New look REW Blogs: More than just a pretty face


Welcome, REW Bloggers, to the new V2 REW Blogs. As you will notice, there are a lot of changes that have happened since version one.

At first glance, you'll notice a much more aesthetically pleasing layout, with cleaner lines, re-organized features and navigation – a more pleasing user interface overall.

However, there's a lot more going on "under the hood", as it were. We've added a lot of cool new features and tools that will help you make the most of blogging. These features include:

  • New listings management with customizable property types, features, and statuses. Drag-and-drop photo management for far easier image management, and extended features on details pages inspired by the REW IDX. Such things as saved searches and favorites for visitors, new inquiry forms, on-page mortgage calculator, Google mapping of listings and some soon-to-be-released syndications that will really maximize your listings' exposure.
  • Social bookmarking of other members ("Friends" - this name will change). You can now flag other REW Bloggers that you respect and showcase them on your REW blog, improving blog interlinking and ease of access for readers to find complimentary information.
  • New abuse reporting - the community can now participate alongside the REW Staff in policing the blogs and keeping them clean of link spam and other violations of our rules and terms of service. Clean, professional blogs mean better authority for the entire community and thus more opportunity.
  • Profile commenting - You can now leave comments on other members' profiles: Recommending them, providing a testimonial or reference, etc
  • WIDGETS! - This is one of the cooler features - You can now customize your REW Blog from a selection of our widgets. Select from current items such as user stats, relevant reading, blog tags, friends, Flickr photos and more.
  • Signatures - This should be popular - Many of our members were adding manual signatures with their contact information at the bottom of each post - you can now set a default signature in your profile that can be turned on or off, and modified at any time, saving you the time of having to create one each time.
  • Listings statistics - detailed statistics on your listings including unique views, total page views etc
There is a lot more that I could go on about, but this should probably be enough for you to check out for now.

I will be posting detailed tutorials on all of the new features, and as always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss elements of the blogs or make suggestions, report bugs, etc, you are more than welcome to post at our Blogs Forum.


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Wayne Long

The new format is awesome! I look forward to blogging more and utilizing the new features. Thanks Morgan for making a great resource even better.


I love the new formatting and I love my blog! Once I sale a couple more condos, we will be having your company design a custom website!

REW Nick

I looks awesome, Morgan. I look forward to using some of the new features!

Morgan Carey

As many of you have no doubt noticed, there are some really small things that need to be tightened up (These things may take a few days) but I am really pleased with the amount of things that "aren't" broken so far :) Honestly, we had over a million unique readers sinse I started tracking in February 2007 - for 2008 I want that to be 5 million. In order to do so, I need to help you guys as much as I can, in driving traffic to your blogs the right way :) Thanks for the compliments so far.

Jennifer Mackay

Looking great Morgan! Thanks for providing more features to our already popular blogs!

Keith Lutz

"Google mapping of listings and some soon to be released syndications that will really maximize your listings exposure" - Very, Very Nice!!! How about for REW clients connecting the REW Listings on web page to these listings, so we do not have to do twice the work?

Braxton Beyer

This is great. I will really have to step up my blogging for the new year.

Don Mann

Looking Good Morgan, I will make a point of taking a test run in the next few days. Have a Great Day! Don Mann - Greenwood, BC

Morgan Carey

keith - that is actually the plan - Once we work the bugs out of the listings manager here at REW Blogs, it will become the new listings manager installed on all users of the REW CMS (Replace the old one) - because they will be identical formats, customers that are also users of REW Blogs will be able to check a box or (Opt in) to have their listings syndicated directly to REW Blogs listings platform :)

Keith Lutz

That is a beautiful thing, it is nice working with a great company! Kudos!

Choice Real Estate®

Morgan, I am definitely commited to implementing your Blog and take advantage of this set-up. How would you recommend I (and other realtors) insert it into my existing real estate website? I prefer to make it part of the site and/or make the visitor feel as though they are still in my website.

Choice Real Estate®

I'm starting to understand the BLOG and how to use it, and I must say... I love it. I HAVE A SUGGESTION. It would be great if you had somewhere to click to send our suggestions for improving the Blog. ALSO, in setting up "Categories" I would like to be able to sort them once I have already created them. ...i guess that's 2 suggestions... but maybe you prefer I post here so everyone can see the suggestion and then your answer. THANKS MORGAN

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