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FIrst of all, I want to thank all of the agents who attended training last week at the Bellingham office, it was great to meet with you all, and we really enjoyed our time there.

After we left, I have had many inquiries about REW templates, custom sites and built in VS iframed IDX's. Ryland and I got together and came up with some very special pricing for those of you wanting to up your game with regards to having a better looking more search engine friendly website and full IDX integration - so without further ado here is your pricing:

REW Templates: (With iframed IDX)
$499 USD setup, $360 USD per year hosting - This is a $241 savings vs our standard $740 setup fee, and a $480 savings on yearly hosting.

Built in IDX (Not iframed)
This has huge advantages over the iframe as instead of having to be referenced back to the site your customers stay on your website and your leads tie directly into your own hosted lead manager as opposed to the corporate site. By choosing this option you will also be able to make use of our proprietary snippet technology which allows you to pull listings directly from the IDX into your content pages which is a great boost to your conversion and usibility. You can see an example of snippets being used at Eric Badgley's custom site on his Bellingham page. (Note this is a custom design, not a template)

Having a built in IDX requires that you use either an REW template or custom REW site, we cannot build in our IDX into third party hosted websites.

Yearly hosting for built in IDX / website combined is $480 USD per year. Setup for Built In IDX $999.00 USD + the cost of a template or custom site.


Custom site with built in IDX
The best deal of all. REW Custom sites are a minimum of $5000 USD and include 50 hours design time, additional hours are billed at our rate of $100 USD per hour.

RE/MAX Whatcom agent cost - $5000 including built in IDX hourly overage billed at $95 USD

Please keep in mind, 50 hours is the starting point  for custom design, but every customer has different ideas as to what they want in their site, and custom design can and does often go over the 50 hour mark, in fact typical agent customers run in the 70-80 hour range for custom sites from REW with the very complex being 100 hours +

Also be aware that you must have the identical built in IDX that (As per NWMLS guidelines) and if this design is changed by the broker at a later date, it will require that your built in IDX is changed to match (And this is billable)

From the presentation (Clarification)

If you choose the iframe only option for IDX we provide an iframable IDX link that your website provider (Not REW) can iframe for you. I have spoken to Lori and Janice, and based on feedback about the width of the IDX for iframing, they approved a redesign of the side portion so that those options are now on top of the IDX as opposed to off to the side. I just want to say that Lori / Janice have been great with this stuff, they communicate everything you guys submit and are more than willing to step up to the plate and make the changes required (On their dime) to give you guys what you need. You are very lucky to have the kind of management team you have there.

Example iFrame IDX - Cost: $120 USD per year + setup.

So to summarize

REW Template with iframed IDX - $499 USD setup, $360 USD per year hosting. Savings $241 on setup, $480 savings on hosting.

Built in IDX (No iframes) - $999 setup for IDX $499 setup for REW Template $480 USD per year hosting. Total $1978 USD - Savings of $2102 USD

Custom Site: $5000 USD (Includes built in IDX with no setup fee and 50 hours design) -  Savings of $2860 USD you also save an additional 5% on hourly billing above and beyond the 50 hours of design for overage.







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Morgan Carey

Kevin, before I answer the question, you will want to increase the height of your iframe code so that you don't have your users scrolling. Now - if you have an REW website with an iframe IDX, they never leave your site. Try it out for yourself :)

Morgan Carey

Also a clarification for other subscribers, many of you who have our standard CC auth form are circling monthly billing however due to the very low cost and nature of our contract with RE/MAX Whatcom, there are no monthly billing options for IDX / Websites. Please refer to this blog post for "yearly" costs, or the custom legend provided to you on your forms. You must confirm with billing that you are in fact approving yearly charges, not monthly charges if we are to process your forms. Thanks

Morgan Carey

Btw Kevin I just tried to call you, I tried in IE and FF and your iframe is working correctly in both browsers, it does not at any time change to the URL


Kevin it does take you to the nwhomes but it also keeps all your contact info & it is a pop-up. Morgan on another note why are the NWMLS & RE/MAX logos looking so funky and stretched? Did you notice that this morning?


Yes you right Kevin but it does identify you on the nwhomes map site - what I mean is your contact info stays with the search and it is also a pop-up. Morgan on another note what is up with the funky looking NWMLS & RE/MAX balloon logos on the map search page?

Morgan Carey

Ah hah! And it isn't even the search by map link, it's not until you hit details :) - That is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed, off to report it to Jesse right now.

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