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Unveiling REW Deals

We're ecstatic to announce the release of REW Deals, our latest innovation within the REW CRM suite. Slated for release this week, REW Deals is engineered with a user-friendly design ethos, facilitating streamlined deal management coupled with actionable insights. This new feature aims to redefine the realm of real estate transaction reporting, making it more insightful and intuitive. Please note that current REW CRM users will start to see the REW Deals rollout starting some time next week.

A video walk-through of the ins and outs of REW Deals.

What is REW Deals?

REW Deals symbolizes a notable advancement in CRM functionality, showcasing our enduring dedication to delivering user-oriented solutions to contemporary real estate professionals. This release marks a pivotal milestone, standing as the most extensive upgrade to the REW CRM to date. At the heart of REW Deals is the main screen, which serves as the dashboard, offering a doorway to a spectrum of deal-related functionalities and insights. This main screen is meticulously crafted to ensure smooth navigation, simplifying the deal management process and making it intuitive yet insightful.

In summary,

  • Symbolizes a leap in CRM functionality, underlining a commitment to user-centric solutions for modern real estate professionals.
  • The Main screen acts as a dashboard, offering access to various deal-related functionalities and insights.
  • Designed for seamless navigation and intuitive deal management, making it a substantial upgrade in the REW CRM suite.

The brand new home screen dashboard of REW Deals.

The brand new home screen dashboard of REW Deals.

A Tailored Experience

The User Interface (UI) of REW Deals reflects the attributes of our well-received Leads/Agents UI, incorporating a robust query engine, smart listings, and custom view management. These elements empower users to customize their experience in line with their preferences, ensuring a seamless transition for existing REW CRM power users. The thoughtfully designed main dashboard encourages swift adaptations, catering even to those who are new to the REW CRM ecosystem. This bespoke user interface is tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals, aiming to streamline daily operations, making them more efficient and less cumbersome.

In summary,

  • UI mirrors the well-accepted Leads/Agents UI, incorporating a robust query engine, smart listings, and custom view management.
  • Ensures a smooth transition for existing REW CRM power users and facilitates quick adaptations for new users.
  • Tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate professionals, aiming to streamline daily operations.


The "Go to Market" dashboard of REW Deals.

Decoding Deal Metrics

Encompassed within the main screen are cards, playfully dubbed as "report cards," encapsulating key performance indicators (KPIs) around deals. These report cards offer a visual synopsis of Sales Volume, Total Commission, Broker Commission, Agent Commission, Pipeline, and Pending Deals, furnishing a snapshot of the organization's performance at a glance. Acting as a magnifying lens, these report cards delve into the performance metrics that are pivotal, enabling users to quickly gauge their performance and make well-informed decisions.

  • Main screen houses "report cards" summarizing KPIs like Sales Volume, Total Commission, and others.
  • Provides a visual summary to help users quickly gauge organizational performance.
  • Focuses on performance metrics, rendering a snapshot of organizational performance.

The various report cards found on REW Deals.

Exploring Individual Deal Facets

Venturing further into individual deal facets, the dashboard elucidates Deal Name, Type, Outcome, and Stage. These fields provide a granular understanding of each deal, offering a comprehensive perspective. For instance, the 'Type' field differentiates between buyers and sellers, whereas the 'Outcome' Field categorizes deals as won, lost, or to be determined (TBD). Each component of the dashboard is meticulously fashioned to provide a thorough understanding of each deal. This attention to detail empowers users to manage deals, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

  • Detailed information on each deal including Deal Name, Type, Outcome, and Stage.
  • The 'Type' field differentiates between buyers and sellers. The 'Outcome' field categorizes deals, aiding in comprehensive understanding.
  • Ensures nothing goes unnoticed, empowering effective deal management.


The "Offers" dashboard on REW Deals.

Navigating Deal Stages

The systematic staging of deals is a distinguishing feature of REW Deals, reminiscent of the renowned feature in Salesforce. Every deal navigates through various stages, from appointments to closure, each stage being visibly delineated on the dashboard. This feature is instrumental in tracking the progression of deals and serves as an invaluable training tool for agents, identifying potential stumbling blocks, thereby necessitating focused training and attention. This structured approach to deal staging is quintessential in ensuring a standardized workflow across an organization. By rendering deal visibility into each stage, it cultivates a culture of accountability and continual improvement among the agents.

  • Staging akin to Salesforce, tracking deal progression.
  • Serves as a training tool for agents.
  • Cultivates a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

An example dashboard on REW Deals following a closed deal.

An example dashboard on REW Deals following a closed deal.

In Conclusion

We've just released a new feature that enhances our already robust REW CRM, and it begins a new era of transaction reporting in the real estate industry. The advent of REW Deals is poised to have a positive imprint on the lives of our clients, fostering a deeper comprehension of transaction metrics, thereby driving informed decision-making and optimized operational efficiency - and it's something we're beyond excited about its release. If you haven't already, get in touch to learn more about our REW CRM, you'll be glad you did.


What are the system requirements for utilizing REW Deals within the REW CRM suite?

To ensure seamless functionality, it's essential that users have a modern browser. We support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

How does the user-centric design of REW Deals enhance the experience for existing CRM users?

The user-centric design of REW Deals is intended to foster an intuitive user experience. By mirroring the UI of the Leads/Agents interface, we minimize the learning curve for existing users. The familiar, yet enhanced interface allows for swift navigation and easy adaptation, making the transition to using REW Deals as smooth as possible.

Will there be training available for users to get acquainted with the new features of REW Deals?

Absolutely! If you're an existing client of ours, speak to your Account Manager about setting up a training session. Alternatively, if you're new to Real Estate Webmasters, contact us to learn more about this remarkable upgrade to REW CRM.

How does the 'report card' feature in REW Deals differ from similar metrics tracking features in other CRM systems?

Our 'report card' feature is designed to provide a visual, at-a-glance summary of KPIs. Unlike some other CRM systems, which may require digging through menus or reports, REW Deals' report cards are easily accessible right on the main dashboard.

Are there options for customization within the REW Deals dashboard to suit individual or organizational preferences?

Yes, customization is a core aspect of REW Deals. Users can tailor the dashboard to their preferences, allowing for a personalized user experience. Whether it's modifying the view, managing smart listings, or adjusting other settings, REW Deals provides a flexible platform to cater to the diverse needs of real estate professionals and organizations.

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