NEW LEC, NEW Backend, NEW Mobile App and a promo! Discounts for a limited time only.


I hope you had a fantastic and relaxing holiday weekend and enjoyed the celebration of your countries independence.

Here at REW, we have something else to celebrate - new products and a brand new backend!

As I am sitting here updating this blog entry from Inman San Francisco and I am so excited to announce the first installs of LEC 2013, the new iOS iPhone and iPad app and of course unveil the features of our new 4.3 backend!

Let me tell you about these products!

How about the LEC 2013? - It's awesome! (seriously, it's awesome) - see it here <<< Ready to install. The LEC 2013 is fully responsive and it's beautiful. We completely revamped our framework for this website to make faster, lighter, and more optimized for both search engines and mobile devices. The URL for viewing is - we are still working on more color schemes - but for the 40+ people that pre-ordered, we are ready to install!

New Mobile IOS App - Go to the app store, download REW IDX app, wicked cool (includes Ipad version!) this iOS feature integrates directly into the REW lead manager and best of all - for super admin it is FREE for your first account. There is lots of questions and discussion on this app so please if you could, please use the APP Q & A on facebook (while you are there can you please like / share the REW company page? It's right here thanks!

A new backend!! - That's right, REW's 4.3 beta backend is ready for install! We have lender modules, agent accountability reports, new lead scoring options and TONS of other new features. If you are an agent or broker and you aren't using the REW backend - you REALLY need to check this out!

Our lead R & D programmer Michael Griffiths has published a blog post with some of the many exciting features of 4.3 right here:

Sounds awesome right? So how about some discounts!?

As with all new product launches, we are running a promotion to celebrate. And this being the 4th of July we thought we would make it extra special. So here are some deals for ALL REW customers.

Limited Edition Custom (LEC) websites - Buy 1 get 1 50% off:

All LEC’s are on special (get the 2nd market at 50% off) however some LEC's are also further discounted (limited supply) pricing as follows:

LEC 2013 = $10,000
LEC 2012 = $7,500
LEC 2011 = $6,500
LEC 2010 = $5,000

- Want two or more markets? It’s just 50% of the promo rate for the exclusive rights on the second market and beyond (you can have 2 sites in 2 markets, or just 1 site but buy out both markets depending on your preference.

- An even better deal? Additional sites in your exclusive market? Pay just $2,000 setup

Multiple Premium Templates? Buy 1 get 1 almost free:

- Buy the first one for $3,500 and additional ones for $1,000 (all have to be on the same order)

- Examples are available on PT1, PT2 and PT3

- Don’t forget that all Premium Templates are now responsive!

Basic Template and IDX: Buy 1 get 1 FREE:

- Get the first template for $999 setup (including a built in IDX) and get your second template (again including a built in IDX) for free!

Buy 1 get 1 FREE fixed price modules:

- How about an Advanced XML/IDX Sitemap and get the Agent Roster for free? Or any other combination of our upgrade modules. Just pay the highest priced module and get the lower priced module for free

-Only need one module? Get 25% off if you buy individually

SEO on special! Yes, that’s right. Buy 1 unit get 1 50% off: Now’s the time to get started with SEO. Buy 1 unit of SEO get the next unit 50% off. Remember, you can get multiples of these units as well!

Custom Website Discount (with a bonus!)

- If you’ve been planning that new custom site, now’s the time to do it. $100/hour for new custom sites

- Here’s the BONUS: for every 50 custom hours committed to, we will give you 1 of your product modules at no cost. This includes the IDX module.

The fine print:
- Discount offers do not apply to hosting rates.
- All new websites installs fall under our current hosting/SAAS rates.
- All websites ordered incur hosting right away (they are installed on a dev right away). Claiming of free / severely discounted websites for future use or install will not be permitted without payment of hosting/SAAS fees.
- All discounts must be claimed within promotional period. Purchasing 1 site now will not permit you to claim another site at the discount rate after the promotion ends.
- Discount SEO packages must be prepaid in full.
- Discount hours are only available for NEW custom sites, no exceptions.


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Eddy Kicker

Morgan, is the new IOS mobile app replacing the current mobile search? I downloaded and see there is an agent search and not sure how you get listed there.

Morgan Carey

I suppose I should mention this app is only available in MLS boards that allow such apps. Kind of an obvious one - but sometimes worth stating the obvious. :)

Steven Barre

iTunes link

I'm so excited about this! Can't wait till my Realtor has this!

Daniel Beer

Are premium templates on 4.3?

Morgan Carey

For those subscribed who were asking IOS questions, because there were so many questions about the APP itself, I moved the questions and consolidated them to the REW Facebook page - The post for discussing the IOS APP is here: - while you are discussing, we appreciate taking a moment to "Like Us" we would truly appreciate it.

Are there any "promotion" related questions I can help answer?

Morgan Carey

Daniel Beer - the current installs for premium templates are on 4.2 (the first 4.3 installs are being done on the LEC's right now) - however anyone who orders will get a free upgrade to 4.3 in just a few weeks as long as they don't customize them. That being said - due to our queue, it will probably take a few weeks before it is installed anyways, and so chances are, you don't even need the upgrade and you will just get 4.3.

Daniel Beer

Cool thanks for the response Morgan. This is my first LEC so please let me know what the process is to get mine done and have a smooth transition with all of my content. I haven't heard from anyone.

Morgan Carey

Hey Daniel,

There is a thread in the FB chat discussing LEC 2013 for those who have already purchased. If you are installing a "CORE" LEC 2013 (no custom work) and you just need content and leads transfered or better yet are launching it on a new domain fresh, you can probably get yours started this week.

You are in the FB chat group correct? If so, please pop in a comment there and let us know whether you are customizing or just going straight up CORE.

(You can let me know here too actually lol)

Morgan Carey

North San Diego, the cost for upgrading to 4.3 is the same process as other upgrades, it is labor based. So once you complete your 4.2 upgrade (or perhaps even now) they can estimate the 4.3 upgrade

The good news - because you are upgrading to 4.2, the labor required to go to 4.3 will already be much less.

The better news - I promised folks that stepped up and upgraded their site to 4.2 (staying current) a discount after the google maps announcement thus 4.2 to 4.3 if ordered during this promo the labor is discounted from $125 per hour all the way down to $93.75. << This is for 4.2 to 4.3 labor only - no other hours can be purchased at this rate.

Probably should email and start the estimates process for 4.2 to 4.3 - they should have what they need already to estimate you.


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