REW 12 Days of Christmas Promo 2015 - biggest promo of the year!


Looking for this year's 12 Days of Christmas deals? View them here!

It's that time again, REW's biggest promotion and just in time to get those expenses in before the end of the year! 

Every year for the last 5 or so years REW has had a post black Friday promotion titled the 12 days of Christmas. It is by far our most popular sale because it also happens to have all the greatest deals available at a time when many are finalizing their marketing plan for the up coming year and also needing to write off expenses to that marketing plan prior to the Dec 31st tax deadline. 

I'm headed off to REW's Summit in Austin this week to hear presentations from Fredrik Eklund, Real Satisfied, Xplode, Real Trends, Google & so many more! Needless to same I'm a bit excited - but I'm just as excited to announce these specials. 

This promotion will run from Dec 1st to December 16th (12 Business Days) and all orders MUST be in prior to December 16th in order to qualify.

It's important to also realize that this is our busiest time of year for orders and they are handled in a first come, first served capacity. 

Right now - there is no queue on any "fixed cost products", PPC or SEO however that will change very quickly now that I have posted this. 

On the custom side of things - REW is already completely sold out for 2015 and we are now booking projects into February 2016! Demand is always high for our custom services and there is always a wait list, but expect this queue to increase as well. 

BUT I have extremely exciting news! More help is on the way!

Not only did we just have our most successful hiring fair to date with several new hires in both programming and design, we are also opening a brand new production office in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We're slated to take possession January 2016 and with Vancouver being 50 times the market size of our current city, this means we are going to have access to a much larger hiring pool and will be able to cut down our custom queue's even faster. 

So let's get into it: 

What’s on sale? Here are the deals

PPC : (Pay Per Click Marketing) 

Bundle 1 (retail $1800)
Promo: Order 6 months of PPC and only pay for 5 months - $1500 USD (savings of $300)

Bundle 2 (retail $2300)
Promo: Order 6 months of PPC and receive the first month as Premium PPC - $1800 USD (savings of $500)

Bundle 3 (retail $600/mo)
Promo: Bundle recurring monthly Google PPC campaign mgmt. and FaceBook campaign mgmt. - $499/mo (savings of $101/mo)

SEO: (Search Engine Optimization) 

Four Blocks of SEO (retail $10,000)
Promo: Four blocks for the price of three - $7500 (savings of $2500)

SEO Audit + Consultation (retail $750)
Promo: Talk with our experts for $500 (savings of $250)

SEO Audit (retail $500)
Promo: Get our experts' advice for just $250 (savings of $250)

PPC & SEO Bundle (retail $33,600)
Promo: Purchase one year of SEO (12 Blocks) and One year of PPC campaign mgmt (12 months) at just $24,000 USD a savings of $10,000!!! (This bundle is limited to 10)

Note, PPC management does not include the advertising budgets for Google or FaceBook.

Premium Websites (retail $1999)
Promo: $999 (savings of $1000)

Barbara Corcoran Websites (retail $5000)
Promo: $1000 credit towards PPC management or SEO

LEC2013 and LEC2014 (retail $10,000)
Promo: $5000 (savings of $5000)
*Subject to availability in your market

LEC2015 (retail $10,000)
Promo: Bonus 1 year free CMA tool and 1 year free
*Subject to availability in your market

Subscription Products
Includes the Dialer, CMA tool, Texting, Builders Search (BDX)
Promo: 2 months free with 1 year payment

Realty Trac Data (Pricing is per month per MLS)
Brokerage: $100/month
Promo: 2 months free with 1 year payment
Agent: $50/month
Promo: 2 months free with 1 year payment ($1000/mo)
Promo: Pay 10 months and get new expanded GS pin (where available) - Enables you to keep that expanded area monthly thereafter. Includes PPC budget ($199/mo)
Promo: $99 per month (50% off for the first year) PPC Management ($199/mo)

Promo: $100/month up to 12 months (AdWords budget not included)

REW iOS/Android branded IDX apps (retail $5000 setup, $300/mo for one or BOTH apps together)

Promo (first 20 clients): $2500 setup gets you BOTH iOS & Android apps! (savings of $2500)
For your agents (once purchased by brokerage): $499 Set up and $99/mo gets BOTH iOS & Android apps (cost is per agent) - they get the same apps with their own branding, name, developer account - All leads go directly into brokerage account's REW CRM!

Dedicated developer slots:

These will begin in February and March depending on volume: Purchase any dedicated programming or design slots starting Feb / March for 1 year and get your last 2 months free! 

What are dedicated developer slots? These are the best ways to book your labor at REW, PERIOD! There are no queues, no estimates required and you develop with complete autonomy. When you pre-buy dedicated developer slots, you have your own developer at REW on YOUR STAFF for the time and days you choose. 

For example: Let's say you wanted a developer on call Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 2 hours each day. That's 6 hours a week or roughly 25 hours a month. You pre-book those slots and they are yours! You can call in, have them work on anything you want, call back change your mind, put them on something else - they are 100% dedicated to your project. 

Almost every major REW customer over $100,000,000 in sales volume users dedicated developers for a reason - it's the way to go. By booking a year of dedicated slots on this promo you can save thousands on your yearly labor and have a fixed, predictable cost with no surprises. 

Some terms and conditions:

  • Orders must be paid in full
  • Orders must be received prior to December 16th deadline (if we are late billing due to volume we will honour pricing)
  • You must pay off outstanding balances first before making new orders
  • Dedicated developer slots are the "last 2" months free after continuous 10 months of usage and will be granted at the lowest usage month (we recommend keeping them all the same)

And now something CRAZY! A money back guarantee on PPC

This is something I've offered through just one friends conference - but I've thought about it, and I'm just going to do it! I'm going to offer those of you currently using our PPC services AND those of you who have never used them, but always wanted more leads to your much better website a 100% money back guarantee. It's going to come with a couple of conditions mind you, but when you read them, I think you'll realize I'm actually only asking you to do what you should be doing anyways (follow up on your leads) - if you do that - I quite literally GUARANTEE you will make $ using our services. 

What kind of Guarantee? How about double your $ or your money back! 

That's right - if you adhere to the program guidelines for 1 year of uninterrupted service I will personally guarantee you AT LEAST double your money back! Of course we at REW know that your potential for earning is WAY higher but hey, I'm sticking my neck out here - so hopefully your cool with my minimum :) 

So here are the guidelines and the minimums:

  • You must be running an REW website product with integrated IDX (premium, Barbara, LEC)
  • You must be using REW's monthly PPC services uninterrupted for all of 2016
  • Your budget must be between $1,000-$3,000 per month (you can go higher than $3,000 but the Guarantee stops there)
  • You must be using REW settings (including forced registration) at all times. 
  • ROI is calculated as a multiple of marketing dollars only on gross commissions - example: Spend $3,000 monthly on PPC ($36,000 in 2016) if you do not track / earn AT LEAST $72,000 on that spend REW will not only pay you back what you paid us for management fees AND the website SAAS fees (roughly $6,000) - we will also pay you back 100% of your spend to Google / Facebook or any other platform we pay the $ too. 

That's right! I'm going to pay you back money we did not even keep - that's how confident I am in our product and services. 

I said you had to follow up on your leads though - so here's what I'm going to ask you to do (and hopefully it's not too much to ask)

  • Call every lead with a phone number at least twice in the first 2 weeks and log the calls.
  • Send a personalized email to each lead after reviewing their visit history in our CRM 
  • Send at least 2 more personalized emails to each lead within the first month
  • Set up each lead on a saved search
  • Set up each lead on a drip campaign

That's it! I told you I would not ask for much! And honestly, these are things you should be doing anyways. No craziness, no 20 calls and 50 emails - the absolute minimum I would expect from ANY agent on my team! You do these things, I will guarantee success on our platform and I will put my money where my mouth is

I'm sure you'll have lots of questions so please, ask them in the comments below. 

Also as a favour to me, would you please share this promo on your social media with friends and colleagues - we love adding new customers to our family and we'll do our very best with all your referrals. 

I hope you have a fantastic holiday season, you enjoy your new REW products and services and I can't wait to hear your success stories at the end of 2016 (or before, we love hearing them all the time!

For those of you at the Summit this week - I just spoke to Fredrik Eklund, he's pumped to meet all of you. The guys at Google are crazy excited to be presenting and the rest of our great speakers lineup are ready to knock your socks off! 

Let's make 2016 the best year yet! 

Merry Christmas all! 


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