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Smart List Your Leads 

Are you tired of sifting through a never-ending list of leads and struggling to keep track of your interactions with them?

Real Estate Webmasters' Smart Lists feature is here to rescue you from the chaos and help you organize your leads in a way that suits your workflow.

Laptop showing REW's CRM and Smart List features

Smart Lists = Smart Lead Management

What are Smart Lists, you ask?

Simply put, Smart Lists are a lead management system built into Real Estate Webmasters’ CRM that allows you to group your leads based on criteria that matter to you.

Want to see only the leads that have been contacted recently? Done.

Need to find all the leads that are looking for a specific type of property? No problem.

With Smart Lists, you can filter your leads based on their source, contact status, lead age, agent assignment, and more.

Smart List CRM feature showing list names and filter options

Efficient Interface & Powerful Search

The Smart List user interface includes an intuitive and easy-to-read sidebar that displays all your saved lists and the number of leads that match each filter.

You can easily manage your lists, sort them, and delete them as needed.

And with drag-and-drop control, you can arrange your lists in any order you prefer.

Here are some of the benefits of using Smart Lists in your real estate business:

  • Improved workflow: With Smart Lists, you can quickly access the leads that matter most to you and avoid wasting time on unimportant ones.
  • Customizable organization: You can create Smart Lists based on your preferred criteria and toggle between them as needed.
  • Enhanced lead tracking: Smart Lists help you keep track of your interactions with leads and avoid missing important follow-ups.  
  • Time-saving: By organizing your leads with Smart Lists, you can save time and focus on what matters most in your business.

And combined with REW’s Adoption Engine for flawless lead follow up, you'll have a real estate lead management system that can’t be beat.

Picking up little figures (representing leads) with a magnet

So say goodbye to the hassle of managing endless leads and hello to the ease and convenience of Smart Lists.

Schedule a demo with Real Estate Webmasters today and start enjoying the benefits of fast efficient management for your real estate leads.

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