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As we thought about this year’s Q4 promotions we wanted to make sure that we were aligned with our customers in terms of where their needs might be in relation to the current market. 

What we think our customers might need right now… 

Because of the slowdown in the market our customers are looking to reduce expenses wherever they can without sacrificing essential services. 

At the same time, many of our customers are also seeing this downturn as an opportunity to lean into their marketing and lead generation, recognizing that most of their competitors will overcompensate and discontinue marketing budgets and other forward thinking projects. 

Save on current expenditures and invest heavily in marketing at the same time. It’s a great strategy if done well, and one we think can lead to significant market share gains for our customers. 

So this is how we’ve approached our Q4 promo.

Find ways to partner with our clients to save money on their current expenses with us while at the same time freeing up those same funds to re-invest into go forward marketing initiatives. 

Here’s what we’ve come up with: 

1: Save on your SAAS bills by referring customers. 

The idea here is simple, for every customer you refer us we will credit you 25% of their monthly SAAS bill (to a maximum of $4,500 per referred customer) against your own SAAS bill. 

The most common account type at Real Estate Webmasters is $500 USD per month. So if any such customer were to refer us just 4 customers, your bill would be completely gone.

You would then have those funds to re-invest in PPC, SEO or whatever marketing initiatives will help you drive your business forward during this unique opportunity. 

2: Pay off your SAAS bill faster! 

Your first 2 referrals? We’ll credit you 50% (up to $9,000 per referred customer) for the first 2 customers you refer to REW. That’s a full $18,000 in additional funds you have now freed up for marketing.

At $10-$20 CPL that’s an extra 900-1,800 leads you can now purchase using funds you had already allocated to essential website, CRM and IDX fees. 

Or think of it another way, even at 1-2% conversion of those leads. That's an extra 9-36 extra deals for your business. 

3: Free texting for everyone (on newest CRM)

Our latest CRM has some REALLY cool features, including automatically assigning both campaigns and action plans to leads based on the forms leads fill. 

One of the best parts about this on action plans is you can automatically start sending texts to your prospects without first having to manually assign them to a group, campaign, or action plan. So we want everyone to be able to do this. 

The texting module is going to 1,000 texts in the new year, it’s normally $50 per month, however, we’re making it free for everyone (on 36-month renewal or new purchase, must be on the latest CRM). 

If you’re currently paying for the texting module, you can actually cancel that subscription with your renewal and save the $50 per month (another $1,800 back in your pocket for marketing).

4: Bonus of $1,500 to upgrade to Renaissance and new CRM. 

Most customers have already upgraded to Renaissance and the new REW CRM, however, there are a few that still are holding onto their old sites. This means they can’t take advantage of many of the new awesome features we offer and won’t have access to future features/upgrades either. And of course, most of these promos require the new CRM or Renaissance. 

Typically this is because they had previously customized their sites, and they want those customizations to be replicated to their newer site. Because this requires custom time (typically programming) there is a cost to replicate customizations. 

During this promo, we’re giving “up to” $1,000 worth of custom programming and $500 worth of CSM time to help with your migration. (Programming must be used to move over / replicate previous projects/features, CSM time is to give you extra help moving/editing any content, setting up navigations etc. 

White glove service. Let our team do it for you!  

#5: 10% discount on professional services /agency / SEO. 

Sticking with the theme of professional services. Some folks will need more than 5 hours of pro-serve (either to support their upgrade or because they want to invest in new projects). 

To support these requests, we are offering a 10% discount on all pre-purchased retainer hours for 2023. Note this discount is for everything, even if you are not also renewing at the same time. It’s just $20 off per professional services hour, with our thanks. 

#6: 25% discount on professional services / agency / SEO. 

We mentioned in #5 no new renewal or commitment was required, however, in our business nothing is more valuable than a committed customer. And so for customers who are also stepping up and renewing on a new 36-month term we are offering a much more significant discount at 25% ($50 off per professional services hour) for hours booked for 2023. 

This will make those investments you need to make in SEO, branding or whatever other project you have in mind go far further given you now have 25% more funds to spend or you’re saving 25% whichever way you want to look at it. 

#7: Up to 35% off on professional services  

And finally the ultimate deal/discount. As mentioned in #6, nothing is more valuable than a committed customer. On top of the 25% discount available for pre-buying for 2023, for the TRULY forward-thinking and committed REW customers you can get an even greater discount at 30% for 2024 and 35% for 2025. 

The deal is you must use the hours in the year committed and you must purchase the same amount of hours per year (so if you wanted 100 for 2023 you would also buy 100 for 2024, 100 for 2025, and so on. 

This program works especially well for those customers dedicated to their SEO program (typically in the 10-50 hour per month range) or those long-term customers who know they will be with us and are renewing anyways, and they also know they have a lot of custom needs (the tend to be big enterprise brokerages, franchises, teams, etc 

And if you’re a new customer just signing up on your first 36-month term: all of these “on 36-month renewal deals” are available to you as well.

#8: 2 Months Free PPC Management:  

REW charges a 25% management fee on your budget to generate leads for you via our paid lead channels. So for example, if we generate leads at $10 cost per lead, the “all in” cost to you is $12.50 per lead. 

On this promo, we’re waiving the last 2 months of PPC management fees (on a 12-month program) and once again freeing up additional budget to either double down on marketing, or reduce cost whichever is your priority.  

So if you’re on a $1,000 per month PPC budget (the most common PPC budget) you’re saving $500 by committing to your spending for 1 year.  

#9: $1,000 worth of SEO for free with PPC purchase 

Want to lean into your marketing instead of saving the 25% management fees? This is an alternative to #8 wherever instead of waiting the last 2 months of PPC management fees, we’ll instead give you $1,000 worth of SEO services that you can access/use right away. 

This is a highly valuable boost if you’re planning on doing SEO.  

#10: No setup fees: 

We’re waiving our setup fees on new contracts until the end of the year. You can now get into a brand new Renaissance website + REW CRM, get free texting, and take advantage of all the other offers on this list. 

#11: Canadian Fixed Pricing. 

As we expand globally and the markets continue to be uncertain we recognize that this also brings uncertainty to currency.

This is something our Canadian customers have always known / dealt with (sometimes to their benefit when the US dollar was low, and sometimes to their detriment when the US dollar surges.) 

To address this, we are moving away from the current policy of adjusting for the exchange rate and will be offering fixed “Canadian” pricing on new contracts. So instead of $500 USD per month costing you $680 CAD today (because of high exchange) we’re fixing it at $650 CAD, hours at $200 USD would cost you $272 CAD today because of exchange, will now be fixed at $250 CAD. 

For those on current USD contracts, migrating does require a new 36 month CAD contract. Any promos will still be converted from US equivalent and Canadian customers will be given the rate that is better of the 2 (for example if a promo converted to CAD is less expensive than their CAD rate in CAD, they get the better price) but you cannot combo % discount with CAD price as that would be double dipping. You just get whichever price is better for you. 

12: 25% BONUS in pro serve upon renewal. 

And finally, for existing customers the ultimate reward for loyalty. Get a full 25% “bonus” of professional service on your net new 36 month commitment. No additional purchase required. 

How this program works is, when you do an early renewal at Real Estate Webmasters on a 36 month term, we reward your loyalty and commitment by giving you 25% of the value of the “new” months gained as agency / custom work. 

You can use it for SEO, Branding / Design, and Custom programming. Whatever you want. And you get it up front and can use it right away. 

A simple example: Let’s say you have 12 months left on a $500 per month, 36 month contract. 

If you were to renew early, the “net new” contracted months for REW are 24 months at $500 which is $12,000. 

Your bonus in pro serve? $3,000! (On top of all other promos, discounts or anything else you read here) it’s an “added bonus”.  

So that’s this year's q4 Promo. Some amazing deals!  

Normally we do 12 days of Christmas in December, but this year people are really wanting to lean in, get their expenses in early, and take advantage of the market shift, so we figured we’d package 12 days up early and run it from now until Dec 23rd. 


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