REW 12 Days Of Christmas Promotion Is Finally Here!


Every year leading up to the end of the fiscal tax season and to celebrate the amazing success of our customers for the past year, we at Real Estate Webmasters run a 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

As any long-term customer at REW can confirm, this is THE BEST time stock up on professional services & marketing services, as well as an awesome time to upgrade your platform. 

A few very important reasons why this promo is awesome!

  1. These are the BEST PRICES of the year on labor-based services
  2. Bundles are offered for both new clients and upgrading clients for even greater savings
  3. New sites and new technology features are rolled out; we have a very exciting new update to REW CRM and mobile IDX Apps (iOS and Android) are on promo for the first time! 
  4. You might have a tax problem! You might have made too much money!

#4 is my favorite part of the messaging in this promo each year because it celebrates the success our customers have had with our products all year long. It is also a testament to how awesome they are in terms of marketing and real estate.

The growth stories at REW this year are simply astounding!

But like many successful Realtors and Brokers, our customers have been so busy all year, closing deals and taking cheques to the bank that they didn't have enough time to meet with their accountants and ensure they were offsetting income with expenses.

Now I am not tax planner or accountant, and this is by no means meant to replace professional tax advice BUT what I do know is this: anytime you can defer taxes to the next year by making an investment for your business that will accelerate your growth and success in the following year, it's a darn good idea!

So if you have had an amazing year this year and have not focused yet on your business plan or expenses for next year - if you can do it before your year-end cut off, let's see if we can help make that happen!

New to REW? Don't have a tax problem (yet)? Is 2018 going to be your break out year?

We can help with that too!

If you have just been waiting for that one special time to go "all in" online, I can assure you, the REW 12 Days Of Christmas promotion is the time to do it!

Not only do we have amazing offers that make this time of the year THE BEST time to buy at REW, we also offer programs that provide a Guaranteed Return On Investment!

No other company offers anything like it! If you don't see a 2x+ return on your marketing dollars with REW after following our prescribed follow up, we will return 100% of all fees for the year paid to REW for REW services.

That means you get the site setup fee back! That means you get your SaaS fees back! That means you get your PPC management fees back! And if you hire, you even get your First Call Agent fees back!

In short: if you're willing to do the work, and follow the prescribed follow up program, we will guarantee results or your money back! What offer could be better than that?

Enough of the intro Morgan, get to the deals!

12 Days Of Christmas = 12 special offers. You get to pick from several website setup options (you only get to pick one) and then you can combo any of the purchase options with any of the other non-site setup specials as well! 

Some of these deals, like professional services, are targeted towards our high-volume users who consume a lot of professional services each year and have already budgeted for their projects.

Some of these deals are geared towards brand new customers or those that need to upgrade.

And some of these deals are targeted towards those who are going to be investing in online marketing and lead generation for the very first time in a major way.

So here is what is on promo this year:

For those of you who need a new website platform from REW, or existing customers who need to upgrade: (site setup options are "pick one") 

Offer #3: Our brand new Vision website featuring Virtual Reality technologythe VERY FIRST VR enabled website in the entire real estate industry. It also comes with single property websites at no extra charge! You can see a demo of the Vision at www.thevisionsite.comgo ahead, compare it to your current site. I think you'll see it's time for an upgrade. :) 

Our offer is: Buy Vision today and we will buy you the equipment required to make it AMAZING: a brand new 360 camera for both 360 photos and 360 videos!

Offer #6: Already have an awesome 360 camera and ready to take on the Vision platform? Need some help moving your existing content from a third party site or previous REW Site?

Our offer is: Buy a Vision site and receive 25 hours of professional SEO team time to help you get your website started off in the most SEO friendly way possible. A $5,000 value! That covers the cost of the site!

Offer #5: Are you all about brand? Need a site that showcases your personal brand and high impact visuals? Try our Fredrik platform, offered in partnership with none other than Fredrik Eklund, one of the world's top performing Realtors and star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York!

A word from Fredrik about this amazing website platform: 

Our offer is: Buy "The Fredrik" and receive 25 hours of professional SEO team time to help you get your website started off in the most SEO-friendly way possible. A $5,000 value! Not only does that cover the cost of the site, but you get to use the very same website platform that Fredrik uses at

Offer #4: Are you a fan of Shark Tank? Well if you are, then you know there is no shark more in tune with real estate than our partner Barbara Corcoran! Our website, "The Barbara", now comes with the brand new REW CRM system and is our most time-tested performer of our 3 platforms. 

The fourth offer is: Buy "The Barbara" and receive 25 hours of professional SEO team time to help you get your website started off in the most SEO friendly way possible. A $5,000 value! Not only does that cover the cost of the site, you get to use the very same platform as Barbara Corcoran.

All platforms at REW now come with the brand new REW CRM technology for up to 25 users AND 25 subdomain licenses for those that run teams or brokerages (a $250 per month value at no extra cost). Additional user licenses, including CRM licenses and subdomains, are only $10 per month, per user.


Now you have your platform - you are good to go! Right? What about traffic?

There are 2 main ways to drive traffic to an REW website through REW services: Organic (SEO) and Paid (Adwords, Facebook, etc.)

You can also think of these programs in a few other ways as well. "The Long Game" (SEO), which takes quite a while to take effect, but generates many leads once performing, without per lead cost. And "Instant Leads" (Paid), where we can control the lead flow from day one and scale up or down based on your needs.  

Finally, there is the cost.

SEO is an ongoing investment. It's a constantly evolving game of cat and mouse with the search engines and your competitors. Because of the massive amounts of traffic and leads at stake, the competition is very high and thus SEO is among the more expensive services to do well. I recommend SEO for those that are well established, have the ability to commit to a consistent annual SEO budget, and understand that the results will take some time (and they are in a financial position to support the wait).

There is an upside to SEO that is more instantaneous, however. When you do SEO with REW, we provide personal, professional marketers that are constantly working to improve the performance metrics and content of your site. This means from a user experience perspective, your site is getting better and expanding its content every single month. This leads to increased credibility and conversion.

On the paid side, cost is quite frankly very inexpensive. REW charges 15% of your spend to manage your accounts (a $300 minimum fee) and it can be scaled up or down based on your current budget, or the needs of your team for leads.

Offer #9: SEO services. Have our professional SEO team work on your site for a period of time and the longer you purchase for, the greater the savings.

The fifth offer for SEO is monthly block commitment discounts:

  • Buy 3 months of SEO services and receive 10% off
  • Buy 6 months of SEO services and receive 15% off
  • Buy 12 months of SEO services and receive 20% off

If you're ready to get serious about your SEO program, that means you're going at it full time (all year round). With this promo, you can save 20% on the service and truly start building a dominant and robust organic presence.

Offer #7: Paid Lead Generation with guaranteed ROI! Have the REW paid lead generation team manage your spend and if you are willing to commit to a VERY EASY lead follow up program, we will guarantee you 2x your investment with REW (total gross commissions before splits) or ALL fees that are paid to REW in connection with that service, including  website setup, SaaS fees, and paid management fees, will be 100% returned to you.

The seventh offer for paid adverting with money back guarantee requires:

  • 12 months of uninterrupted services
  • Spend between $1,000-$3,000 per month (you can spend more than this of course, but the guarantee caps out at $36,000 ($72,000 GCI) per purchase.
  • Usage of REW recommended settings (forced registration, REW controlled form messaging etc)
  • Usage of REW CRM for tracking of calls, sending of first email and setting up searches
  • Minimum "per lead" follow up regiment (1 logged call, 1 personalized email and set them up on a saved search within 24 hours)

And that's it! Basically, if you can guarantee you will follow up on every lead in a reasonable amount of time, we will happily guarantee you results or your money back!

Now you have the platform AND the leads! What's next? Conversion!

We've been in the internet lead generation and real estate platform business now for 14 years. In this time, we have learned a thing or two about the game. One thing we have learned is: while our main customers are often AWESOME at lead conversion and follow up, as they grow and build teams or brokerages, they struggle to maintain lead conversion with their Realtors. Sound familiar?

Conversion is actually a pretty simple problem to understand (and to solve).

First, you need to know that the percentages are not great to begin with but the RESULTS AND ROI are great! Web leads, in general, are going to convert at 1-3% (the better and faster you follow up, the higher this will be). However, when most folks get into real estate, they do so planning to work their sphere, network, and do what they are truly good at: belly-to-belly relationship building and sales! 

They do NOT get into the business for a telemarketing job. As such, asking them to dial for dollars is oftentimes asking too much. They simply won't make the calls and, even if they are willing, once they get busy with the sexier parts of their business, they will most often drop the consistent dialing first, throwing their web lead conversion back down the drain.

This ends up with wasted leads, wasted marketing dollars, and lost opportunity.

The solution: First Call Agent (FCA) - Offered by, the FCA program provides the all-important "first call". Studies show the faster you respond to a lead, the higher your conversion rates. Our goal in partnering with Inside Sales Agents (ISA) is to get leads called immediately (inside of 5 minutes) wherever possible.

And they don't give up on the first try!

What often happens with no ISA is no call. But even when there is a call, many times there is only ever one call made and if you don't reach a lead the first time, you move on. Again, sound familiar?

Our FCA's attempt several calls over the first couple of weeks to reach the lead, once again dramatically increasing your chances of lead conversion.

Other benefits of the FCA program:

  • We call 7 days per week!
  • We disposition the lead into a warm handoff to the agent, or calendar lead based on buying time frame and gather other valuable information
  • The ISA / FCA software connects directly to the REW CRM so notes from FCA go right into your backend and are shared with agents.
  • Huge recruiting and retention tool for teams and brokerages
  • More dollars (GCI) from the same marketing spend
  • Precursor to "full" ISA service - which is an even more robust program that includes FCA, Accountability Managers, Analyst and a remote ISA staff member to follow up with your leads from first call to close! (This program requires qualification through FCA program, happy to speak to folks privately for more details)

Offer #8: First Call Agent Services for free for 6 months!

Don't need a camera? Already have SEO and PPC on lockdown but need help with conversion? Choose instead to receive up to 6 months of free FCA services (Jan-June) for 50 leads per month. A $3,000 value.

It's a great way to try out an FCA calling service without making a contractual commitment to the service. I think you'll find just a few months in that you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

You can add additional leads past 50 at a cost of $10 per lead.

Offer #2: your own iOS and Android MLS App!

Real Estate Webmasters has an awesome IDX / MLS Search App for both iOS and Android. By having an app, you have a new way to connect to your customers that is unique to you. It makes your business "sticky" and allows you to connect your consumers with search results and property updates in ways THEY want to connect (via an intimate mobile app experience). It also allows things like push notifications directly to your customer and messaging.

Best of all, it's an REW product, so it connects directly to your REW CRM for cross-platform data sharing and updates. Better tools connecting you to your consumers = better conversion!

The offer is 50% off REW IDX App setups.

Normally $5,000 setup (covers both IOS and Android for 1 IDX) - during this promotion you can get your own IDX app for your business at 50% off the setup cost. The monthly cost is a very low $300 per month for up to 25 users. Larger companies can speak to their reps for pricing.

Offer #1: professional services discounts: As most people know, REW is the worlds largest provider of truly custom solutions for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages. Our professional services team can build anything you could ever imagine. Of course, there is a cost to professional services in both the development of a feature and it's maintenance. What you have us build is "not" an REW product, therefore is also supported through billable professional services when maintenance is required.

Custom programming and design can be a powerful differentiator. However, because of the complexity and cost associated with custom projects, it is my recommendation that you get to know REW first, and take care of everything else on this list BEFORE you look to customize. Without an understanding of the process, a familiarity with REW (our wait times, billing methods, etc.) a custom project can end up being far more costly (time and $) than you might expect and can be frustrating for both sides. You need to be prepared. 

The offer (for those that are prepared, especially our long-time power users of REW professional services is discounted professional services on retainer when purchased in bulk.

Discounts for pro serve (design and programming only) on retainer are as follows:

  • 200-299 hours 30% off current retail pricing
  • 300-399 hours 32.5% off current retail pricing
  • 400+ hours off current retail pricing 37.5% off current retail pricing

Hours must be consumed on retainer over 6,9 or 12 months. And retainer program starts the calendar month following your purchase. These are not "banked hours" - you must use them.

And finally the 10th and final offer! THE WORKS! 

I said that you could not "combine" offers in 1-9 but that doesn't mean we can't! :)

The 10th and final promotional offer during this promotion is "The Works" and this is what it includes:

  • Any one of our $5,000 USD sites
  • A $5,000 iOS / Android MLS search app for 1 feed
  • 6 Months SEO services $18,000 retail
  • 6 months PPC management fees $1,800 retail ($300 minimum included overage billed at standard rates)
  • 6 Months FCA Services (50 leads per month) a $3,000 dollar value
  • $32,800 USD in total services

All of this is included for only $20,000 USD! A 40% Savings!

If you are new to REW and thinking of signing up OR if you need to upgrade and are ready to take your platform to the next level, The Works is where it is at!

You get to write off $20,000 (avoid the tax this year) AND you know exactly what your platform and budget is going to look like for the following year. 

Best of all, you're in a position to grow with a BRAND NEW platform that blows your local competition away and will set you up for the best year from online leads EVER!

So how about it? Are you ready?

Fill out the contact form below to be contacted by one of our product consultants. Or give them a call directly. We're going to get busy fast so don't forget they also have a "schedule a call link" in their signatures to allow you to book an apt with them.

Request info below:

But wait, didn't you say 12 items on this promo? Where are 11 and 12?

That's right, I did! Just for inquiring, we are going to give you two special guides that will help you with your business online COMPLETELY FREE! Just fill out the form or contact your PC.

#11: Ultimate Guide to Real Estate SEO - Build your organic traffic ranking, with a solid understanding of what you can do yourself.

#12: Lead Conversion Tracking Tools - What doesn't get measured, doesn't get done (and can't be improved). Make a resolution to understand where your time is spent and measure your progress!

That's it! That's the 12 Days of Christmas promo!

I certainly hope that you can take advantage of these exceptional offers, put your $ into your marketing instead of Uncle Sam's hands and start your 2018 year off right with the latest and greatest platform in the market today!

Before I go, I do want to include a few notes, T&Cs, etc.

  • This promotion sells out every year. Projects will go into our production queue on a first come first served basis. Ordering at the end of the promotion will most certainly result in increased wait times for project delivery. (Ordering on the last day can result in 90 day+ wait times for product delivery)
  • We do reserve the right to manage our queue (we don't want it getting out of hand and we owe it to our valued customers to not oversell) as such, professional services hours and SEO hours will only be sold to capacity. Once sold out, we will discontinue that portion of the promotion (all other offers will still be available)
  • Promotion is available on 3 year $499+ SaaS contracts only. If you are already on a 3 year contract with REW (including currently "in" a trade up your tech on 3 year) you qualify you do not need to start a new contract. If you are not on a 3 year term or have not started your trade up yet - speak to your product consultant - they have a special way to work with you to move you while crediting your account so that you do not lose any discounts from your old contract (in fact we will front-load the discounts for you).
  • Your account must be current with REW (existing balances must be paid first)
  • The promotion runs until December 22nd. You MUST have your order in by 4 PM PST on December 22nd and all payments must be in prior to December 31st.


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