Promotion - 12 days of Christmas


I am pleased to announce our annual 12 days of Christmas promotion, as with every year, this represents the most significant savings on many items of our entire year! Template setup fees are 100% off, discounts on LEC's, all common upgrades and even custom work! This promotion is time sensitive (expires on the 22nd) so hurry and get your orders in.

Amazing Deals Below! (Free templates, discounts on labor and more!)

  • $25 discount on all pre-paid custom labor hours
  • 25% discount on any items from our upgrades menu, including LEC's
  • $2500 discount on the setup of all LEC versions 2-5 (limit one per market area)
  • $1250 discount on integrated IDX 3.1 (our newest, most search engine friendly platform to date)
  • Free template setup! 100% discount on any new 3.1 template setup (that's right, free setup! you pay the hosting – applies to new hosted accounts only*)
    *This means that the template cannot be replacing an existing REW site. Template "upgrades" do qualify for the 25% products discount, however.

Promotion will start today, Friday December 10th and end Wednesday, December 22nd

IMPORTANT! - Tax savings / promo invoicing: Our sales / billing office "may be closed" between December 24th and the new year (they are optional days) - so if you need to be invoiced for anything before the new year for tax purposes. Even if we are open, we are moving to our brand new facility on the 31st, so things will be crazy around REW at that time - so please make sure you get your orders in before this promotion ends on December 22nd.

Terms and conditions for this promotion:

Payments must be received by 4PM pst on December 22nd

Previous outstanding balances must be paid prior to ordering new work, including promotional hours and new websites (with the exception of those on an agreed-upon payment plan in good standing).

Hours and orders can be applied to "new work only" - you cannot apply hours to previously ordered labor or products.


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adam robinson sarasota


I have a referral for you, who should he talk to while your away?


Morgan Carey if he prefers email communication otherwise any member of the sales team is fine

Morgan Carey

Thank you btw :) - hope you have a great holiday season my friend, I am on my plan in 7 hours!


Hmmm... should I change over my 7 year old AA site I have not touched in 3 years to a REW 3.1 Template?

What's the hosting charge? I think I'm paying $40 a month to AA for that junk..



So prepaid hours are $100 during this promotion right?

Sam Smith


Put me down for the keyword conversion tool for all my sites. Any discount on your seo yearly program?


have fun in Maui Morgan!


Cheers Holly,

I'll take 3 hrs custom programming, Holly. Greenville Information invoicing should be brought current next week. Merry Christmas!! JK

Daniel Beer

how much is the SEO program and where can I see details about it?

Gloria Singer

Hi I want to upgrade my LEC 2 to IDX 3.1.... how much would that be in this promotion?

Morgan Carey

Hello Gloria,

the 3.1 IDX is normally $2500, upgrading during the promotion gets it for you for $1250 - you will also need to book custom hours for any custom modifications (for instance your custom color scheme) that need to be moved to the new platform. A custom color scheme is normally around 3-4 hours to implement in a 3.1 system if it's already created. (as opposed to 10 hours for a brand new one) - I am not aware of any other custom mods you have other than the colors, so I would say book 4 hours plus $1250 for the upgrade (any "modules" you have will be brought over as will your content and leads at no charge)

Gloria Singer

Hi Morgan, I thought I saw that upgrading to the new IDX for LEC's was $1250 so for some reason I thought that it would be 25% of that? I am confused. I saw it on your website somewhere. (that it is $2500 for new IDX and $1250 for upgrades for current LEC 2-4 customers)...

Morgan Carey

Hello Gloria,

When we launched 3.1 in October we offered a similar discount to the one that is running right now on upgrading "$1250 for upgrading' that was a previous promotion, not the fixed cost to upgrade.

So you are getting the same price as the previous 3.1 launch promotion if you were to upgrade right now. IDX is 50% off instead of the 25% off of the rest of the products that are discounted. Normally if you were to purchase the 3.1 in a non promo situation it woudl be $2500 plus hours. So in your case you save $1250 off the IDX, and $100 total ($25 per hour) on your 4 hours for a total of $1350 USD savings.

Gloria Singer

OK please go ahead and book me for the IDX upgrade and ten hours (so I can bank them for the inevitable tweaks in the upcoming year).

Thank you.

Morgan Carey

My pleasure Gloria, consider it sent. Have a great holiday season.

Sam Smith

Payment sent it. Thank you for all your support this year! Looking forward to a great 2011.

Mark Ciochon

I would like to move forward onfive hours of programming the following

This thread is located at:

Here is the message that has just been posted:

---Quote (Originally by markciochon)---
Please quote the following fields to be added to my home search/idx
please add:

Lot Description
reo properties
school district
exterior features

these fields are noted on my other site at on the advance search tab. the layout need not be the same though..
---End Quote---
About 3hrs programming.

---Quote (Originally by markciochon)---
I need the address of the home listings under the Thumbnails/ List and Map Views
---End Quote---
2hrs design.

*** I need one other field-Original List Price

Mark Ciochon

I would also like to add a feature that everytime someone zooms in or out of the map it automatically re calculates/shows the listings. as it is right now each time you zoom in or out or move the google map you have to manually resubmit the search.. Or if it is easier have a pop up that tells the client to do a refresh that would work too I guess.

REW Allison

Hello Daniel, further to Holly’s response I just wanted to say I would be happy to speak with you directly about our SEO program (and anyone else that is interested) if there is anything else you are interested in website wise, IDX etc - I'd be just as delighted to go over that too - (note: you do need to have an REW website to use our SEO program - are you an existing REW customer?) - If no, let's get you signed up. After all, there’s no better time than promo time to get involved.

My name is Allison and you can reach me toll free at 877-753-9893 or

REW Allison

Thanks for the order Mark. I’ll submit your map request through to our estimates team and email you direct when I have a response.


Portland Real Estate

Happy Holidays! We'll take 15 custom hours please.

Louis Belote

Can I get a quote for the same work that Mark Ciochon refers to above regarding the recalculating of the listings on the Map Search when a visitor zooms in or out on the map, please?? Thanks!!!

REW Allison

Absolutely Louis, I expect that estimate very soon. When I have it I will post it here for everyone’s benefit.


I'll take 3 hours...


REW Allison

Mark and Louis (and anyone else interested). Our estimates team says this would require “extensive recoding of the IDX search”. Likely a 20 hour plus project to have this feature changed to permanently and automatically update.

However, there is a free alternative if you don’t mind manually changing a setting in your IDX searches. The option is for “Search in Bounds” feature. When this is turned on (and saved that way) the listings will automatically recalculate based on what is currently within the maps viewing pane. Note that it does look as though you will need to resave that setting for each individual search or snippet.

Mark Ciochon

put me down for 5 hours of programming please.


I'll get in on this promo with four hours please. Once I have paid, I will submit details through the work order forum. Thanks. -Tom W.


Hi Holly, I'll take 10 custom hours. Thanks!

Morgan Carey

Just sent out a reminder folks, there are only 3 days left (including today) for this promotion. If you want to get your orders in right away, please post them in the comments section of this blog, contact your assigned sales rep via email, or phone 877-753-9893 and our sales team will be happy to assist you.

Happy holidays everyone, hope you are having a great year end.

Colorado Home Finder

Please put us down for 5 custom hours. Thanks.

Scott Hack

Can you prepare and invoice for me for the following on the new site that is in production (The LEC5 from the contest)

1. Top Search for the LEC5

2. 301 Redirect Module

3. Advanced XML/IDX sitemap.


These are for the LEC5 that is in production.

1. Top Search for LEC5

2. 301 Redirect Module

3. Advanced XML/IDX sitemap

cleo shahateet

Hi - I'd like to add a featured listing to my home page and we also need something removed. Our company has changed and is no longer Cyprus Marketing Solutions so we need that taken off. Thanks.

Christopher Audette

Please pre-bill me for 4 hours of Design and 2 hours of programming and 1 Slideshow Manager. Thanks, Chris


can I bank 5 hours on this promotion please Holly



I am a dork. I thought it went through today. I wanted to buy 15 hours. Too late? you won't take my money? Pleeease?

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