Promotion on hours & Legacy LEC's now available with 3.0 IDX


I am pleased to announce a new promotion to celebrate a recent upgrade that is nearing completion. There are discounts on custom hours, fixed cost products, spiderable IDX and LEC's (full details below).

So what are we celebrating? New IDX in Legacy LEC's! (And we snuck in some never before seen upgrades)

As most people know, LEC 5 was the first (and to the point has been the only) LEC with the 3.0 IDX framework (the one with all the cool polygon tools, etc.) - well, not any more!

We are nearing completion of an upgrade to the other 3 production LEC's (versions 2-4) and are now taking orders on these new versions. To celebrate this launch, we are offering all versions of the LEC with a discount of $2500 USD (they are normally $10,000 - buy during the promotion and they are only $7500 + hosting).

For those of you who have "existing" (legacy) LEC versions and would like to upgrade to the newer IDX / framework, these requests will be estimated by our team on a case-by-case basis, because so many of you are going to have upgrades / enhancements that you want moved over to your new version. These hours will be offered at a discount of $25 per hour, so instead of the rate of $125 USD per hour, you pay only $100. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN UPGRADING YOUR LEC AND NEED AN ESTIMATE PLEASE USE THE STANDARD "ORDERING NEW WORK" PROCEDURE OUTLINED HERE.

I have decided to make this discount on custom hours available to ALL customers, not just for LEC upgrades. So any customer wanting to "pre-buy" custom hours for use on future projects, may do so and access this special rate.

Added discount alert: New custom sites get an additional $10 per hour savings for a total of $35 discount per hour.

You read that right - for anyone wanting to engage in a new custom site - your hours if pre-purchased during the promotion will be discounted by a total of $35 per hour, so you pay $90 instead of $125 - your typical custom project ranges between 125-200 hours, so that could mean a savings up to $7000 USD.

So LEC's and custom hours are on sale - anything else?

Sure, why not?! I'm offering 25% off any fixed-cost technology items (needed for templates or customs): things like blogs, quick searches, control panel, etc., and as an added bonus any "new" template website OR custom site will get spiderable IDX at 50% off the normal rate. That's right, buy a new site and get your IDX "built in" for $1250 off the retail price.

To recap the promotions:

  • $25 off ALL custom hours: Programming, design, copywriting / SEO time (BONUS: order a new custom site and save an additional $10 p/h)
  • $2500 discount on ALL LEC websites (versions 2-4 will now have the new IDX 3.0 with some enhanced, never before seen features)
  • 25% off any "fixed cost" products from our upgrades menu
  • 50% off 3.0 spiderable IDX with the purchase of ANY new template or custom website (LEC's already have IDX so this is not needed)

How to order

Post your order right here in the blog - That would probably be the fastest way to go about it (unless you need an estimate). As with all promo's I will be crazy busy and not taking any scheduled calls (and sometimes I miss emails), so if you want to place your order and make sure it gets in on time, please post your order using the comment section below.

Email your sales rep - If I am your sales rep you "can" email me and chances are I will get it and get it in on time, but with my volume of emails there is the chance I will miss one or two, so please use the post in the blog if at all possible. If you are working with Patrick or Allison and would like to email them directly, by all means do so. You can also call them any time, 9-5 Pacific Standard, to place your order.

*Remember! Payment in full is required by 4PM on Friday the 22nd in order to qualify for these promo rates, so don't wait until the last minute or you will miss out!

Terms and conditions for this promotion

Promotion runs from today, Tuesday October 12th until Friday, October 22nd - all payments must be received before 4 PM Pacific Standard Time on Friday the 22nd.

Previous outstanding balances must be paid prior to ordering new work including promotional hours and new websites (with the exception of those on an agreed-upon payment plan in good standing).

Hours and orders can be applied to "new work only" - you cannot apply hours as credits and hope to get discounts on past debts. New work only - thanks.


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Justin Havre

Give me a quote for the updated IDX on my LEC4 please.

Morgan Carey

Sure thing bud - I won't be handling custom estimates or upgrade estimates here on the blog specifically, (Those I would ask folks to email sales@ - post on the work orders forums etc) - but since you asked (and I forgot to redirect folks) - I'll go ahead and get yours for you.

Other LEC users interested in "estimates" please use one of the standard channels, then when you know how hours you need, you can ask the estimators to send the order through to billing at the promo rate, or use any of the prescribed methods -

Morgan Carey

Hey Justin, the team says:

the upgrade process is..
1. install new dev location
2. copy over homepage, pages, snippets, etc..
3. fix any broken content
4. move over custom work (cost per hour)
so for justin, the big step is #4.

Can you send me over a list of customizations you have / want to have moved? - Obviously you have that custom Google search thing, your nav has a bit of custom work on it, the top producer snapshot thing - anything else?

adam robinson sarasota


Having worked with both LEC 4 & LEC 5, I realize there is a big difference in creating the IDX snippets. If an existing LEC 4 site upgrades do all existing IDX snippets have to be re-created in the LEC 5 style?


Morgan Carey

No - we are planning on a transfer script that takes care of tranlating the old IDX snippets to the new ones (you won't have to recreate them) - moving forward however "new" IDX snippets will be created using the form element, not the php code - which hopefully most folks appreciate as it is far more intuitive for the non techy (I doubt it matters for you though brother as you're quite tech savvy)



I'm smiling

Please add my site for a qoute on the new IDX

Thanks again


Morgan Carey

Teddy G, I love ya buddy, but I can't be giving estimates on this blog post, as it's for discussion Q & A + orders for the promo - I need folks to start a work orders thread, email sales@ or contact their rep directly if they want estimates on LEC upgrades.

I have however taken the liberty of starting your work order thread for you :)

Here you go:

Morgan Carey

Btw when you do find out from the estimates team how many hours you need, feel free to email me directly as I am your rep, or post your request for hours here and I can get them ordered for you.

PS everyone really appreciated you buying the first round for the summit even though you couldn't be here this year - I hope to see you next year :)

Justin Havre

Hey Morgan,

Thats all the customization I have on the main page so you got it covered. Feel free to email me.



Carl Ericson


What is the best way to get IDX 3.0 with an existing template site? Is that something that can be done to my existing site or would it be better to look at a new template with the new IDX?


Morgan Carey

Hey Carl,

You need a framework upgrade in order to get the new IDX, which means a "new template install" but the version of template you currently have is actually available in the new framework, so you can keep all your features (quick search, etc) and just do an upgrade. You would not be buying a "new" template account however so technically you don't qualify for the 50% discount - just the 25% (but since you gave me a kick butt referral the other day and they are goign to buy - I am happy to cover the extra 25% - let me know if you are in and we can get you setup



Hi Mike,
The IDX 3.0 technology IS also available in an iframe - that is what you've seen as a low-cost option.
However, as you guessed, our INTEGRATED IDX (the snazzy spiderable one) is also now elevated to the 3.0 technology. It was launched (built-in) with LEC5, and it's been so popular that it makes sense to re-launch LEC's 2-4 with the new IDX built-in. This is now the only IDX solution we offer (available iframed or built-in).

"If someone wanted another custom spiderable, non frame IDX, is 3.0 what we are looking for, theone with all the cool polygon tools etc or are these2 different things?"

Yes, 3.0 is what you want, with all the new stuff. :)

Morgan Carey

Just to clarify iframe IDX and built in have a similar IU but are NOT the same - iframe (the cheap one)

Cannot be customized even with hours
Is not search engine spiderable (there are no SEO benefits whatsever)
Requires logging in at a separate location to manage leads vs website
Does not have snippet functionality

3.0 "built in" IDX has all those things and more, and is a far superior option but does require you have a real estate webmasters website (template, LEC or custom)


What are the "never before seen upgrades?" Also is there a promotion on just regular template websites?


Will the 3.0 work with my MLS

Jesse Grumdahl

What are the differences between the IDX I use on my LEC 3 and the IDX 3.0?


Hey Morgan,

Can you post a link to a summary of the 3.0 enhancements.



Morgan Carey

I will make a blog post tonight detailing the features of 3.0 and also the "new" 3.1 enhancements :)


Any chance a custom solution bid is forthcoming to my email?

Dave Greenwood

I would like to be the first to order the new LEC for Calgary. I will make a deposit right away and get started on building it. My current site with Ubertor is no longer working for me and I would like to move forward with your new LEC. Please contact me at your earliest convenience and I look forward to getting started. Cheers, Dave Greenwood - cell 403-560-3523

Morgan Carey

Here are some of the 3.0 and 3.1 enhancements I'll get with Mikey later this AM and put together any features I have missed.

Morgan Carey

Dave Greenwood, I am sorry but all LEC's (versions 2-5) have been sold in the Calgary market. This promotion is not announcing a "new LEC" just that the old ones now have a new option for IDX.

I would be happy to discuss the option of a fully loaded template, or a full custom with you - there are great deals on both currently, shall I call you?

Dave Greenwood

Yes please. I can be reached on my cell any time after 12:00 (mountain time) today. 403-560-3523. Thank you, Dave

Pete Deininger


Thanks for the email alerting me to this announcement. I am ready to proceed with the LEC5 that we recently discussed. Let me know what I need to do to begin.

Best regards,


Chris Ward

Great thinking to put the awesome updated search into the older LEC's. That was what had us so interested in LEC5 because the search is so great, better than most of what's out there.

I emailed you a question about add-ons, please consider it! We've been happy working with you guys so far and we're looking forward to going live.

Dallas Broker

Morgan, can you pm quote on adding custom spiderable idx to my site at Site is already hosted with REW and I'm subscribed to most recent IDX service offered. Any additional add on suggestions would be appreciated.




Is there any promotion on just your regular standard templates?


Hey everyone, I see that a lot of people are wondering what is different about the new IDX. Especially those of you who already have a hard-working site with IDX 2.x. "Is it worth the money to upgrade?" See this writeup I did, to help you decide.

Scott Branning

What is the difference between the new IDX and Old IDX?

The Koitz Group

Coach - e-mail coming your way. Long time!



Hi Morgan,

What does "Seo time" mean as far as the discount?



Hey Morgan,

By chance do you have an LEC 2 with the new IDX loaded in it yet? I'm just curious about how the updated IDX will look visually.

Morgan Carey

Centercity, can you email me morgan @ with your contact details and I can get you started. Alternatively, you can call us at 877-753-9893 and request an apt by speaking to Carrie Baker

andy oei

Hello Morgan,

I just emailed you to set up a time to discuss custom. Thank you, Andrew

Morgan Carey

We have decided that we need to make a couple of changes / additions to our current promotion based on popular demand

#1 - Template discount - for any new template order, a discount of 50% will be offered, so instead of $499 it will be $250 (or a savings of $250 whichever way you look at it)

#2 - The 50% CORE 3.0 IDX discount can apply to those with existing hosting accounts not just new ones (note older templates need a $250 upgrade to a new template either way if they want 3.0 as it does not work on the 2.5 or lower templates)

#3 - Deadline - these estimates are a little more involved than first anticipated, so I am going to move the deadline back 1 week, so this promotion will now end Friday, Oct 29th, 2010 - Also anyone still delayed because of "our side" needing to give them an estimate will NOT be penalized and be able to access the promotional pricing (even if the promo has expired) for 1 week after they have received their written estimate.


Hi Morgan, thanks for the update email. What would the price be for me to convert my existing site ( to the new 3.1? Our current year is expiring, I believe, in December so now would probably be a good time to work on this.


Hi Morgan,

I would like to order the slideshow manager...


Morgan Carey

Hello Jeff, I think it'd just be the $250 for the updated template framework and the $1250 for the updated IDX - so $1500 total? Your other "fixed price" modules would transfer over at no cost (like dropdowns, featured areas callouts etc)

Dallas Broker

Morgan, does template for need to be upgraded in order to add spiderable idx?

Thanks, Kenneth

Morgan Carey

Yes Kenneth it most certainly would - All of your content, and any "out-of-the-box" upgrades would come over with it. (and your leads etc) so same answer as for Jeff Above.

Morgan Carey

Erica - SEO time means time with some of our SEO production team members (Val, Tyler, Julie, Tracy, Jon, Lisa etc) - it is for non consulting time, so things like kw research, on page optimization (titles, meta data, writing of onpage SEO friendly copy, site architecture etc) it can also be used for setting up, optimizing social networking profiles, or even your REW site here at Real Estate Webmasters.

It does not include personal consulting, or access to my time.


Thanks Morgan, so what would be the total charge or does that include the next year of hosting?


What is the rate for SEO ?

Morgan Carey

Consulting (not on sale) is $500 USD per hour

SEO labor as mentioned above is normally $125 per hour, and discounted to $100 per hour during this promotion (or $90 per hour if you do a new custom site)

Our full service (we do everything) programming is $2500 per month, at which case, the labor becomes even less expensive.

Morgan Carey

Jeff your hosting schedule (and payments) aren't effected by this promotion (nor does any portion of your upgrade payment go towards future hosting) it's simply a discounted rate for the new IDX and template "setup" - you will be billed for hosting as you are now.

Indy Realtor

Hi Morgan , I will take a new template and IDX. Thanks.


Hi Wesley, yes, you would need to upgrade your template, in order to get IDX 3.1. Your only customization, I see, is the lightbox opening when users click on listing detail photos. So that'll be easy to estimate. This "upgrade" is a no-brainer for folks without a ton of customizations.

Carl Ericson

Thanks for the offer on the upgrade. Let me crunch some numbers and I will get back to you.



Sounds great, I just need to run it by my partner. Whats the price for the next year of hosting and IDX when its time to renew?

Morgan Carey

Hello Jeff,

Hosting fees have not changed for this upgrade - it is still $49.95 per month for hosting / CMS etc and $30 for IDX - combined is $79.95 per month, paid yearly is $959.40 USD

I am not sure when your renewal date is, you would need to email billing for that information.

Let me know if you have any other questions


Jeff Mikolajow

OK, let's proceed with this upgrade on

Do I choose one of the newer templates now?

Morgan Carey

Jeff (in Calgary) I have sent your info over to billing. As for picking a new template - they are all here: (pick from those on the main screen) - once that is done and payment is received - you will be invited to fill in the template selection form that is where you report what you want in the header etc.

Morgan Carey

BTW everyone - the team and I went over the "fixed cost" portion of the LEC upgrades, and it will be the same cost as for the templates. Going from old IDX to new will be $1250 USD. This covers content transfer, new IDX, snippet transfer, lead transfer and any fixed cost upgrades.

Anything "custom" that you want moved (like a custom color scheme, backend work etc) needs to be reimplemented and billable by the hour. (That is the part you need an estimate for)

If you don't know what features you have custom on your site, you can always ask at the work orders forum :)

Eric Badgley

I would be interested in a new IDX for my Custom if you guys can do it for 1250. I am not sure I am reading this right.

Could you send me a invoice for 1 Template with the the idx.

Morgan Carey

Eric - custom sites are far more costly to upgrade than templates or LEC's because "everything is custom" - so you have to pay a $1250 USD IDX license upgrade, but then basically you have to pay for all hours assiciated with basically re-implimenting all of your custom design onto the new framework. It could be 40-100 hours (obviously it doesn't cost as much as the original custom because the creative is arleady done) but it's still a major upgrade for a custom site.


"The new templates are beefed up with features as well right?"
There are performance upgrades, and the BACKEND has new features (the IDX builder, which obviously only applies if you have an integrated IDX, which you do.

"Also, since I will have to upgrade my template can I switch styles?"
I don't see why not. I recommend buying a few custom hours (discounted during the promo) to customize the design a bit.

Larry Jensen

Hey Morgan,

Can I get some design changes to my blog and also my print page on this promotion? Also looking for a Ask Us or Ask Now. similar to this:

Larry Jensen

Also forgot about the Craigslist tool you are working on. Is that available under this?

Morgan Carey

Larry the Craigslist tool isn't even built or priced yet, so no it won't apply to this promotion.

As for getting design changes to your blog, changes to your print pages etc - those are all just hours related items, so yes you can take advantage of this promo by prebuying as many hours as your budget allows. Each hour is given a $25 discount from normal labor cost.



I understand its alot of work switching it over and one of these days I will do it.

Can you put me down for a New Template and IDX. I will start it in the work orders forum.


Please send me an invoice for 60 hours of custom programming at the discount.

Thank You.

Mark Wallington


I`ll email you now if thats ok I`ve a few requests and questions.


Chris Zayid

Morgan, My name is Chris Zayid and my cousin is MARK Z. and he told me to get in touch with you. I have a home health care agency and I want to order one of your template websites for the half off promotion, how do I get started from here? Thanks my email address is and my phone number is 248-379-7489

Morgan Carey

Chris, I will send you an email with ordering instructions - in the meantime, feel free to check out our templates at - any on the main page can be selected for your use (note there are color pickers on each with lots of colors to choose from)

Emailing now


Larry Jensen

I am assuming I has the IDX 2.0 correct? How much to get the new IDX on the new site?

Morgan Carey

Yes Larry, you have 2.5

To upgrade the LEC 4 there is a "fixed cost" portion for the IDX, content transfer, lead transfer etc - that is $1250 USD one time.

If you have any customizations (such as custom colors etc) those are billed by the hour, I would allow 4 hours to have a custom color scheme transferred for instance. I don't think other than colors you have anything custom (I am not even sure your colors are custom - are they?) -

Anyways, $1250 plus custom hours if needed - would you like to order an upgrade?


Thanks Louis - just a note for whoever is sending these orders in: I already send Louis's order in (he posted here because he didn't know I was processing it for him).

Brian Talley

I'd like to order 5 hours of custom hours.

Morgan Carey

Just a reminder this promotion ends Tomorrow, Friday October 29th

For those of you upgrading to 3.1 for your LEC or waiting on estimates, as long as your estimate is received before the deadline you will not miss out on the promotion, due to a huge volume of requests our estimating team is quite backed up - so if the hold up is us, you don't loose your spot. One caveat - you must approve your estimate within 1 week in order to receive the promotional pricing.

Any "new" orders or estimate requests must be received by Friday at 4PM

Thank you everyone, it has been a great promotion and we appreciate all of your business.

Morgan Carey

Hello team from AZ - please put John Landry of on the list for upgrade estimates to 3.1


Jason Painter

Just to get my foot in the door before it closes...I'm working with Patrick and Aaron on getting quotes completely revamping my website with IDX3.1 and all goodies. So I will probably go ahead an prebuy 75 hours design/programming time + a bunch of upgrades as soon as they get back to me.

Franziska Smith

I would like to get an estimate for upgrading my lec 4 with a 3.1 idx. I would also like to know if the saved search email to client has been improved to only send an email with the new listings in the email. Currently the email the client receives shows old listings based on price order instead of the new listings the email was referring to. If not I may also need to purchase 5 hours of custom programming.

Thank you.

Geoff Antrum

I am interested and would like further information on your "Promotion on hours & Legacy LEC's now available with 3.0 IDX" plus any other promotions you have for real estate websites.

I would like to set up custom site or semi-custom site. Lets chat. I presently have a Redman site that I want to keep but want to create a new site with Webmasters.

Thenks Geoff Antrum CIR REALTY

Nancy Comenitz

Hi Morgan,

Nothing like the 11th hour. I would like the slideshow manager and the ability to turn it off for different pages. My credit card is on file.

Thank-you as alwaysn

Nancy Comenitz

Gary Ashton

can i get 5 hrs on the promo costs..talking to you tuesday M!

Bryan Guentner

Hi Carey,

I want to get a quote for the new IDX 3.0 integration into my existing lec 2 sites please... depending on cost I may do one of them or both. Also would like to get a separate quote on adding sold data to my site plus one hour billable time for a graphics change.

Shawn Culhane

I called your offices yesterday to speak with someone in sales about a new website. I may be interested in this offer, but would like to speak with some.


Sara MacLennan

Hello, I need a few hours of custom programming... I'd like to switch the buttons on the listing detail page so "request a showing" is the default and "ask about this property" is secondary on my a couple of other little things.


Tni LeBlanc

I don't remember signing up for this. Was this the webinar about blog posts? If so those sites looked great.

greg smith

How much to ad the update IDX to our site?

Greg Smith

quote to add the updated IDX



Just wondering what the specials are for customs sites.


Nancy Comenitz

Hi Morgan,

I sent you an email yeaterday but I do not see it in this blogpost. I asked for slideshow manger and the ability to turn it off on certain pages. My credit card is on file in the office.


Nancy Comenitz

Nancy Comenitz

Morgan on Friday I tried to send you two posts that I wanted to order the slideshow manager with the ability to to turn it off on certain pages. I said that my credit card was on file. For some reason my posts were not going through. I am trying it again through a different path and hope it works this time.

Thank-you in advance.

Nancy Comenitz

Newton and Brookline


I am going to address your estimate request with our estimators. I will respond via email.


Hi Franziska,

I'll send you an email with a response to your queries. Thanks for your patience!

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