No Bing Ads for REW - Microsoft loses our business


You know, I really thought it would be interesting to test out microsofts ad center what with all the hype surrounding the BING search engine - but woulnd't you know it - I can't get the damned interface to work.

Now I might not be a certified genious, but I gotta tell ya, I certainly am not an idiot either. I have sat here for 20 mins trying to get the Microsoft Adcenter to accept my corporate credit card (and yes I know my address, and YES I CHECKED THE NUMBER)

It's no wonder Microsoft is always playing second fiddle, they can't even figure out how to take my money when I WANT to give it them.

I called your hotline to btw - very nice to let me push all those buttons just to hear a "we're sorry, our offices are closed" message - NICE!

Microsoft - I did want to test out your new BING advertising platform - but a guy can only read

"Your credit card could not be authorized. Please verify that the information you provided matches the information on the credit card. If you receive this error when all of the information is accurate, please contact your credit card company or the adCenter Support Team."

So many times, before he gives up and goes and posts a blog bitching about how much your credit card authentication absolutely SUCKS!

Sorry guys - I am going to take thousands of dollars of adverting money I was ready, willing and able to spend with you and up my Google Adwords account because guess what - I only have to enter my info ONCE there, and the system never treats me like i'm an idiot.

Happy Monday oh small and limp ones.

PS ..... Not impressed AT ALL!!! End Rant



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Dennis Pease

I just had to chucle over this post. If there is anything Microsoft should be able to get right after all these years, it would be the ability to process a payment.


Be glad you weren't trying to deal with Verizon or Charter!

Em Wallace

The microsoft network has too much going on. As a whole, it's too scatterbrained but with great web-based ideas. Unfortunately, all are extremely poorly executed, hence the extended life of XP. Not only do they want to beat out G and Y, they want to be the next FB and such. They need to stick to perfecting IE and VIsta because I'm one step away from being a Mac.


That's your problem Morgan, we can never tell where you stand on an issue ; )

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