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We strive toward a software best practice to deliver the best products and experiences for our clients. Old technology is prone to security risks and performance standard declines. They also become cost prohibitive to maintain. We are proud of every product we have released, yet retirement is required to keep up with the pace of technology changes.

The active management of our product suite is intended to sustain product simplicity and meet innovation standards.

Product Announcements

Our in-market products can expect to receive quarterly improvements and optimizations. These releases are available to products that have not reached their end of service life and deprecated. Our account management team strives to have upgrade discussions regularly with our clients.

Life Span by Product

Frontend PlatformDate of AvailabilityEnd of Service Life*
Renaissance January 2021 Estimated 2023
Discover June 2018 January 2021
REW Leads Android April 2018 Current + previous release
Vision August 2017 January 2021
REW CRM June 2017 Current + previous release
REW Leads iOS April 2017 Current + previous release
Backend 4.7 September 2016 August 2019
The Fredrik August 2016 August 2019
rewIDX Android July 2016 Current + previous release
The Elite June 2016 June 2019
Backend 4.6 September 2015 August 2019
Barbara Corcoran March 2015 March 2018
Backend 4.5 January 2015 January 2018
Backend 4.4 April 2014 April 2017
Backend 4.3 July 2013 July 2016
rewIDX iOS March 2013 Current + previous release
Backend 4.2 November 2012 November 2015
Backend 4.1 January 2012 January 2015

Currently Supported Devices & Browsers

DeviceOperating SystemBrowsers
Apple Phones/Tablets iOS 12
iOS 11
Chrome 74
Chrome 75
Safari iOS 4
Safari iOS 5
Firefox iOS 15
Firefox iOS 16
Android Phones/Tablets 9
Chrome 74
Chrome 75
Firefox 67
Firefox 68
Windows Desktop 10
Chrome 74
Chrome 75
Fireox 67
Firefox 68
Mac Desktop Mojave
High Sierra
Safari 11
Safari 12
Chrome 74
Chrome 75
Firefox 67
Firefox 68

*End of Service Life (product deprecation): The product or feature is beyond its life cycle for technical support (defect fixes). Education support will continue to be available via email through our Customer Experience team. Any product improvements or maintenance may be discussed with an account manager to initiate a professional services project.

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