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The new property valuation tool is now available! This tool allows a potential seller to find an estimated asking price for their home by searching comparable properties nearby.

The properties being searched are pulled directly from the IDX which means that the data being searched is up-to-date with the latest listings - providing an accurate estimate based on what's on today's market.

How it looks:

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Front-facing features:

Here is a brief description on how things work and the features available to visitors:

Search within a radius from your home and/or draw your own boundaries

  • Change the radius' distance by dragging the white dots on the edge of the green circle.
  • Move the position of the radius by dragging the white dot in the center of the green circle.
  • Radius not enough? Draw your own Polygon on the map to include more properties
  • The results will update automatically when shapes are updated or removed.

Change property condition to adjust your estimated price

  • 110% - Excellent: Well Maintained and upgraded and/or quality building materials.
  • 100% - Good: Well maintained and few/no evidence of deferred maintenance.
  • 95% - Average: Maintained, though typical wear and tear for age and neighborhood.
  • 90% - Fair: Lacks maintenance and/or needs minor repairs.
  • 85% - Poor: Major repairs needed.

View comparable properties found nearby your address

  • The 3 closest matches to the center-point are included on the page.
  • The total number of results is displayed and a link to view all results.

Automatically detect where your visitors are

  • When using the tool for the first time (without a location entered) - the visitor's location is requested using the geo-location API (if browser/device supported).
  • For desktop users, this is based on IP address and/or ISP (not precise). On mobile devices, accuracy is spot-on as it will use the device's GPS and/or Wifi access points.

Turn on forced registration to require contact details to refine estimate:

Behind-the-scene features:

This tool is configurable on a per-page basis allowing the form to be pre-populated, the CTA to be customized, forced registration - and more. Here's more details on how it all works:

Advanced configuration options

  • Control how this tool works on a per-page basis to test multiple configurations.
  • Pre-populate the selected location - and change the default property criteria.
  • Customize the call-to-action's heading, content, photo and button - or turn it off.
  • Prefer not to show the properties? No problem - that can be turned off too.
  • This tool can be included into any page using the #property-valuation# snippet.
  • Customize both the property assessment form and the registration form.

Know who want to sell their home - and where

  • Any lead (new or returning) that uses this tool (and fills out a form) will be automatically added to the "Seller" group. Additionally, we send the seller's address (along with the rest of their criteria) to the assigned agent.
  • When a visitor fills out the property valuation form, the message sent to the agent includes a link to the seller tool - filled out with the lead's home details.

Create dynamic URLs to share with your clients

  • The property valuation form can be pre-populated by adjusting the URL's query string.
    • Have a luxury home for sale?
      Single Family with 3 Beds, 2 Baths and 2,000 - 3,000 ft² in Lido Key, FL
    • Or maybe a beachfront condo?
      2 Bedroom Condo in Apollo Beach, FL (Average Condition)
The controls behind it all:

Want to know more about the Property Valuation Tool?

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Michael Griffiths
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REW Niki

This awesome, new tool will be available on our 4.3 platform. It's $50/month or if you prepay it's $500/year.

Some custom work will be required for implementation on existing sites, and if you're not already on 4.3, we can get you an estimate to get up upgraded as well as installation of the seller tool.

Post here if you're interested or give our sales team a call at 1-877-753-9893 for more information.

Buddy Blake

Please add to my site ASAP

REW Niki

Thanks, Buddy! I've ordered for you right now.

Preston Guyton

Please add this to our site!!! Thank you

Buddy Blake

on my property valuation for please keep i mind that we have also have IDX2 data that has real mls SOLDS so it should really make it even better :) any ETA on when it will up and running?

REW Niki

@ Preston: Thanks! I've ordered it for you.

@ Buddy: Thanks for the reminder, Buddy. I'll get Gerry to make sure we'll get it all up and running smoothly taking the sold data into consideration (the tool can do that! :-) )

No ETA yet, but I'll figure it out and send it your way.

Daniel Beer

Is there anywhere to see this live?


@Daniel: Yes - I've setup a few various demos here are the links:

Here are 2 live websites using this new tool:

Ben Ganje

Michael how does this work for condos? I have tried without much success-curious to get your thoughts

stuart neal

We are extremely interested in this tool especially if we can pay per month

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