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Real Estate Webmasters To Pay For Appointments and Guarantee Results 

Real Estate Webmasters business is not unlike a Realtors® business in some respects.

I wanted to start my blog post this way because this article is really about partnership (partnership with our customers). In order for us to be great partners, I think it's important that we really know and understand each other. So here it goes. 

Morgan Carey talks commissions

(Pictured Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters Inc) 

Our deal size is similar:  We charge $500+ per month for a platform ($6k per year) and our deals range from 12-36 months which is $6,000-$18,000 gross revenue per deal. The average commission in real estate is right in this range.

We have similar marketing costs (CPL / CPA):  We invest heavily in SEO ($300k+ per year), PPC ($120k+ per year), sponsorships, and a full complement of marketing and marketing support teams. (Videography, Photography, writers, head of marketing, etc) This is inline with what many of our top brokerage customers have shared with us. 

We have a team of AE's (Account Executives):  These are our "agents". There is a slight difference here in that we pay our people a base + significant benefits on top of a commission for sales. But overall, if an "AE" is consistently performing to target, we want them to be 6 figure income earners who can enjoy a great work/life balance. Again, not unlike what our brokers want for our agents. 

It's quite similar right?  (if you think about it)... and there is another place where Real Estate Webmasters and the real estate industry are similar.....  and this is the point I'm trying to get to. 

Our market has shifted: Just like the Real Estate Industry. "Inventory" is low. (There are far fewer agents, teams, and brokers in the market overall, and that number is shrinking every day. Those that are still "in real estate" (similar to sellers) are gun-shy due to changing market conditions. The deals (sellers in your market, and Realtors® in ours) are still out there, but finding them, and getting to them takes creativity and a willingness to change tactics. 

And just like sellers have an amazing opportunity "right now" due to the fact that competition is low and demand is high for their properties... Realtors® (team leaders and brokers) have that same opportunity. 

Right now, all the Realtors® are ducking and covering (waiting things out).... it's the perfect time to GRAB MARKET SHARE! 

But Realtors are scared.. we get it! (What if it doesn't work?) 

That's where our 100% money-back guarantee comes into play. 

The way it works is simple: If a Realtor® signs up for a website, CRM, and lead gen ($500-$1,000 per month through PPC) we'll guarantee that the platform (plus the marketing fees) pays for themselves. 

You will NOT lose money. And in fact, the platform AND the marketing will NOT cost you anything.

It will make you money and gain you market share!

If it doesn't, Real Estate Webmasters will refund our entire platform fee and marketing/management fees. 

Your website, CRM, support, and PPC management... all free! (If it doesn't pay for itself). 

That's our guarantee. That's my personal promise. 

Obviously, you do have to commit to working the leads and logging the deals via the CRM (you can't expect deals to come if you don't work leads), but we'll show you exactly how to do that and as long as you do what we show you, the guarantee is yours. 

What do we get in return? 

A 36-month contract. (But you can cancel after 12, and get your money back if it doesn't work). 

The premise is simple: We're offering a deal so risk-free, that no other company would dare come close. We're putting our money and reputation on the line and we are completely derisking your purchase. We're that confident! 

In return, we want a commitment from our customers. If it does work the way we say, we want a 36-month contract. (We're taking all the risk!) 

An offer to partner with our real estate clients: 

Remember what I said about getting creative? Adjusting to the market? Well, I've had an idea...

It starts with what "we" want (this is a marketing conversation, start with the outcome), and that is we want clients. 

But what does it take to get a client? An appointment! (We need to meet Realtors® and demo our epic product). 

With a money-back guarantee and the best product in the space, if we can just get in front of them, we know the product will sell itself. 

So what do our customers want right now? 

Well, that's easy (because they tell us). Either help us get more deals or help us reduce costs. 

So that's exactly what I'm going to do. If you help us with introductions, we'll increase your lead generation (more deals) or reduce your bill. 

And not by just a little bit. If you introduce us to a Realtor® who is not in our pipeline, and they are willing to sit for just a 30-minute demo, we'll pay you (cash) $100 USD. Per introduction! 

So if reducing your bill is what you're after - every introduction reduces your $500 bill by 20% (5 intros and your SAAS is free). 

How's that for helping you cut costs? It doesn't have to end in a closing, they just have to show up (and obviously be a Realtor® capable of purchasing our services). 

Alternatively, it's cash (cash you didn't have yesterday) - have us re-invest it into your PPC or SEO strategy for you. At Real Estate Webmasters that $100 will become $500 over time. 

We'll give you the message to share, we'll take care of all the work, all you have to do is make the introduction. 

Sound fair? 

And again, since we have the money-back guarantee, as long as your referral is willing to work the leads and log the deals in the CRM, there is ZERO risk! 

So how about it? Ready to decrease your bill (or increase your leads) just by recommending a service you already use and love? 

A service you know works!

I'm personally running this campaign for August, so hit me up for more details! 

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