Reputation Management Contest - help a fellow Realtor not be a playboy mom


Imagine you shared a name with Tiger Woods's wife, or Heidi Fleiss's father and were trying to make a name for yourself online as a professional Realtor and responsible digital citizen. Potential clients Google you after meeting you and end up with pages and pages of scandalous references to something your famous relative had done. This is what is happening to our client and friend Carolyn Capalbo, and we want to help her. Read on, fellow bloggers, read on (it's going to be a wicked fun contest with great prizes too!).

Message from Carolyn

My name is Carolyn Capalbo, and I'm a REALTORĀ® in Northern Virginia. Google my name and you'll find photos of a bikini-clad Carolyn Capalbo, and articles about the Eliot Spitzer sex scandal. You can read my blog post for full details, but here's the gist:

In 2008, Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign as governor of New York due to his taste in high-end escorts. The prostitute at the center of it all is Ashley Dupre, whose mother's name also happens to be Carolyn Capalbo. Reporters began bombarding me with phone calls asking about my daughter and the governor, and even acquaintances and business associates started questioning me about it. Now I hear that Ashley Dupre is on the May cover of Playboy, so I imagine that people will start calling me again soon.

Having to explain time and again that I'm not that Carolyn Capalbo is exhausting, and it's hurting my professional reputation as well. I want my name back!

Reputation Management Contest!

We want to help Carolyn improve her online reputation, and usurp the other Carolyn's position on the SERPS. You can help by writing a blog post about her, optimizing it for "Carolyn Capalbo."

In addition to being a fun contest, we're also going to provide tips for optimizing blog posts, and reputation management. So, check back to this blog post often for updates!

Contest Details

You have from May 25th-Aug 25th to write your blog post. On August 25th, Carolyn will take a screenshot of Google's top 5 results for "Carolyn Capalbo". Those who manage to rank in the #2-4 positions in Google for "Carolyn Capalbo" (without quotations) will win some swanky prizes.

The Prizes (one of each)

First Choice: an LEC ($10,000 value) + 10 years hosting ($9,594.00 value). This prize has a total value of $19,594.00 USD.

Second Choice: $5,000 worth of professional copywriting services. You do NOT have to be an REW customer, or even be in real estate to take advantage of this prize.

Third Choice: 4 tickets to the REW Summit on Vancouver Island ($2000 USD value), plus accommodations for 2 rooms for 2 nights. Total value of $4,000.

We'll be posting links here to everyone who participates in the contest, so please let us know when you've posted your entry! As you can see below, it would be REALLY nice to not have poor Carolyn answering questions like "hey is that you in the bikini I saw?

Carolyn Capalbo

Here is what it looks like today:



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Jason Lapene

Here goes the first one. Hope it helps..


Always here to help and lend my voice.

Morgan Carey

Thanks so much Jason and Preston, support is greatly appreciated.

Preston - I think that would be something you'd rather post in "your" on site blog rather than REW Blogs - REW Blogs can only occupy one spot in the SERPS, and everyone posts here on the site then we won't "dominate" the main page for "Carolyn Capalbo" so if everyone posts on their own site / blog / profile we can take more spots.

Morgan Carey

I hope you don't mind Preston - I took the liberty of moving it for you :)


Thank you. I am sure she will have a ton of support over the next few months.


Here's mine!

Best of luck to everyone!! :)

Mark Wallington

I`ll have a go to help out, how about she also makes some images of herself available to us to put on these blogs so that we can try and remove all the bikini shots off the listings also?

Morgan Carey

We are actually just waiting on some photos from her - would love for you to post em and optimize them - here is one you can use (this is our Carolyn) feel free to post and host a copy and change the filename etc

Spoken Gently

You have from May 25th-Aug 25th to write your blog post. On August 2nd, Carolyn will take a screenshot of Google's top 5 results for "Carolyn Capalbo".

I think there is a typo here Morgan. The screenshot will be September 2nd if the contest is open until August 25th?

Eric Blackwell


Great idea. I am in and have posted over at (and linked back to this post and to Carolyn's) GREAT prizes! This time around I wanted to chip in some prizes of my own if that is OK. They are nowhere NEAR what you have put up, but I want to offer an hour's worth of consulting to anyone finishing on the top three pages.

That way, more folks win and we can drive the "other stuff" further down the page and keep the REAL Carolyn Capalbo at the top.

Please let me know if throwing in that prize is OK with you. I will be glad to pitch in where possible. Would also be happy to promote this on some other venues as well...grin. It is a good cause and it demonstrates a great point. Online Reputation Management matters.

Morgan Carey

Eric - wicked awesome contribution, thank you! (Your offer to up the prize anti is more than gratiously accepted) - hope you are doing well.

Eric Blackwell

Life is good here, my friend. Doing great and getting better every day. Crazy busy, but that is a good thing.

Hope things are well in Nanaimo! ;-)

Will be posting a blog on this in a bit on some other venues and hopefully we can get some bigger bloggers to jump in as little blog is currently #12 on my DC...and I am gonna have to give it a shove... hehe

If anyone would like to mention my blog post in theirs, it would be greatly appeciated and the favor will be returned. ;-) This is a contest, but it is also a Team Sport (grin) Any takers?



Morgan Carey

Also folks keep in mind, the true goal is ensure Carolyn is considered the outright authority for her name in searches, so if anyone can spare a link to her site with the anchor text Carolyn Capalbo that would be great:

Code would look like this (just copy past into any page or blog post you can spare

<a href="">Carolyn Capalbo</a> or you could use <a href="">Carolyn Capalbo, Realtor</a>


Ahhhh.....a fellow LEC2 owner in need. Carolyn, expect a call from me in the AM. Its time to go high or go home! Your business - Carloyn Capalbo - Keller Williams Realty is not listed in Google places. It's time to get listed and push the porn "below the fold" with a fat business listing and map of your location.

Example - Check out a fellow agent in your office:

google - bradley group international's bristow

The entire "above the fold" is consumed with the Business listing(includes website), the agents website listing, and supplemental website listing.

Time to get a smile back on your face!

@Eric - I am heading out of town, but will give your post a mention next week.

@Morgan- How the hell are you man. Now that the US is not giving out free money anymore to buyers who purchase homes I have a bit more spare time and will try and make it around more. :)


Eric Blackwell

@ Matt! -

Thanks man! Do a blog post of your own and I will gladly help you out! Team Sport. Enjoy the away time!

@ Morgan: I just posted about it at the Bloodhound Blog. That ought to help awareness around the real estate blogging community a bunch.

best to all



Hello Everyone,

I'm willing to help our the cause too

Eddy Kicker

What a nightmare for Carolyn. I just posted:

REW Tracy

I just wanted to express thanks to everyone that's been participating. As someone who's worked with Carolyn, I can tell you she's a classy, kind-hearted professional, and I know she appreciates all your help. The sense of community here is pretty incredible ^_^

Tony Sena

I put up a post on my site and will be putting one up on WN this weekend along with some links to her site so hopefully that helps a bit.

Keith Lutz

Done. Moved my REW post to ActiveRain. Hope it helps. Everyone else has some really nice things to say. I wish I had taken more time to write my post.

Carolyn Capalbo

Morgan...Thank you so much for taking up my "cause." The out pouring of support has been amazing and truly appreciated. From blogs, to phone calls, and unbelievable contests; I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our Realtor community. I am making a committment to come to BC for your conference this September and I look forward to personally thanking everyone for their support.




I don't understand what the big deal here is. Reporters call you, sell em a house.

The other Julia Vakulenko is a professional tennis player. People email me all the time thinking I'm her. She kinda looks like me, also from Ukraine, tall blonde. Heck it was very good for my business. When she made the semi finals one time, more calls, more hits, more business. I love it.

PS: somebody famous emailed me saying we met in Wimbledon and why I haven't returned his calls. I responded of course but also tried to entice him on some beachfront property listings.

Carolyn Capalbo

@Julieā€¦It would be so much easier if the other Carolyn Capalbo was a famous tennis player and not the mother of the prostitute that scandalized NY and led to the resignation of the Governor of NY. One problem with the situation is that the other Carolyn Capalbo went on Larry King Live and praised her daughter for her actions and choice of professions. Many potential clients might be uncomfortable hiring a person that praises their child's illegal activities. While we are two different people, many people have no way of making that distinction and assume we are one and the same.

The loss to me is hard to quantify. How many people that should have and would have called me, didn't because of what they saw on-line? How many people went to the next agent instead of calling me because they were worried about my character or judgment? You mention more hits, more business; unfortunately, many of the hits I am receiving, are not Real Estate related. I try to laugh and make light of this situation; however, some of my Facebook friend requests lately are unreal and very inappropriate. This is about my character, judgment, and integrity being compromised through no doing of my own. I am glad that you can enjoy the attention brought to you by your tennis playing namesake; I wish you all the best and appreciate your perspective.




Here is my entry: Carolyn Capalbo


Oops! Forgot I can't get a link in comments and now I can't delete my comment - here's my entry link


Lets get those images knocked down and replaced with a video.

Click on this link and add to your blog. Google loves video.

Paul Caparas

I think it will be tough to win the contest but I would love to help out so here is mine:

Eric Blackwell

Judy O and Paul... fun to have you in the game! Here's hoping you guys are doing well and having fun!

Looks like we are all "starting to have an impact on page one. ;-)

I love being part of a community that pulls together like this! Kudos Morgan for rallying the troops.


Hi Morgan!

I thought I would do a press release for Carolyn to. You can view it here:

I hope you don't mind me borrowing your contest details, I linked to this post, and Carolyn's websites to give her some more juice. I hope this helps!

Carolyn Capalbo

Thank you everyone for your kindness and help! Have an amazing weekend...Carolyn


Carolyn is now on Google places:

Hope these help also!

Marc Rasmussen

Better late than never. I just read about this and wrote a post - Carolyn Capalbo. Good luck Carolyn. It will be fun to see how your reputation will change for the better. ;-)

Marc Rasmussen

Link in my post above did not work -

Morgan Carey

There is still tons of time Marc - the contest is really just getting under way, final snapshot is not until late August.

Matt - great job thanks! (MIght be some good link bait for you if you wanted to post step by step instructions on how Realtors can get a listing like that ;-) (Feel free to post a link if you decide to)

rew tracy

Hey gang, Carolyn's got some additional pics here.

rew tracy

The link is here

Branden Schroeder

Speaking of 'Heidi Fleiss's father', he is otherwise known to me as 'Dr. Fleiss', as he was my pediatrician growing up. One of those crazy six-degrees of separation things.

All the best Carolyn! If anyone can help, it's the tech savvy bunch here at REW.

Carolyn Capalbo

Here's some feedback for everyone...I received a call from a prospective Seller yesterday. Her co-worker gave her my name and she had collected a few other Realtor's names. She Googled my name and read about my situation. When she called me to discuss her home, she chuckled about the other Carolyn Capalbo and marveled about how an entire Real Estate community would rally behind one of its own. I asked her what she would have done if she only saw the other Carolyn Capalbo, she said she didn't know if she would have called me since she had other Realtors to consider. Thank you for making it clear that there are more than one Carolyn Capalbos out there! It looks highly likely that I will work with this Seller. That certainly would not have happened if she called someone else instead! Thanks again for all your help and support! Carolyn Capalbo

REW Tracy

Congratulations, that's wonderful news, Carolyn!


That is great news Carolyn. The work is paying off!



And When you Google "Paul Francis" you come up with Spitzer's former Budget Director...

Don't know if the Image Results are helping me out or not... ;)

Eric Blackwell

@Paul -

Too funny! ;-)



Late to the party, but here goes with my Carolyn Capalbo entries:

  • Carolyn Capalbo in Gulf Shores
  • Carolyn Capalbo in Orange Beach

Looking forward to being with some good friends here. I haven't met Carolyn Capalbo yet, but I see that she keeps good company!

Wayne Long

What time will the screen shot be taken and results posted? I don't have a dog in the show but have been following the contest with interest...

Morgan Carey

Tracy has instructed Carolyn to take the screenshot - I will check and see if it's been taken or not. Cheers

Morgan Carey

I posted a screenshot in the post with today's results:

In order - it appears as though the top 3 websites are: (private registry - Scott hack I think) Ted Guarnero (Lisa Udy's)

Congrats to the winners, and thank you everyone so very much for helping Carolyn with this project. I am please to announce the very first 3 listings are now all the proper Carolyn, as is the major picture that pops up. GREAT JOB!

The winners posted above get to pick from the following prizes (in order)

First Choice: an LEC ($10,000 value) + 10 years hosting ($9,594.00 value). This prize has a total value of $19,594.00 USD.

Second Choice: $5,000 worth of professional copywriting services. You do NOT have to be an REW customer, or even be in real estate to take advantage of this prize.

Third Choice: 4 tickets to the REW Summit on Vancouver Island ($2000 USD value), plus accommodations for 2 rooms for 2 nights. Total value of $4,000.

Scott.Hack is indeed me. I'm sure it is no surprise, but I'd like to select the LEC as my prize.

Ted Guarnero


Thank you for the contest Morgan and for the great prizes. As you know I'm still green at SEO and blogging so the contest was a great way for me to watch the blog I have for Carolyn and to learn what works and does not work for a single keyword. Its been a great learning experience for me and I will use a lot of what I learned to improve my own website at REW.

Ted Guarnero


Congratulations Scott

Morgan - I'd like to take copy writing :)

Thank you

REW jon

Congatulations Scott - this has been an exciting, and illuminating, competition for all of us!

Well done to everyone who took part, especially the top three - and of course, to Carolyn!


Thank you Morgan for the contest and allowing me a chance to really learn more about SEO. As you know I'm still green on the SEO and this really opened my eyes to what it takes and I will take alot of what I learn and apply it to my REW site. I'd like to take the copy writing as my prize.

Thanks again


Woo! I am so happy!!

Thank you so much for the great prizes and the contest. I also learned a lot from everyone who participated. Carolyn has her name back and that is the best part about this. I could not imagine how it felt to have her name the same as that other Carolyn.

My choice is definitely an LEC. Such pretty websites!

Thanks again to all REW staff!!!!

Morgan Carey

Ummm I think I have confused you Lisa - there are only three prizes, 1 LEC, 1 copywriting, and one conference package. I just re-read what was posted above and although I thought it was clear, I can see how it can be confusing - I do appologize.

Morgan Carey

Lisa - I feel bad (because you did try very hard and I know you covet the LEC's) - so in light of the confusion, I would like to step up and offer you an LEC with a free years hosting anyways ($11,000 value) due to the lack of clarity in my blog post. (Ted already has an awesome LEC at and now Scott will have one as well - so that will make all 3 of you) - once again, I am sorry about the confusion.

Eric Blackwell

Morgan and all who participated. I think more than anything this was a great tribute to the power of people working together to help a REALTOR out and to the power of the REW community in specific.

Congrats to Scott on the win. Ted, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you did awesome. Lisa, likewise!

Morgan, that was VERY cool of you to throw in an LEC to her. Way to go!

Now it is my turn to ante up as well. ;-) Anyone who finished on the top three pages gets a free hour of consult with me as promised. If you will PM me here on REW, I will be happy to schedule a time and pay up.

A final thought from me on the contest. The real purpose of the contest goes beyond simply ranking for the term Carolyn Capalbo, but rather to help her KEEP her good name.

I will speak for myself that I learned a LOT by testing and trying new things during the contest. It was hugely beneficial for me in that regard. But the real win is as we all keep our eyes on Carolyn's name and help keep some sites at the top for her as the weeks and months roll by. ;-)

Thanks Morgan for setting up a great contest (and for building this community of the most web savvy real estate folks around.) Kudos.


Ok... next contest for Reputation Management is "Paul Francis"... I'm getting tired of all the chicks stalking me....

Wayne Long

Awesome contest! Kudos to Morgan for helping everyone learn while helping Carolyn protect her reputation!

Congrats to Scott!!

Keith Lutz

Nice touch, Morgan! REW and you are a classy outfit!


Congrats to the winners! This was a great contest with real meaning behind it. I was glad to participate.

Rew Lisa

Wow, congrats to all the winners. Nicely done!


Wow, I was totally confused. I am so sorry...I didn't mean to coheres you into giving me a website if I didn't earn it. I really appreciate your class Morgan, you and your team are truly great people. I am going to promote the heck out of REW to a lot of Realtors that I know who could use your services. Once again, I am truly thankful for the contest, the chance to learn from the best SEO Realtors out there, and your sincerity.

Morgan Carey

I know you will do well with it Lisa and do REW proud - be sure to send me an email or PM with your main city of service and what LEC you like best (2-5) we can check which ones are available.


Carolyn Capalbo

I can't thank Morgan, the gang at REW, Eric Blackwell and all the agents that participated in this contest for improving my on line reputation, enough. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet many of you at the REW Summit earlier this month. Congratulations to all the winners! I wish everyone who participated continued success and happiness in all their endeavors.

Here's some more feedback...I just returned from back to back conferences; REW Summit and The Five Star Conference. While at the Five Star Conference, I had an opportunity to meet with the vendor manager from a large outsource company. The vendor manager immediately recognized my name and told me that he loved my story. Pretty powerful since he has looked at thousands of agent applications over the past few months. He confirmed that I was approved in their network and eligible for REO assignments. He told me he Googled my name and noticed all the commotion. He loved the fact that other agents pulled together to help me. He also was extremely impressed with my REW LEC website. You never know who is looking at you or checking out your website! What was a negative, has turned into an intriguing story and positive situation. Thanks again!



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