once we choose our site, and add our addons, what is the cost for additional design work (such as adding customized logos, or adding additional features not listed above?).

Mauri Stiff

Is the entire cost of the year due up front? Does that contract or order form sign you into a full year? If you add some of the add on's later is it prorated towards your year, or can you try out features for a trial period to see if they add value for your clients? Also wondering what the support is like for those of us not technically savy? Thanks for doing this I can definately see value.

Geoff Antrum

Hi there I have a Point2 site that I want to close down and move over to Webmasters.

Can I move my web address with me, its ?

Can you help me move the domain name over for me?

Thanks Geoff.

Morgan Carey

Brandee - yes, I do think once we have a large enough user base a personal trip is in order - would be nice to meet all of you.

Morgan Carey

Luke Swansburn - if you actually to select a template and then select add ons (turn them all to "on" then hit submit on that page) then go back to template, and they will all be turned on for you - if you need more instructions let me know.

Morgan Carey

Dennis Choo-Kim - You are guaranteed the $360 fees for two years if you sign up during this introductory offer. What you get is a great website product, MLS search, content management system, website hosting, email hosting, lead management / CRM system, and full REW (Real Estate Webmasters) support.

Morgan Carey

Jen Veselic - if you would like customizations they are billed at our standard hourly rate of $100 USD per hour. Note - if you want to "start" with the CIR package (to receive the cost savings) and then decide to move it over to the "custom" side of Real Estate Webmasters - our standard pricing model will apply - you can view that here - you will keep your preferred pricing in terms of hosting costs etc

Morgan Carey

Mauri Stiff - yes the hosting fees ($360 USD per year) are due up front. Other items (most of them) do not have residual fees (They are one time setups for the most part) so there is nothing to pro-rate.

As for what kind of support is provided - you have access to full Real Estate Webmasters support so you can ask questions on our forums, email support @ or even phone in and speak to a support rep. Here is a link explaining how to access support - and here is a link containing information on "non billable" items

Morgan Carey

Geoff Antrum - absolutely you can move your existing domain from a previous provider to Real Estate Webmasters. You simply login to where you purchased the domain, and change the DNS (Domain Name Server) address from the old provider to the new Real Estate Webmasters addresses (which we will provide once you ask us to take your website live for you) - if you need some hand holding through the process, I would be more than happy to help you - just post your questions here on the blog, and I can give you further instructions.

Justin Havre

Hi Morgan,

Good to see you are on board with us at CIR Realty.

Fellow CIR Associates, Real Estate Webmasters is on top of their game when it comes to Real Estate Websites. I have been with them for almost 2 years and it has been the best investment I ever made. Results will speak for themselves but you need to take the time and to make the investment into your site.

Morgan, if you come here for a presentation, I would be more than happy to assist.


Justin Havre

Dennis Choo-Kim

Hi Morgan,

Thank you for taking the time out to respond to our questions. Since, I'm not certain as to when CIR can arrange to have you visit our realtors, I have another question. Can a realtor initially enrol for the $360/yr package for the 2 years introductory offer, and during that time period, have the add ons added on, at the special CIR rates as outlined in the blog above? Thank you. Dennis

Morgan Carey

Absolutely - enroll at any level you like - you can add anything you like at any time - you don' have to buy all at once in order to get the prices listed above well into the near future.

Barb Desautels

Hi Morgan,

Currently, I have Real Page Maker and the thing that I like about them is that I do not need to enter my listings into a seperate database. Do you have direct access to MLXchange, the MLS backend?

Eric Dennis

With this offer would i be able to have community area pages (unlimited) as an add on ?

George Henry


How does one update the content in the website - by editing the HTML manually or is there an "edit mode"? Also, can you change things like the name of the items in the menu?

If there is an editing tool, is it possible to see a demo of it?

Ron Williams

Can the add ons need to be done at time of purchase? Or can they be added at a later date?

Morgan Carey

They can certainly be added at any time.

Tina Taylor

Hi Morgan,

Just ordered the CIR website online, with a new domain name. We do have an old website, (I can provide you the address) can we have the old domain name directed to the new now, or do we wait until we have a new CIR website in place.

I have zero experience with web-site's, thanks for your patience and help!!


Morgan Carey

Tina, waht you do with pointing your domain names is up to you - obviously if you point it now, your site won't be ready yet, so you are pointing it to nothing - I would rather see you wait until your site is done and then have you go through the proper site live process.

Tina Taylor

Morgan, I have ordered the web-site, how long will it be now until the domain name is hooked up with the template? We need to order and send out marketing materials and want to ensure that there is something there when people type in the new domain name.

Thanks for the help!


Nikki Harrison

Hi Morgan, in addition to the IDX solution for my site, I would love it if I could get my directed to a new site with the order I sent you. I am currently with Redman Technologies right now with this domain but only need to give them 30 days notice.

Let me know what else you need from me to complete this order. I joined CIR today here in Calgary.


Hi Morgan,

When are you having a presentation in Calgary. I would like to attend as I need some advise. I am not good at all understanding what you presenting here.

Please let me know.


Ali/CIR Realty

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