Quadruple your ROI with the PPC + ISA winning strategy


successful realtorLet's talk about a one-two punch that's practically guaranteed to be a knock-out strategy for your real estate team, and can easily quadruple your ROI.

The first punch is PPC, or pay-per-click, a form of advertising where you essentially pay for ads that drive traffic to your site. PPC lets you target your ads by demographic or by search term, ultimately narrowing down all the visitors on the web down to the ones who would most likely buy or sell from you and then driving them to your website.

Couple PPC with a few simple best practices, like smart landing page design and forced registration, and you'll get more leads to your site. We've literally never seen a case where PPC didn't result in more leads.

So, you've got leads. Now what?

You gotta call them. Or, at the very least, somebody has to call them and they need to do it while the lead is still hot. But most real estate agents aren't going to call their leads fast enough, if at all, and this is where the second punch comes in: an inside sales agent (ISA).

The role of the inside sale agent is primarily to contact newly registered leads and scrub them for quality and interest. They should introduce themselves as a member of your team and ask a few key questions. If a lead is warm, they should document all points and notify the agent that is assigned that lead (you do assign your leads to your agents, right?!) of all the details.

The value of an inside sales agent is simple: real estate agents never have to call uninterested leads and can focus on relationship building and closing. Imagine if every single lead you contacted was actually interested in buying or selling a home with you. It's a game-changer!

Best of all, this method is tried and true. According to Mitch "the grandfather of lead conversion" Ribak, his brokerage Tropical Reality, has found that an average of 48% of raw real estate leads plan to buy or sell real estate within 3 months. That's a huge opportunity for any real estate agent who is willing to reach out a few times to convert those leads.

Let's break it down with some numbers

At the end of the day, is PPC and an ISA worth it? I know it is, but let's take a look at some stats from a presentation our CEO recently gave to help you decide for yourself.

After 12 months of our PPC services, the average REW client will have 600 to 1200 raw leads in their database. Results vary by budget and location, and exactly what these leads will do for your business depend on your follow-up actions, but here's a reality we've seen time and time again:

PPC Only

Conversion Rate

0.5 - 1%

Deals From 600 Leads

3 - 6

Revenue (Average GCI = $10,000)

$30,000 - $60,000


$6,000 - $24,000

Net Positive ROI

$6,000 - $54,000

Not bad. But when we add in our First Call Agent (FCA) ISA services and proper follow-up, those results become downright awesome:


Conversion Rate

1 - 3%

Deals From 600 Leads

6 - 18

Revenue (Average GCI = $10,000)

$60,000 - $180,000


$13,500 - $31,500

Net Positive ROI

$28,500 - $166,500

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you're practically guaranteed to make a profit off your website if you combine PPC with FCA. It's a winning strategy that most real estate agents don't even know about—but now you do.


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