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Another Fantastic NAR Event

Our team (Morgan, Jeff, Nabil) have just returned from NAR NXT 2023 from Anaheim, California - we're going to recap our experience through the eyes from Jeff Pady, Real Estate Webmasters' Sales Manager. We'll explore the event's highlights, industry insights, and the invaluable insights learned. Jeff's perspective adds a special flavor to our recap, offering a blend of professional insights and commentary.

Nabil Meghji, and Jeff Paddy at the Real Estate Webmasters booth at NAR NXT, Anaheim 2023.

Overview of NAR NXT Anaheim

Diving into NAR NXT in Anaheim, it's clear that this event is more than a simple gathering. NAR offered a unique blend of leadership development and industry insights. It gave attendees a glimpse into what the future of real estate is potentially going to look like. The focus was on building a legacy and taking the next steps in leadership, a theme that resonated throughout the event.

The final session of the leadership academy was particularly noteworthy. It emphasized personal goals and success definitions, urging participants to critically analyze their future roles within the association. Fundamentally, this was an interactive experience, pushing Realtors® to think about their next steps and how they fit into the broader picture of NAR's vision for leadership.


  • NAR NXT Anaheim: A blend of leadership development and industry insights.
  • Emphasis on personal growth and defining individual success in real estate.
  • Interactive sessions encouraged critical thinking about future roles in the industry.

Networking & Industry Insights

The RIS Media Power Brokers dinner was a highlight, offering a fantastic opportunity for networking. It gave Jeff an opportunity to mingle with a diverse group, from agents to brokerage teams, sparking engaging conversations. These interactions went beyond surface level - they were deep dives into the current state of real estate, especially in light of the ongoing FUB/Zillow situation. It's these connections that often lead to the most profound insights and future collaborations.

What stood out was Jeff's ability to connect with people interested in what Real Estate Webmasters does, particularly in the current real estate landscape. These deep conversations gave us the opportunity to understand the industry's pulse, and what agents and brokers are looking for. The discussions ranged from the impact of current events in real estate to strategies for future growth, showcasing the event's role as a crucible for thought leadership and industry advancement.


  • RIS Media Power Brokers dinner was a networking goldmine.
  • Engaging discussions on current real estate issues and company interests.
  • Networking led to valuable insights and potential future collaborations.

Real Estate Webmasters CEO, Morgan Carey on stage delivering toast remarks at the RIS Media Power Broker dinner.

Current Trends & Future Predictions

The real estate industry is at a crossroads, and the NAR NXT event was buzzing with discussions about it. The Zillow/FUB situation was a hot topic, with many seeking alternatives to Zillow-attached CRM systems (REW CRM is a fantastic candidate). This reflects a broader industry trend where professionals are actively seeking new tools and strategies to stay ahead. It's a dynamic time in real estate, and staying informed is key to navigating these challenges.

Looking ahead, the industry's trajectory seems to hinge on several factors, including ongoing lawsuits (specifically Michael Ketchmark) and fluctuating interest rates. These elements are expected to significantly influence real estate dynamics in the short and long term. Jeff's insights suggest a period of rapid change and adaptation for real estate professionals. Preparing for these shifts is not just advisable, it's actually going to be essential for anyone looking to thrive in the upcoming 24 months and beyond.


  • Zillow/FUB is a major topic of discussion and concern.
  • Industry at a crossroads with lawsuits and interest rate changes.
  • Need for adaptation and preparation in the face of rapid industry changes.

Strategies for Success 

In a market that's as fluid as real estate, clarity in agent payment and representation is crucial. Jeff noted a sense of apprehension regarding the balance of power between listing agents and buyer representation. This underscores the need for clear communication and well-defined strategies. As the industry evolves, so must the approaches to meet these fundamental aspects of real estate transactions.

Another key takeaway is the importance of positioning oneself advantageously in a shifting market. With many leaving the real estate space, opportunities are ripe for those ready to step up. It's about capitalizing on the current industry circumstances to gain traction and secure a better position when the market rebounds. This proactive approach goes beyond surviving through changes, and ultimately thriving in them.


  • Emphasis on clear communication in agent payment and representation.
  • Opportunities for those ready to step up in a changing market.
  • Proactive strategies are key to thriving in the evolving real estate landscape.

The Value of Participation

Essentially, attending NAR NXT is about gaining the insights needed for the next steps in one's real estate career. This event fosters peer communication, learning, and inspiration, which are invaluable in the real estate industry. It's a platform that offers a deeper understanding of the industry's direction and the tools necessary for success.

Beyond the immediate benefits, Jeff emphasized the long-term impact of attending events like NAR NXT. He noted how such experiences shape one's approach to the real estate business, fostering a mindset geared towards innovation and adaptability. Ultimately go past what you learn at the event, but how you apply it in the real world. Jeff's own experiences are a testament to the transformative power of these gatherings, inspiring attendees to think bigger and act bolder in their real estate careers.


  • NAR NXT is a step towards an informed career progression.
  • Further, it fosters learning, inspiration, and deep industry understanding.
  • An essential event for personal and professional growth.


As we wrap up our experience with NAR NXT 2023, it's clear that attending this event is invaluable. It'll provide an opportunity to network, but also to gain critical industry insights and a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Jeff's experiences and takeaways underscore the event's value, making it an unmissable experience for those looking to be intertwined with the real estate world.


What is NAR NXT, the REALTOR® Experience?

It's an event hosted by the National Association of Realtors® focusing on leadership, industry trends, and networking in real estate.

Who should attend NAR NXT?

Real estate professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills, network with peers, and stay updated on industry trends and challenges.

What were the main topics discussed at the event?

Key topics included the future of real estate, the Zillow/FUB situation, strategies for market changes, and the importance of clear agent representation.

How does NAR NXT benefit real estate professionals?

It offers networking opportunities, insights into industry trends, and strategies for adapting to market changes, fostering both personal and professional growth.

Would Jeff Pady recommend attending NAR NXT to other industry professionals?

Absolutely, Jeff recommends it for its networking opportunities, the chance to gain valuable industry insights, and the inspiration it offers for future strategies.

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