New Listings Format


Well the new REW directory is coming out soon and we need to put some final touches on the way listed agents and brokers are displayed.

Here are my ideas:

The agents will be listed with a photo or logo,  and the following in a business card style much like we have right now for our featured agents. A much greater focus needs to be placed on getting people to contact our members, not just provide them backlinks.

So for the business card part we will need the members to submit the following:

  • Photo or Logo
  • Phone Number (And Mobile if they like)
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address (If they wish)
  • Office Name / Broker Office (Like REMAX Boulder or whatever)
  • Link to Website
  • Link to Listings
  • Writeup - we don't want the standard copy paste of keywords "I service the following areas x,y,z" it should be a real bio that will make the visitors want to contact the realtors
  • Anchor text for SEO friendly link - This will automatically get posted after their writeup, it would read something like:
Morgan Carey is a professional buyers agent servicing Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. I focus on finding first time buyers homes that fit both their needs and their budgets. Visit my Nanaimo real estate website for more information.

Design notes: The photo or logo would show on the left of the business card, in the center would be the information provided like name, phone, company etc and to the right we would want some custom buttons for My Website, My Listings and Contact which would link directly to those pages provided by the agent. I will want tracking scripts for marketing purposes on the buttons, but the link after the bio will be a straight html text link with targeted anchor text so that there is a benefit to the link for the submitters search engine rankings.


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Morgan Carey

Oh yeah, because every agent submitting to REW Directory will also be getting a free REW Blog, a "My Blog" Icon should display as well.

Morgan Carey

Fields needed on the Blob / Directory signup form: Upload Photo or Logo Fix City Link to show after submitter has chosen state (Allow users to add city and later neighborhood - these will need to be placed into a moderator queue) Company / Brokerage Name Replace Title with "Main Search Phrase"

Morgan Carey

Physical address can be a submit, but for now we will not show it on the directory, later we can use it for Google map, "Map to my office" Icon.

Morgan Carey

Update! - I want to make this directory live Tomorrow - Michael, we need to download the entire current REW directory database, parse out all the outbound links and run them against our link checking script. This will create a list, those that have links to REW on their homepage, and those that do not. We will then have to contact those sites with an update of the new directory, and ask them to update their information. We will also have to have a missing link notice on the directory for anyone we miss. They will click that link, and we will explain the directory upgrade and ask them to create their new account. Phil / Joel, the new directory format must be completed in draft for tomorrow ready to receive the new backend. We will need buttons created for "My Website" "My Listings" "My Blog" and "Contact me" - All buttons must have tracking on it AND the my website button must open in a new window. Speaking of new window, all city pages must open in a new window, I will explain this tomorrow. Hmmm what else? Not sure yet, gettin tired. :)

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