Resigned: Point2 C.O.O Brendan King, Jeff Tomlin VP of Business, Jason Collins and others


I first became aware of it in the forums when Eric Blackwell posted about a possible Point2 Implosion as Eric reported reading on Jay Thompson's blog something shaking at point 2 agent that Brendan King, C.O.O of Point2 Agent had resigned. I have been following the story a bit since then, and haven't really seen anything concrete from Point 2 themselves, however I was reading on Active Rain (Becky Troutt) reported that

"Ches Hagen 11 yrs - VP of Cat/Heavy Equipment
Jason Collins 10 yrs - Chief Technology Officer
Brendan King 9 yrs - Chief Operating Officer
John Fothergill 9 yrs - VP of Product Development
Jon Lesvesque 9 yrs - VP of Systems and IT
Jeff Tomlin 6 yrs - VP of Business Development
Allan Wolinski 10 yrs - support team manager
Greg Miller, VP of Marketing"

Had all resigned. She also stated that Point2 would be issuing a full release within the next 48 hours. Anyone else totally interested in what that release will look like? I am totally curious as to what is going on over there with my Canadian neighbors.

It must be hard on them right now, first with the sex scandal with their CEO Wendel, and now this. I visited them last winter, and I have to say, what a great company (From an outsiders perspective) and what great people (At least those that I met) - Although I am starting to feel like I don't know anyone there, as everyone I spent time with seems now to be gone from the company.

To all Point2 employees

It's near Christmas, (Always a stressful time in of itself) and to have things in such a state of unrest can no doubt have you feeling uneasy - For what it is worth, I am not going to get into fueling speculation as to what the future of Point2 is, instead I would like to offer my best wishes, you were all great to me when I visited, and although I am sure this is a stressful time for you - try to focus on what is important this season, that is family and friends. I am sure they are all there with you and will support you no matter what happens, and to all you great people that made myself and my staff feel so welcome - you have our support and best wishes during this time of speculation and uncertainty.

I and my team support you - and hope that the rumors flying around right now are unfounded and you can get back to being the great company you seemed to be when I came to visit you last year.

Have a great and safe holiday


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Jay Thompson

Inman finally picked up the story today. I too am most curious to see the release. It was a *brilliant* bunch of folks that left P2, but there are many good ones that remain behind. I too wish those there, and those departed much success.

Morgan Carey

It looks like the release is available now at Inman - Brendan stated "I disagreed with the strategy and direction going forward" - Ok now I am curious! What change in direction has Point2 chosen for it's future?

Jay Thompson

I don't see the Inman article as a "release". In that article is this, "Noujeim said that the company planned to formally announce the employee departures in a Dec. 11 press release." THAT is the release I'm looking for to see if they discuss this apparent change in direction

Jay Thompson

This *just* out, direct from Point2...

Morgan Carey

Well we already knew all that! (Except of course who assumed the responsibilities) - I want to know (As many do) what these changes in direction were that have caused so many key (Committed) people to jump ship. I have always had a good working relationship with Point2 as we didn't really see ourselves competing for the same space - is this going to change?

Lonn Dugan

I certainly wish Brendan King and his Dream Team the best. Respectfully, as a P2 customer, and fan of Brendan's leadership and vision as well, I do think the “WHY” matters and wish he would say more. This could surely be done without upsetting any more “apple carts” than are already running on “tilt” Web 2.0 is here, and it means no special mercy for BigWigs when it comes to “spin” ; ) See Please help us understand what is going on and what is coming next! Lonn Dugan, Realtor Agent, Coach, Webmaster, Author, Trainer

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