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When we started our Renaissance during the pandemic we looked at everything... 

We audited our website products, CRM, lead generation, SEO, branding you name it! We wanted to make a true impact and firmly claim the top spot in our market as we exited the pandemic just like our customers want to be #1 in their local real estate markets. 

One of the many things we did was a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Strengths: These are where we feel we dominate the market and do the best job in all of prop-tech & marketing.

  • Real Estate Websites & IDX
  • Custom / Agency Work
  • Lead Generation & SEO

Weaknesses: These are areas we felt needed to be improved in order for us to call ourselves the best in class.

  • Accessibility (ADA)
  • Speed (WPO) 
  • Last Mile Support (Lead to sale)

Opportunities: When we look at these, we don't even need to make a new list. Both our strengths and our weaknesses are our opportunities. Weaknesses need to be improved, eliminated and strengths should be leveraged. 

Threats: At the time we started Renaissance, COVID was of course our biggest threat. The great unknown. However (and to our surprise) not only did the real estate market explode so too did our business. And thus now as I write this our greatest threats are actually related to the explosive growth the industry and thus our company is experiencing. These include: 

  • Finding and retaining qualified staff 
  • Keeping up with demand (especially in onboarding and customer service) 
  • Large franchises figuring out how to complete with us with their own offerings. 

Where we are today: 

I am super excited to announce that as of today, we have made significant progress on all fronts. The Renaissance platform has launched and it is the best looking, fastest, most accessible real estate website on the planet. Our lead gen programs and SEO / PPC teams are performing better than they ever have and customers are raving about the results.  

Finding staff and keeping up with demand. We have made new moves to welcome a new VP of product and customer experience and have some great hires ramping up in account management, customer experience, and production. This still needs more work. Demand continues to skyrocket due to the market conditions and huge appetite for the new platform we probably need at least another 20 people to join the team. We're hiring! :) 

Last Mile Support: Lead To Sale

This is one of the most exciting updates from my post as I feel with the addition of our new REW Academy (Premium) we have addressed a huge weakness in our business (and that of all the marketing and lead generation players). 

How can we help our customers convert their leads to sales? 

A great CRM is not enough. 

Why is it that no matter what program Realtors® use there is a huge group of them who are not successful? And what makes "some" Realtors® & team leaders so much better at closing business from leads? 

To be sure there is a level of talent and leadership that accounts for their success, but there is one thing that we have noticed ALL of the top market leaders do. 

They invest in themselves and their businesses. They hire coaches! 

Take a look at any market, find the top 5 team leaders or brokers and give them a call. Ask them "do you have a coach that you use on a regular basis to improve your craft and hold you accountable. I guarantee you 5 out of 5 team leaders or brokers say yes. Because coaching works!

But the best coaching in the world is expensive (and quite exclusive). Just like you, coaches need to be selective of who they invest their time into as for them, their purpose is not just to drive revenue, it's about engaging with the "right" customers so that the relationship is mutually beneficial and they can build relationships that turn their leads into customers for life. (And yes one of my coaches taught me that). 

And so I asked myself: If these coaches are too expensive "right now" for some of my up-and-coming teams and brokers or they just aren't sure if coach A, B, or C is right for them how can we at Real Estate Webmasters help? 

REW Academy Premium is the answer!

Here's what we did. we reached out to the best (THE BEST) coaches we know. Guys like Jon Cheplak, AJ Hazzi, Dan Stewart and more. We said coaches, we want you to join us at REW Academy and help our customers with their challenges. 

Our goal is to bring in people who are a perfect fit for the needs of my customers "right now" so that we could help provide that missing piece of conversion. That last mile" support. 

While these coaches cover a lot of ground, let me give you some examples from the list above: 

  • Setting up the CRM with great follow-up campaigns and action plans(prospects, clients, and sphere). Dan Stewart ALL day long! Nobody better for words that work. 
  • Setting up your business for success. Hiring support staff, ISA's, transaction teams. Scripts, dialogues all that stuff? REW has a huge roster of killers that run businesses with this dialed in, but no one stands out more for me than AJ Hazzi of Vantage west. $6M GCI in 2020 with service-driven "teamreage" sounds like EXACTLY where virtually all our lead-generating team leaders and brokers want to be. 
  • Recruiting, retaining, and getting the most out of exceptional agents. Building a performance-based culture? REW likely has more $500M+ teams and brokerages than any other provider. And when you look at the roster almost every single one of them is a current or past client of Jon Cheplak. Co-incidence? I think not! So we hired Jon! 

Why it's good for you (the broker or team leader)

First, let's talk value. This is the most important thing. What it can do for you. At REW Academy (Premium) you get access to ALL of these coaches. You don't have to pick just one or two based on budgets, or schedule. Not only do you get access to all these coaches "live" but we also provide a full replay with accompanying support materials and downloads via our customized Academy Portal.

By accessing these coaches you will improve your lead to conversion rates and the happiness of your agents. I guarantee it! 

Try before you buy: At REW Academy this means two different things. First of all, we're going to give you an entire month of REW Academy (Premium) for free! No strings attached. We're so confident that you will love this content and appreciate the efforts and knowledge of our coaches that you will happily continue after your free month. There are no long-term contracts (it's month to month) and you can cancel at any time.  

The other thing about try before you buy is that it gives you the opportunity to evaluate our coaches for your organization if you are thinking of hiring them for private 1-1 coaching. This is a benefit to you and the coach and is low friction, low commitment, way of deciding where to invest your larger coaching budgets.  

Save up to 95%: Here's the thing, I almost don't want to put this here because these coaches are worth the $10k+ in billable time we book them for each month but let's face it... It's a GREAT DEAL! If you were to book them directly, you would not only have to co-ordinate them all (which we staff for), build your own local library of past sessions (which we provide) but you'd have to pay over $10,000 per month for these exact same sessions. We charge only $500 per month for a single user and only $5 per member for enterprise customers who want to invite their whole organization. 

REW Academy (Premium) is quite literally the highest value coaching program (dollars to value) in the entire real estate industry. 

It's good for our coaches too! (And it should be)

Why would a coach want to do this instead of just signing their own coaching clients directly and charging more right away you might ask? There are several reasons (and for you coaches reading this, I'm sure you'll give us a call)

#1: They get paid! Most of our coaches get paid their fees (at their retail rates) for their time. Others are special referral partners and clients of REW. All coaches are also eligible to participate in a referral program that drives residual revenue for them every month. This gives them extra incentive to make sure the content is of the highest quality and customers stay subscribed forever. 

#2: They get referrals: REW Academy Premium is our coaches getting paid to showcase their premium coaching services. This group coaching is a gateway into private 1-1 coaching and a great source of leads from our coaches. And they don't even have to sell. They just bring value, every.., time...! And when they do that, they know you will call.

#3: Try before you buy goes both ways. No one wants to take on a client if the relationship will not be successful. Just like you are evaluating the coaches on the program, they are engaging and learning about you as well. By having you enter via REW Academy Premium, they know you are familiar with their offerings, understand the level of commitment and requirements to be successful, and have had a chance to truly consider what a successful engagement would look like. 

Is REW Academy (Premium) right for you? Try it! It's free! 

Our hope is that you find massive value in our coaches the same way our hundreds of team leaders and brokers do. We want you to not only benefit from running a stronger business that is more dialed in and profitable but also to have another tool for recruiting and retention in your toolkit that gives you an edge over the competition in your local market. 

That's it - that's my pitch. If you're a customer we're going to follow up with you personally to get you signed up for your free month. We'd love your feedback and to know what other amazing coaches we can add that would improve your business. 







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