Paid Real Estate Directories - why we do it


Many members ask, why do so many webmasters and realtors submit their websites to paid real estate directories?

There are a lot of reasons for this, but here are a few.

Potential Business: Real Estate Directories (The good ones) are very well organized and geared towards helping potential customers find a realtor to buy or sell a home, or gain access to available real estate inventory. These directories (Again the good ones) are also marketed to potential real estate customers through various avenues such as pay per click, viral marketing, natural search engine positioning, advertising (Print or electronic) and many other avenues. So not only can customers find you (The realtor) on a real estate directory, these directories do their best to increase the amount of potential customers that visit their site.

: That's right, return on investment. Prices for inclusion in quality real estate directories range from between $20-$300 per year. Even in the lowest average home sale markets, with a discount commission structure you are going to earn a minimum of $2000 USD for selling a property. So if your listing in a real estate directory helps close just one extra deal for you each year, the return on investment is incredible. Choose your directories wisely, and make sure you include yourself in all of the good ones and hopefully you will close many more than just one extra deal per year.

Inbound links
: It is a well known fact that the more relevant websites that link (Vote) for your website the better your search engine rankings will be. Real estate directories (The good ones) provide links directly to your website. These links should be free of any tracking script or preventative measures that block the transfer of link popularity.



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Thanks for the great read on real estate directories. I've been considering submitting by site to directories for awhile, guess I'll give it a try.

Mike pannell (NuHomeSource)

I have paid for alot of them, but what are the good ones. I dont mind paying

Morgan Carey

The good ones are the ones that have traffic, and are not overpopulated as Mert claims (This is a moving target) - also it depends on where you are, some directories have lots of unused space and lots of traffic in some areas, but are totally swamped in others and you don't get enough exposure.

Sam Dodd

Names Please. What are some worth paying for!

Mike pannell

Yes some names please allmighty seo guy. I need as much help aspossible. You can tell by looking at my sites lol

Mert Sahinoglu

Hi Morgan, to be perfectly honest, in terms of the ROI other than the small town REW directory listings, I have strong doubts that overly populated real estate directories can possibly create any kind of a lead to make sales(especially for popular already filled in neighborhoods.

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