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We will not lose a bid to a major competitor on price. That is the Real Estate Webmasters' commitment during this promotion.

Realtors, team leaders, and brokers choose their real estate technology based on 3 main factors.

  1. Quality of the product
  2. Customer Service
  3. Price / Cost

Today I am excited to announce a new initiative at Real Estate Webmasters designed to eliminate the price conversation.

REW will beat any major competitors' price by 10% - Simple!

We recognize that in today’s market, there is a lot of price sensitivity. Sales volume is down from the highs of 2021-2022 and many brokerages are worried about the cost implications of potential buyer commission changes and lawsuits. So addressing the market's biggest concerns to gain market share just makes sense.

Real Estate Webmasters is #1 in product quality

Our Renaissance platform is world-class. It is quite simply the best real estate website on the planet. Beautiful websites with exceptional conversion are what we’re known for. In addition, our websites are the most SEO-friendly, ADA-compliant, and performant websites on the market.

This is not just our opinion: You can test our platform using third-party validation tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights (the defacto standard for testing performance).

(Screenshot of Google Page Speed Report) 

Customer success is a CORE value

The third factor to consider is customer service/support. At Real Estate Webmasters customer success is one of our 3 core values (along with innovation and ABA < Always being awesome). Central to the theme of customer success is supporting our customers. We have online discussion groups, REW Academy with video galleries, 7 days per week ticketing systems, dedicated account managers and we even run customer-centric events such as REW Summit (the next one is in Nashville on June 20th and 21st).

Let’s have a conversation and save you some money.

If you could have the best product on the market AND you were guaranteed to reduce your cost vs one of our competitors, is it not worth at least having a conversation about what it is that Real Estate Webmasters can do for you?

Who do you consider major competitors? (Who will you price match+ 10%)

We’ve compiled a list of other platforms that we consider to offer similar categories of services and are at scale. These services refer to websites, IDX, and CRM.

Here is the list of competitors that quality for the offer:

  • Inside Real Estate / KV Core
  • Boomtown
  • Commissions Inc
  • Moxiworks
  • Lofty / (Previous Chime)
  • Sierra Interactive
  • Tribus
  • Delta Media Group
  • Union Street Media* + third party CRM
  • IDC Global
  • Lone Wolf
  • Constellation 1 (enterprise only, no roll up companies)

If you are currently with any of these companies and are considering making a change (wanting to reduce costs or improve product quality/service experience) we will beat your current pricing by 10% for website SAAS, IDX & CRM.

What about combo platforms? Website + separate CRM

Our real estate CRM is also world-class and there is a short list of CRMs we would consider worthy competitors in the space. We will also do the same price match offer (beat it by 10%) where you are using the combination of these CRMs + at-scale website / IDX vendors.

Here is the shortlist we will price match:

  • Follow Up Boss (FUB) + any website vendor (for example YLOPO + FUB).
  • Lofty + any website vendor (for example Curaytor)
  • Cloze CRM + Any website vendor (for example Union Street Media + Cloze)

There are many disadvantages to having your website and CRM separated (especially around listing tracking, IDX recommendations, saved searches, etc) and often the cost of a “combo” is significantly more than an all-in-one. In some cases, (like FUB) the platforms are also owned by third parties (In this case Zillow) which can mean the future direction of the product may change based on the new owners' intentions of the platform.

And let’s face it, some folks simply don’t want to be associated with certain large portal brands or have their CRM owned by a VC or other large aggregator.

How does the offer work? How do you validate?

Offer must be like for like. Meaning you must give us “at least” what you are giving them business-wise. For example, if you get x discount because you have committed y seats, you must give us the same guaranteed number of seats.

Comparable platform: You have to be using “at least” website, IDX and CRM (or the combo pack mentioned above). We won’t price match if you’re only using a website for instance as it’s not comparable to our offering.

Similar products (with differences): All of the vendors listed and/or the combo pack represent a similar product set with similar features. However, each vendor does have differences and unique features. We believe Real Estate Webmasters is the most complete and highest quality offering, however, this offer does not guarantee a feature-by-feature match. Some elements and especially UI’s will vary from platform to platform.

Verification: To qualify for the discount, you must provide proof of current pricing which means providing a copy of your current contract and most recently paid invoices.

Afraid of commitment?

One last thing: Typically Real Estate Webmasters is a 36-month contract. If you are concerned about any part of our service not meeting your expectations (or just making a long-term commitment right now) I’ll add one more incentive. A 6 month out!

Here’s how that would work. Your contract term can be “as low as” 6 months and any time during that 6 months if we’re not meeting your expectations in any way, you can simply cancel the contract with 30 days' notice. Sound fair?

Now you may “want” to lock in this discount for more than 6 months (outside of the contract, you just pay retail), and that is fine too! So if you already know you want to be with REW long term, you can lock in this never before offered pricing for up to 36 months.

So you have both options: Low commitment with an out, or long term lock in if you know this is the direction you want to go and you want to keep the discount for an extended period of time.

Up to you! The point we’re trying to demonstrate here is that we are both extremely confident in our product and services but also quite flexible in terms of working with you to make sure you are comfortable and can move forward.

Need custom work? Save up to 35% By Attending REW Summit

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! REW is also the world's largest custom design and engineering shop (by a factor of like 10x). Many customers also want to use our platform because they can access the kind of custom services no other vendor offers. 

As an additional incentive/bonus we are offering a 15% discount on all professional services purchased during this promo AND if you purchase a ticket to REW Summit (and actually attend) you can claim an additional 20% credit on those same professional services, totally 35% total discount on custom work or SEO. 

How's that for a great offer? 


Are you ready to save money AND get a better platform?

Fill out any contact form on or reach out to myself or any other account manager and we’d be happy to set you up with a demo and talk numbers.

Let’s do this! (Just fill out the form) 

Please provide a valid email address.


10% Price Match FAQ

How can Real Estate Webmasters afford to do this??

Real Estate Webmasters is the most successful privately owned prop tech company in history (we recently just celebrated over 20 years in the business. We are very well run and have been saving up our profits (by significantly reducing advertising spend) in order to prepare for exactly this moment. It's time to grab market share!

What if I have an offer for a "new" contract from one of those vendors?

That is not technically covered by this promo but we're happy to take a look at it and see if we can price match. We love to compete!

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