New Tagging on REW Blogs, organized posts, better interlinking


What took me so long? Oh I don't know, maybe it was the 50,000 other things I was working on - anyways who cares blog tags are now a reality at REW Blogs.

Now users can tag their blog posts with relevant labels that allow readers of REW Blogs to find other blog posts on the system that are related quickly and efficiently. The way we have set up these tags will also significantly improve the internal link architecture of REW Blogs which is a good thing for everyone!

So how does it work?


You post a new entry like usual - but now when you look underneath the wysiwyg editor you will see a text box titled "Blog Tags: Separate with commas" this is the Blog Tag box - here you will label your blog posts with a few relevant labels so that users can access them quickly and easily throughout the site.  

Where can I see these tags?

I need to dress it up a bit because the area is a bit crowded down there, but your tags will show up at the bottom of your post, just above the ratings and the comments box. Each tag will havea corresponding number beside it which is a count of how many blog posts there are with that tag. I will post a screen, but like I said, I will have someone in design clean this section up.





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Gulf Coast Associates

Another great addition! Thanks REW.

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