New REW Directory and Blogs signup form.


On Monday, January 29th the NEW REW directory will be going live. Because we have gone to a database driven submission and management system users will have to resubmit to the directory in order to be in the new version of the directory. 

Here is a screen shot of what your new REW Directory listing will look like IF you read this entire blog post :)

We have also added a lot more features to the directory so now instead of just a link and description in the directory, users can upload photos or logos, have links to their website, listings, REW Blog and can be contacted directly via the REW directory. What hasn't changed is the fact that you get a great search engine friendly backlink with anchor text of your choice. So now the directory will help you generate even more traffic and leads as well as being one of the best backlinks you can have.

All REW members please submit using the submit link at the end of this blog post, but please read all of the post first.

New submit form, what does it look like and why am I filling it out?

Ok, the first part of the submit form is for creating an REW Blog just like the one I am using here to tell you about the new form, we ask for the following information *see below image, and this information will also be used for the directory as well. We ask for your first and last name to populate certain fields in the directory, phone number is also displayed on your directory listing. Email address, will be used in your REW blog to notify you of comments and replies on your REW blogs. *REW Will never sell or distribute your information to anyone, this is for proper use of our software only

Blog account username and password, this creates your login credentials for both editing your directory submission and for logging into your REW Blog. Choose your username wisely as it will be your display name on your REW Blog. Don't try to keyword load it as people will be reading your blog, so it is your chance to brand yourself, my user name is Morgan Carey, which is also my name, I did that on purpose so that people will remember me as they read my great blog posts and begin to respect me as an authority in my field. If I called myself "Real Estate Web Design" then I would get no benefit in terms of branding myself as an expert which is a large portion of what blogging is all about.

Short description about yourself, this is used in your REW Blog and shows up right under your picture (See the top right of this post for an example and my description)

Website address, this is so we can create an automatic link from your blog to your website :)

Location both state and city are used to place your directory listing so very important that you choose the right state and city. (Or province if you are in Canada)

Ok that's it for the Blog signup portion of the form, you can see what it looks like below.


Ok so that is all for that part of the form, so at this point you have successfully created your REW Blog, THERE IS ONE MORE STEP TO BE INCLUDED IN THE DIRECTORY

Here is the second part of the form: After the first part of the form, there is a little button that says "Would you like to be listed in our directory" - YOU MUST CLICK THIS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE DIRECTORY

When you click it, you will see the following form which just asks for a few more bits of information in order to create your directory listing.

You will want to fill out all information here, I will explain what each one is:

"Main Search Phrase" - This is the anchor text we will use for an SEO friendly backlink to your website.

Company / Brokerage - we display the office you belong to in your directory listing (I will provide a sample listing photo below)

Description - This is different than the description about yourself for your blog, this one is the description we will use for your directory listing. DO NOT KEYWORD LOAD THIS! We don't want to see, services area a, b, c, d, e, etc - This should be an actual proper description about you, your business and how you will service your clients.

Upload Photo / Logo - we will use this photo / logo for both your Blog AND directory listing.

Website URL
- This is the website we will link to from our directory, REMEMBER you must place a link to REW on your homepage with approved html in order to be listed, this is not a new rule and has been in place for almost 2 years. Those of you already included will already have that link in place.

Ok so that is it in a nutshell, to claim your REW Blog AND get your new and improved directory listing, please visit this link


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Eric Blackwell

sounds great. I just need to know how you'd like us to do it if we already have a blog and a directory we need to re-enter or are we OK?

Calgary Agent

What Eric asked .....

Morgan Carey

That is a darn good question, there are only about 60 REW Bloggers thus far, so I figured I would just do it on the backend :-) For those REW bloggers already using their account, please ignore this post for now, as I will have to figure out how to go about upgrading your account via the database, I will let you know shortly. For those that don't have an active REW blog yet, please use the signup link provided above.

Spoken Gently

Not certain what account you are referring to when you mention "REW bloggers already using their account..." Just to be clear Morgan, if we have a REW blog, we are to do nothing until further notice? Colleen :o)

Eric Blackwell

Colleen; That was the take from what he said. Since there are only 50 of us he is going to try to move us over to the new system manually while in the future making an automatic blog for those who are joining the directory. Cool stuff, but difficult. I am sure that Morgan's got his hands full with the new roll out and all. This is the stuff that webmasters live for, but makes them,crazy all at the same time. (grin)

Spoken Gently

Thanks Eric. These blogs have become a sort of mini-forum. I like it. We'll wait for Morgan to get things in order. Certainly a little more time consuming these days with the new baby and all that entails. :)

Mike Pannell

Nothing is going to happen to our directory link we paid for right. i paid 240 for two of them 2 months ago. Please advise

Morgan Carey

Mike, any featured spots will remain features :) We will manually re-enter those on your behalf.

Mike Pannell

I am still going to join your blog thing someday , but as you can rea in my post on your forum i hate typing and i talk redneck. So it doesnt read right.

Morgan Carey

Note to self, I need to fix the recent submissions URL's so that they correspond with the numbered URL's of old.


Is there something wrong with the signup? I keep getting "Error" but no indication as to what the error might be. . . It won't submit!

Morgan Carey

What is the error you are getting?


That's all it says: Error. I've got every field filled in . . . and the security code. I tried to submit 6 or 7 times, maybe more. It just said "Error." in red at the top of the page after I pushed "Submit." Could it be a browser error? I'm on Firefox, PC.

Walter Czerkies

I also keep getting "Error" as with BigSEa it's not telling why. I've tried 20 times and still come up with that same "Error".

Morgan Carey

hmmmm, where does the error field happen, is it above or below a certain input field? I have tested in both IE and firefox, and cannot reproduce the error


It's right at the top of the page - not next to an input field at all. If you'd like, email me and I'll send you a screenshot. a.

Walter Czerkies

The word Error comes up at the top of the page. At first I thought it was because the password needed a number, or did'nt want a number or I wasn't entering the phone number right. No matter what I did I still got that Error.

Walter Czerkies

Tried again this morning, and it worked. Thanks for you help.

Ron Goodman

Morgan, For the directory, instead of multiple community entries, allow members to specify a max of 8-10 local communities, all in the same state, instead of just one. The list needs to have a cap, but in larger metro areas like mine, it would be a great help. For example, my team serves over 20 smaller communities in the south metro area.


I service over 40 areas! A popular one wasn't listed last time I looked, Burbank, Illinois, among some other towns I work a lot in. Morgan, these are towns I'm featuring on my sites and I'm wondering if there would be some kind of package we could purchase for multiples. I'm sure these weren't listed because they are smaller but some years I end up doing a lot of business in a couple of these smaller towns.

Sam Dodd

What Judyo is asking for would be great. As a smaller town realtor, I service many towns and it would be great to be listed in each town.


When I tried to sign up it kept saying I was already signup when I would hit the accept terms button. The screen never got past the acept terms and I never saw a second part for signup for a directory listing. I tried several times just filling in either the top part with name or signing in using my forum name and password, I would still get the error saying I was already signed up. I gave up trying to get a directory listing.

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