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Welcome to the future of real estate in Orlando!

The Pozek Group, led by the passionate and creative Ken Pozek, is one of Florida’s most exciting and innovative real estate teams.

With over 2,000 successful transactions and glowing reviews from clients worldwide, The Pozek Group has earned their status as one of the best-selling teams in the nation.

And now, with their renewed partnership with Real Estate Webmasters, they're taking their game to the next level.

A Renaissance for Orlando Real Estate

The Pozek Group's brand-new website, built on Real Estate Webmasters' Renaissance platform, is a real game-changer.

With its sleek and modern design and intuitive navigation, The Orlando Real is both visually stunning and highly functional. Seamlessly integrated with The Pozek Group's brand, it's the perfect platform to showcase their services and expertise in a way that truly resonates with clients.

See for yourself...


But Renaissance isn't just about looks.

Built to the latest standards, Renaissance is also lightning fast and packed with useful features, from advanced search options to a built-in CRM designed for real estate, allowing The Pozek Group to manage their leads and clients with ease.

And with its built-in lead capture and management tools, Renaissance helps close deals more efficiently than ever before.

That Technological Magic Touch

Ken Pozek himself notes that the pay-per-click advertising, real estate SEO services, and site engagement that Real Estate Webmasters delivers is bringing more visits than he could have imagined. And those visitors are staying on his site much longer than he's ever seen with other vendors.

Thanks to Real Estate Webmasters' technology, organic traffic is up over 1,000%.

“We used to get 100 to 200 organic visits a month, and we’re now getting 20,000 to 30,000 a month after just four months with them.” - Ken Pozek

And with time on page increasing from about 15 seconds to over two minutes, engagement with the site is at an all-time high.

Screenshot of The Orlando Real website homepage

But it's not just about the technology…

As Ken noted in a recent feature with RISMedia, Real Estate Webmasters also provides the human capital to execute on its technological edge.

The Perfect Match for the Pozek Group

As a specialized team of real estate agents, The Pozek Group's brand is all about providing fast, responsive service. And with the intuitive and optimized design of Renaissance, along with its lead management tools, they're able to provide an outstanding user experience that sets them apart from the competition.

The site is producing hundreds more leads a month, with conversion rates of about 10% for those coming to them organically, and another 3% on pay-per-click.

A Bright Future

With Renaissance powering their website, The Pozek Group is poised for even greater success.

According to Ken Pozek, his team is on track to surpass $100 million in sales by the end of March 2023. And with Real Estate Webmasters' technology and human capital behind them, there's no limit to what they can achieve.

So if you're in the market for a home in Orlando then look no further than The Pozek Group and if you’re looking for the best in real estate websites, contact Real Estate Webmasters.

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