Ooohhhhh Shiny IDX :-)


I thought about "polygonadoodleallday" but I thought that might be a little out of left field.


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Polygons are nice, but my guess is that they will not be used by many other than the techy curious types. A radius function would be cool too.


I would like this. What would this cost


This is very cool. I want it! How much does it cost?


Tempo has this option and I use it all the time to search for homes.


Me too, i love this feature on the MLS

Morgan Carey

Hehehe ain't I a tease - :)


yes you are. Now we want it


This new IDX does look very tempting.


You know what would be cool morgan. If you could use this feature to set up search snippetts. Like say i want to set up a page for a certain area of my city. Netris doesnt allow us to do this right now but with this feature i think it could be done

Morgan Carey

Oh trust me Mike - being able to "save a polygon search" and embed the results as a snippet is on my list. ;)


"being able to "save a polygon search" and embed the results as a snippet" - that would be really cool!



I just read your blog and count me in for the first one


Santa Cruz Real Estate

I think that would be of definite interest as it is granular, which is what people want when they become very familiar with it. I have that on my other site, but it is not transferable. This would be nice. Looking forward to getting another escrow to pay for this:)


Count me in when it's available, Morgan!

Joshua Keen

count me in...:)

Portland Real Estate

Any idea when this will be released?

Morgan Carey

I am hoping before the end of the year (2009)

Greg Haraksin

so with the feature you are working on we can save snippets to make community pages, AND buyers will be able to make a polygon search?


Count us in!

This would be a huge addition for us...

Morgan Carey

There is actually an updated screen here:


Morgan - Is this feature ready for production? If so, any chance it is going to make the XMAS special?

Morgan Carey

No it will not (this is a guarantee) - the product is not even finished yet (nevermind testing) - and I will be launching it first as an iframe for testing, before it is available in any build in's.


what is the xmas special. I dont think i got the email

Morgan Carey

It will be posted tomorrow on the blogs

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