Real Estate Webmasters Announces One Million Dollar Giveaway with new Partner Program!


In October, I teased an announcement on my social that Real Estate Webmasters (REW) would be launching a new partner program and that to celebrate this launch, we would be giving away $1,000,000 USD cash in double partner payouts to the first 10 partners to reach 20 referrals during our giveaway contest. 

That’s right! One Million Dollars!

We have now decided on a timeframe for this contest. We will be running it from November 1st, 2018 until Inman New York, January 29th, 2019 where we will announce the winners of the double prize payouts and present cheques for $100,000 USD to 10 lucky partners. 

Even if you aren’t one of the 10, just for participating in the program you will get paid up to $2,500 USD per referral, or if you’re an REW customer receive up to $4,000 USD in retail credits on account. This program is CRAZY good!  

Setting the program (and your referrals) up for success!

In contemplating this program we realized that volume could be a problem (I mean how could it not be! We provide the best websites for Realtors on the planet!)

This is going to mean that client onboarding is going to be challenge when (not if) this thing takes off. And so I had a thought, an idea, an epiphany! 

Since our partners want their referrals to have an amazing onboarding experience (so that they have satisfied referrals) it is incumbent on them to help provide the support & guidance that their referrals will need to be successful. Based on this notion, we are going to ask our partners to help.  

What does this mean? Well let’s take a quick trip into REW history.

When I started REW in April of 2004, I had already been a founding member of many boards and communities (such as SEO Guy, SEO Chat, etc.), so I had a lot of experience building awesome communities of members with a common goal who loved to share ideas and help others. They understood the flywheel effect and how it clearly benefited all parties involved. 

By 2006, REW was the largest online community resource for Realtors on the planet. We had over 50,000 members and it was THE PLACE to go for real estate marketing and technology advice.

Sure, we staffed it with experts and made sure no member went without response, but I tell you what, we often didn’t have to do a thing! We had such amazing members they would always get to the questions before we even could! It was great! Truly the pinnacle of collaboration for real estate marketers and technologist. (If you remember this, feel free to share your favourite story or memory in the comments below or on social, I’d love to hear from you). 

So my idea is this: Bring back the community! Members helping members, partners helping partners.

I thought about re-creating a new offsite board for this like in the old days, however let’s be honest, the reason the boards (all boards) died in the beginning of this decade was the rise of social. People like being on social media platforms, and with Realtors—specifically when it comes to collaboration— Facebook is their platform of choice.

So what I’m going to ask all our partners to do is join the REW Facebook group, and help ignite that spirit of community, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Come join us and the thousands of members (staff, customers and partners) who are already a part of our amazing group and as a new “partner” help make our new customers (your referrals) have the best onboarding experience possible so that they can see the success that you have seen, and will provide references and referrals to you to keep your referral business going too! 

This time, it’s different!

Back home at REW Campus, we have drawn a line in the sand. We know that while our products and services are amazing, not every customer is as tech savvy as some of our DIY genius customers or have the huge budgets of our large enterprise or celebrity clients. There is a huge group in the middle that want a great site that is properly setup, and follows best practices, but they have neither the time, inclination or budget to get it done right. 

To address this, REW has introduced a brand new Concierge program and it’s FREE to all incoming Real Estate Webmasters customers for their first 60 days of on boarding. 

The Concierge program was piloted by our sales director Tim Collins. He called his new group “Customer Success Managers” (CSMs for short) and he went about creating a program where there is a much higher touch for new and upgrading customers.

The program was a massive improvement over the past process (where customers reached out to customer support in a reactive way with questions, this way was “proactive” and provided for a far more engaging experience). 

But there was still a problem - the CSMs were there as “teachers”. It was great for those who wanted to learn, they set up scheduled calls, did demo’s, walk throughs, helped when they were stuck etc but there were still bits and pieces the customer needed to do. Again this was GREAT for the DIY customer who actually wanted to learn, but what about that group who just says “listen, I know it will be awesome, but I don’t have time, can’t you just do it for me?” 

We thought about it, and you know what? We actually can! And why wouldn’t we! We want you live, and we want you benefitting from the product as soon as possible, so yeah, I’ll write that cheque! I can make that happen! And thus the Concierge program was born. 

Now, I do want to say here that what we’re talking about is "out-of-the-box" REW products and services. Not to be confused with our high-end custom professional services agency. CSMs are not designers or programmers, they are not SEOs or writers.

So you can’t get free custom work out of them. That, customers still need to pay for (of course). But when it comes to the setting up of your out-of-the-box REW platform so that you can take your site live as fast as possible.

That is what CSMs are here for. They will take your place (the customer's place) and they will do the work that the customers used to have to. 

This sounds awesome, so why do you need partner help? You have CSMs!

It’s true we do! But remember what I said about "when" not "if" we blow this thing up. We’ll hire as many CSMs as makes business sense in order to accommodate scale, but hiring amazing folks and training them takes time, and so for the periods between departmental growth, we could sure use some help to make sure no new customer is left behind. 

Also, at REW we REALLY care about work-life balance. As such, we want to ensure our CSMs are not working 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Just like many of us, they have families, or are going to school (maybe working towards a computer science degree so they can join REW R&D one day) they all have their stories and they are amazing! So we do let them go home evenings and weekends when it’s slow :) 

That doesn’t mean the questions stop though. Our customers are fired up and engaged! They are often on the boards evenings and weekends. I know because I personally make it my mission to make sure every customer on our boards is engaged with and has an answer as fast as possible—no matter what the day or time is.

But I could use some help too! If you’re there once in a while (only if you’re up, and on the boards anyways), it would really help me personally with my own work-life balance. It means I would have more time to focus on my favourite part of my internal job at REW, building new and amazing products with our products team for ALL our customers to enjoy! 

The point I’m trying to make by now is likely obvious. If everyone helps out (even just a little), then we will have a much greater community with far more satisfied customers and a much better result. 

And of course, the other thing that’s different this time around? We’re inviting you to share in our business success!

We are paying you up to 50% of the revenue per sale as our valued partner on the setup fee of these amazing websites. Our goal is to increase our membership by 3,000 users, that’s $7,500,000 USD in payouts we’ve allocated to our partners over the next 36 months.

REW is already the most successful custom website platform in our industry (and by a large margin) but now is the right time (as the market starts to shift) to accelerate our base and double down on R&D and new features for our amazing customers. I’d really like you to join us.  

Who is right for this program:

Customers: The most important group of all! 

Many of our customers are absolute wizards when it comes to the REW platform and have a tonne of experience in content development, SEO, and conversion. This makes them natural product mentors and places them in a unique position to help our newly joined Realtors see the most value from their REW platform. 

The great thing about our customers as partners? They are ALREADY helping, and they are doing it for free!

Now with the launch of our partner program, we have an amazing way to recognize these amazing, helpful customers in a way that further extends their abilities to leverage our products and services for their business and explore awesome new implementations that will benefit their lead generation, recruiting, retention, and enhance their brand.  

During this launch, customers will be granted up to $4,000 USD in retail credits PER REFERRAL! These credits can be used for any non SAAS based product or for retainer hours at Real Estate Webmasters. 

We’re so excited to be able to offer such a compelling reward to show how much we appreciate the REW customers who ALREADY refer us business and help onboard our new customers every day. 

Non-competing service providers to Realtors: 

If you are a non-service partner/provider for Realtors, then you could be an amazing fit for REW’s partner program. Are you a real estate blogger? How about a VA or an ISA? Maybe you are even an internal resource to a brokerage like a head of technology? Anyone who has access to and relationships with Realtors already is a great choice.  

I want to be upfront on this one. We require a non compete in the Real Estate Website / CRM space. We are going to be teaching you our secret sauce, so hopefully you can understand that the last thing we want to is create our next competitor. 

Coaches are especially an absolute natural for this program! In fact for ALL partners who are also service providers to Realtors, there is an additional benefit in that they can showcase their success to the massive REW audience (over 50,000 paid users) through approved channels (we might want to sell / promote your services for 50% if they are awesome too)!

Realtors who are NOT customers (yet)! 

What better way to learn about REW and our benefits than to get the inside track! As an REW partner, you will get firsthand training and unheard of access to our teams, roadmap, events, and best practices. 

And if you decide to go for credits? You can have your own REW platform and services (other than SAAS) pretty much FREE! Just use your partner credits! 

Finally let’s look at the math:

REW is not for everyone. Our websites retail at $5,000 USD setup and are $499 USD minimum per month. So it’s important to know, we are only targeting folks who not only have this kind of budget, but that are focused on ROI and having the best platform, not the lowest price point. 

The program pays out 50% of the setup fee for every customer that signs up for a 36 month contract. That is up to $2,500 USD per sale!

Here is what you’d get paid (in cash or in REW retail Credits) per year if you signed: 

1 per month: $30,000 USD cash or $48,000 in customer credits

2 per month: $60,000 USD cash or $96,000 in customer credits

4 per month: $120,000 USD cash or $192,000 in customer credits

5 per month: $150,000 USD cash or $240,000 in customer credits

10  per month: $300,000 USD cash or $480,000 in customer credits

I think we can confidently say that this is THE MOST lucrative partner program in ALL of real estate and perhaps in the entire website industry as a whole. 

There are of course Ts and Cs, but if you are serious about joining this program, then I would love to hear from you! Please hit me up on my personal Facebook and I will happily answer any questions you may have. 

Together, let’s make 2019 the “Year Of The Customer” and ensure that Real Estate Webmasters customers are the ones to grab market share and dominate in this changing landscape! 

I look forward to hearing from you



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