Preview Naples New Design and IDX


One of my favorite new designs of late is I am not sure exactly why I like it so much compared to the hundreds of other websites we have launched this quarter, I just like it.

The color scheme really says Naples Florida to me, and the way the IDX quick search, listings and details pages are laid out really appeal to me. The communities map is pretty cool, but I think we should stylize those circles a little bit for the communities.

For those interested this project is a full REW custom, with custom search engine frienly IDX and property mapping. (ticket price typically between $7,500-$15,000) depending on complexity and technical requirements.


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Morgan Carey

Does anyone else think we should stylize those circles?

Joshua Keen

Yes...those circles should definitely be stylized. I can see why this is one of your favorites...tell me, what does it take to "upgrade" a template design to a custom desing. I've already paid for the SEO (3 month program), the link building(monthly), the custom IDX.

Morgan Carey

Upgrading to a custom is actually not that difficult - It does not require any re-adding of content or re-coding of IDX - it is basically just the HTML, graphics etc. That being said, you have done quite a lot of content addition to your template (Great job) - but with a new design, you might need to have us take the time, or take it yourself to reformat things like graphs, stats etc Basically we would just do it hourly - if you want to schedule a time to chat about it, feel free to call the office on Monday and schedule a time with Auliya for you and I to chat

Wayne Long

I see why you like this site! I like the features you guys add. What would a custom IDX solution that actually puts the info on my site in such a way that all the MLS listings become content on my site - cost?? Wayne

Wayne Long

I see why you like this site! I like the features you guys add. Wayne

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