REW Blogs now available to public


After much testing and user feedback we have now opened the REW Blogs to the public, now any real estate professional can apply for an REW blog and showcase their prowess as an internet savvy web 2.0 Realtor.

How to apply for an REW blog:

Go to the REW Forum and send a private message to the community administrator Morgan Carey (Member username webmaster) *You must be logged into the forum to send private messages
In your private message, put in the message title "Requesting an REW Blog" - And then in the body of the private message, you will need to provide your desired username, password and an email address to attach to the blog.

Before applying please make sure you have read the REW Blog Rules

If you have questions about REW Blogs, please post them in the Blog forum of the REW community.


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Morgan Carey

Incidentally, can you please post a comment as to how you came to this post, was it through PR web? The REW Forum? A social Networking site? You letting me know really helps me figure out where I should be spending my time submitting the REW blogs thread :) Thanks guys and gals happy blogging!

Zev Freidus

Tyler from REW pointed me here

Morgan Carey

Zev you already have an REW blog don't you?

Vince Talerico

Morgan, So one day, when I'm asleep in my bed with seo slowly draining my head, your going to rank number 1 for "Real Estate!"


Craig Matty called me today and sent me the introduction to REW and how to get started. I recently purchased a local brokerage and look forward to getting started with REW.


I saw your post in the forum. Ill be gettin one for sure.


Richard Soto with VIP Realty pointed me here.


This is a great list, Thank you for sharing.

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