Recent AdWords Quality Score Drops? Google Statement Here


Have you noticed a recent drop in your AdWords quality scores in the last couple of days? We have too! After receiving reports from the REW PPC team that their accounts' Quality Scores declined significantly overnight, I decided to find out what the problem is by going straight to the source: Google.

Real Estate Webmasters has received confirmation from Google that these quality score drops are a temporary bug in the system. From Google (8.44am PST):

"We're aware of a bug that is affecting quality score reporting and are actively working to fix this. Rest assured, the bug affects reporting only, not ad serving. We're currently rolling out fixes and expect all accounts to see normal reporting by tomorrow."

Based on this statement, we can all breathe a sigh of relief! Since this bug only affects reporting, the actual Ad Rank should remain the same. Bottom line-- your ads should not be affected, from positioning to cost per click.

*Update: March 31st-- Google confirmed that the Quality Score issue has now been fixed.

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Anne Fortin

Marketing & PPC Team Lead
Real Estate Webmasters


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