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I have been getting a few inquiries from those that have paid thier setup fees for either their iframe IDX, or iFrame IDX + REW Template site on how to go about setting up the iFrame - I thought I would post a quick tutorial. (Note we have not billed out the iframes yet as we were waiting for more to come in to try to get you guys a discount on the setup fee, but we will need to bill them in short order)

So here's how you do it (Or rather the URL and code to give to your developer)

The URL for your iframe:


You will see /your-name-frame/ replace your-name with your name for instance mine would read /morgan-carey-frame/ and the full URL would be  http://www.nwhomes.net/iframe/morgan-carey-frame/

It is important that you keep your name in lower case (No capitols)

And now for the code:

The code to insert into your website is actually quite simple HTML called iframe code -

<iframe height="2000" width="100%" frameBorder="0" src="http://www.nwhomes.net/iframe/your-name-frame/"></iframe>

All you have to do is create a page in your REW site (Or have your website provider create a page if you do not have an REW site) and paste that code into your html, save it - and you're done.


Please be aware that each agents iFrame must be created and configured to pass the leads directly to your system, the URL will not work if you attempt to create your iFrame without paying your setup fee, and having our team set it up - if you do iframe the URL without setup, all leads will go to the broker, and not to the agent. Please make sure you have submitted your CC authorization form and received notification that your iframe has been setup before implementing this code.

If you have questions or need assistance please post them in the comments section below:

Agents already approved:

  • Eric Badgley
  • Blake Boatman
  • Michele Boudreau
  • Nancy Braam
  • Jennifer Coggan
  • Kristi Coy
  • Daryl Dewell
  • Alicia Greenwood
  • Jana Guy
  • Luanne Highlander
  • Kevin Huntley
  • Jordon Olson
  • Roxy Seligman
  • Shirley Shirley
  • Jim Skerjanc
  • Joetta Snow
  • Susan Stecher
  • Sally Webb
  • Chris Weitzel
  • Mallina Wilson




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Orlando Garcia

Hi Ryland,

I am redesigning my website and I'm interested in your iframe map search solution. Do you offer it to websites not created by Real Estate Webmasters?

If you do, please let me know the price.


Orlando Garcia

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