Now available - Position-Me & Follow Up Boss


As a follow-up to my previous post, I'd like to announce two new partner integrations within the REW 4.3 Backend.


Just like Happy Grasshopper, we now have integration support for their new Position-Me™ product. This can be easily configured by your agents (after you give them permission) from the Partners section of the backend:

After connecting, you can send leads to Position-Me by adding them to the Position Me group in the Lead Manager. As expected, changes you make to synced contacts will automatically push over to your PM account.

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss acts as a simple central hub for all your leads and makes sure you follow up with them as quickly as possible. The integration support we've added on our end ensures that your IDX lets FUB know as soon as leads perform certain actions on your site.

To begin, go to the familiar Partners tab in the backend and access the Follow Up Boss section:

Setting up Follow Up Boss is similar to the other partners - just enter your FUB API key. The difference with this partner is that only the Super Admin account can configure it. Since this is a system-wide integration, it doesn't make sense for your individual agents to set up their own FUB integrations.

Once set up, your site will automatically send event notifications to your Follow Up Boss account whenever any of the following actions occur:

  • New Lead Registrations
  • Property Inquiries
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Listing Details Views
  • Listings Added to Favorites
  • Searches Performed
  • Searches Saved
  • New Website Visits

Additionally, tracking calls in the Lead Manager will also push their outcome & details to FUB.

Here's a sample of how these events appear within Follow Up Boss:

Happy Integrating!

For more information on how to get these partner integrations on your site, contact your Sales person. We hope you enjoy using these features as much as we had fun building them!


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Buddy Blake

GREAT work Andy and REW... don't forget that was the first and these API's are AWESOME!!!!!!!

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