New REW Lead Management Module - Calendars, action plans and more!


Ok I have been planning on introducing some of the new features of our soon to be released system for a while but being the perfectionist that I tend to be sometimes, I didn't want to start showing it off to much until it was nearly complete - I think that time has come as next week I will be finilizing my list of beta testers for this app - with final production release due July 31st corresponding with the second day of the REW Summit.

So let's get right to it - what does this bad boy look like, and what are some of the enhancements users can expect in the upgrade.

Yup that's it - ain't it purdy

It looks even better with lead data in it :) - So what exactly are you looking at here?

What did I add - what's new, what's cool, how does it work? Don't worry I am getting to that - sheesh!

Where to begin? I suppose the most logical place is that big old calendar you see top right hand side - now as opposed to only being able to select today's leads, this week or this month you can select custom date ranges of far more than just those three categories, and also once you set a custom date range, that session data is stored so that as you move around in the system it remembers exactly what range is specified independ of other preference changes in the system.

Trust me you will LOVE this feature - I know I do (I have been using this thing for all REW lead management on our corporate site for months) - this is probably one of the bigger requests we have received since the advent and launch of REW CMS 2.0's CORE lead management functionality.

You might also notice a "calendar" tab in the top - click that and you can custom manage all of your own events and set your own reminders which is huge and vital for the lead management process - see screen below

rew calendar

Upon creation you can set a single date and time for an event or reminder, or set it for multiple dates and times. You can select attendees from your lead management system or custom add your own unique entries for that particular event and finally choose between email notification or popup notification for reminders of the event (yes you can do both) including being able to specify time in increments of minutes, hours or days before the reminder type for each type selected (again see screen below woot!)

I just realized how incredibly long this blog post will need to be to go over all the new features we have built so I am going to stop here at custom reminders and try to write a blog at least once a week showcasing some other new feature of this up coming module. Stay tuned - and as always, your comments and questions are welcomed in the comments section.


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Mike Pannell

Dang, i wish i was lucky enough to be one of the testers. I have 15 Realtors that would really help with feedback.

BTW, In FF, i can still not post comments to this blog. I hit refresh and everything several times.

Morgan Carey

Yeah sorry Mike - but you have a completely customized setup (what with multiple sites feeding one lead manager etc) so it would not make sense to even consider you (or others with custom setup) as testers - we need those with lots of leads and out of the box setups it also helps if they have testing or technical backgrounds as well.

As for the blog commenting issue - well I am rebuildign the blogs to :) (you can preview what I have so far at ) and I will make sure we test commenting in IE 7, 8 and FF as best we can to avoid this issue in the future.


Awesome...long waited for by many and sure to be a winner!



That looks too sweet! Question for you, with the calendar feature and the ability to set up reminders and tasks to be done, would it also be possible to set up campaign to assign to each lead to remind you to "Call John Smith" After 7 days and that reminder automatically pops up, and then "Call Brian Tester" on the 10th day he was entered in the sytstem, but do it in a way where we set up an automatic follow up system that we just assign to each lead?


Looks Great Morgan!

One thing I'd make sure Not To Allow is the ability to delete or download leads unless your the admin.

Can't wait till up and running.

Morgan Carey

Mark Z - what you are describing is referred to as "action plans" (there is a tab for that) I will cover those in a separate blog post - but their in there (Admin sets them up and assigns them to agents)

FindCRE - Agents have never been able to delete leads in the CMS 2.0 system, only reject them so no issues there. As for download - I actually think that is in there - compelling reason why it shouldn't be?

REW Steven

FindCRE - Morgan is right. Non-Admins can't delete only reject. But they can download their leads (not all leads).


@ Morgan

The problem with that is, if the agent leaves your team or brokerage they just took a lot of your leads :(


He is right. That would suck

Morgan Carey

Yeah but they could do that either way - (export just makes it a tad bit easier) - on the flip side, having it removed makes them less productive (if they need the export for legit reasons such as they are more productive on a different program such as act or TP etc)

I guess you have to weight both sides - perhaps I should take a poll - my guess is the "Brokers" will all want it gone, and the "Agents" will all want it there.


As far as a team member leaving your team, make sure you have as part of your written agreement what happens when someone leaves the team that addresses the lead issue in exact detail. It is a good thing to have in arbitration in the event they steal any leads.

My vote is that it can stay there so they can be more productive. They can steal them anyway without having to download them.


Put me on the list when it comes out of beta - I figure I have too much custom stuff to be a tester.

As far as data, I think I had mine set where I was the only one that can download. I would want to keep it that way. I have practically eliminated TP after mastering the leadmanager groups and campaigns and with the new Calendar and Action Plans I will be able to finally fill in the gap with what I once did with TP.

Boy, I have been missing out on a lot in the last few months - I have been suffering WP Pluginiitis.

Morgan Carey

You are probably right - you probably do have to much custom stuff (I know about your scoreboard thing and round robin - what else ya got?)

As one of the most prolific users of the REW system (and someone with a ton of traffic) you would actually make a very good tester - hmmmm Either way I will put you on the list.

BTW folks - attendees of the REW Summit will get first crack at the new system - book your tickets now ;)

Are you going to make it this year Cal?


The only other custom thing in the leadmanager is in the e-mail campaigns where I can select which agent signature to append to the campaign.

If I can help you out on the calendar testing, just let me know.

Sorry, I'm not going to make it to the REW Summit. One day I might have an assisstant and not feel so worried about getting out of pocket. I am sure the Southeast and Gulf States will be well represented by Wayne, Jessie, and Jennifer!

Why don't you plan it for the Hilton at San Destin next year and get a deductible stay on the beach. I know that would be convenient for a lot of your regular REW participants and Customers. Maybe rotate East and West every other year or do it twice a year. Just a thought.

Morgan Carey

Which agent signature to append to a campaign? Are the agents not setting up their own campaigns? If they are, can't they just append their own signature?


They could, but they don't know how and I didn't want to have to train them and end up with a bunch of stuff that may or may not be set up properly.

I create the Drip Group for them, the Campaign for them, and I have a dropdown for which signature template to append to the particular campaign. I can set up an agent campaign that lasts for 2 years in about 10 to 15 minutes that operates just the way I want it to instead of having to drive an hour to the office, train for an hour to do something they won't ever do again, and then drive an hour back. Being able to select a signature to append to the Campaign keeps me from having to copy and paste the signature into 25 different e-mails for each agent campaign and if the agent ever changes his phone number, I don't have to go edit the 25 e-mails or even worse have e-mails going out with bad phone numbers. It has worked real well! All I have to do is train the new agent to check the Group Box for his campaign when processing a new lead. It becomes much easier to get them up and going with little confusion and not much room for error.

Jennifer Mackay

Morgan, this looks fantastic!

I have drips setup and have been waiting for this feature. If there is any way I can get in on the testing that would be great.

Jessie is going to the summit and even though our LEC isn't ready, we do have 2 template sites, as well as being partnered with 2 others.



Right now every time I want to create a drip campaign of 40 emails, I have to copy the entire campaign (each email separately) into every one of my agents own backend. It's very tedious and time consuming when you have 4 or 5 buyer agents and you have 5 or 6 drip campaigns.

So I posted something in the work order forum to see if something could be developed where I could create a bunch of different drip campaigns but yet only have to create each campaign once and all of my agents would have access to select the campaign they want to assign to one of their prosepective buyers without me having to duplicate the campaigns into their backend.

My question is, should I go ahead and have this work done, or is there a possibility this will also be included in the New Lead Manager Module?


That was the issue I was dealing with Mark.

  1. I create the Drip Documents one time.
  2. Then create a Group ( Agent X - Buyer Drip).
  3. Then create a Campaign (Agent X - Buyer Campaign) using the same documents (all numbered to keep sequenced properly) created in step 1. (The problem was that doing it this way there was no signature).
  4. I had custom programming done so that there is a drop down signature template selector for each campaign.

Now if an agents contact info changes, I edit his signature template instead of each and every drip campaign document they have. Also, and this has happened - if an agent is not keeping his end of the bargain and leaves the team, I just go to that agents Signature template and make it Generic to the Team with the info@ e-mail address. That way all campaigns continue as started and don't have to be started over with someone else of completely lost or dropped.

Morgan Carey

So as admins you want to be able to create campaigns (one time) that all agents can access / modify on their own or use right out of the box - something like that? Hmmmm this revision is pretty much complete, but I will certainly put that on the list.


I guess the thing to keep in mind is that those that have good ranking sites spend lots of time working on them and generate leads to the point that they need help from buyer agents. In fact, the lead routing, content creation, and data management can get to the point where your whole day is consumed and the "tech agent" has no time to actually work the buyers. That leads to more buyer agents and those typically don't have the tech abilities in the first place or they would be working their own gig. So, yes it would be a good thing to put on the list to make the "tech guys" ramp up of new agents quicker and easier all the while making sure that the systems were easy and functional for the new buyer agents.


I agree, I want to create different drip campaigns for different scenarios and this would make it a lot easier no matter how big my team is. Thanks for taking this into account Morgan.

Buddy Blake

any updates yet? waiting on my beta.....

Portland Real Estate

Chiming in. The ability to have system-wide drip campaigns available to all the agents in the lead manger; this is a feature that we would like as well.

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