New Design to accomodate listings and relocation


Ok so we are going to be syndicating listings for our new REW directory so we must accomodate this feature along with our agent directory.

So what are our challenges?

  • New look featured agent directory
  • Listings pages (Features from Point 2 and REW)
  • Relocation information
Where to start? That's easy, the homepage

The homepage needs to be setup so that it gives equal attention to the realtor side and the listings side (Perhaps even the relocation side)

I do like how homes.point2 has graphical click to start type boxes for agents and listings, we should look at something like this.

Of course we also will want to provide html text links to both the states and provinces. These should be prominant and we need to educate visitors to click on the area they are looking for to find an agent or listing. Should we link to both?

I like the submit and contact buttons I currently have on the dev95, we will definitly want to keep that. In fact those shoutout boxes need to be all over the directory.


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