REW Blogs update


A great big hello to all REW Bloggers.

This is the first official test of my REW Blogs updating system. I will be periodically sending updates to all REW Blog users with helpful tips, news on recent upgrades and releases, helpful threads on how to best use the REW blogs and much more.

So here goes, a couple of quick tips for you.

About yourself - when you are logged in to REW Blogs, you will see a link that goes to "Blog Settings" click on this and you will see that the second field you can fill in is the "About yourself" field. I have noticed a lot of members not filling in this field so I figured I would address this.

This field is like your signature - it is at the top right of every quality post you make on your blog, so by filling in this field you show your readers that you are a real and accessible person who is interested in their business. From reading your blogs, you will have already left an impression of confidence with the reader AND shown yourself as an authority in your respective markets. So lets make the most of that space and use it to drive traffic to your websites, increase your phone calls, and close more deals.

Here is my writeup for a sample:

"I am the creator of REW Blogs and a professional web developer specializing in Real Estate. I am always happy to assist Realtors with their web development needs. I can be reached at 250-753-9893 or via the contact link below this bio."

As you can see, I am quickly telling them who I am and what I do and providing both telephone and internet methods of contact.

Next Photo: Probably should have been first, but anyways, don't forget to upload a photo or avatar. Otherwise all your readers see is the default photo which is a stock trace of a someone. It does not have to be your personal picture, in fact it can be anything, your company logo, a funny cartoon whatever - but once again you have an opportunity here to leave an impression so what not make the most of it :)


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Eric Blackwell

Morgan, I received your e-mail... The REW Blog update is working! Best

Morgan Carey

Thanks Eric!

Wayne Long

Morgan, Got your email!

Calgary Agent

Got your email while showing a property ... read it on the Blackberry while clients were discussing an offer ....

Gary Ashton

Thanks Mr M Long may you reign as the King of the Internet Real Estate marketing :)

Morgan Carey

Long may WE reign as KINGS (And QUEENS) my friend :)


I didn't get an email?


Got your email on my blackberry too (at a restaurant).

Simon Conway

Got the mail - looks great and we will talk next week I'm sure. Just waiting for all the N American DNS thingies to kick in now....


Everyone who is not here, raise your hand.


What dimensions are best for the picture? Mine is distorted, although it probably makes me look better ;)

Marc Rasmussen it.


Thanks again Morgan! Glad to be a part of this new service!

Morgan Carey

The best formatting of your image at this point Ed is 60 x 60 - however we are still messing with the fine tuning of the design, so until then you "could" wait, however if you want to crop an image for better display, 60 x 60 is what it is right now :)


Hi Morgan, that published MLSNI blog article of mine. I made a small grammar error and I cannot edit it. It simply gives me an error has occured message. If you can check into this, I would appreciate it.

Morgan Carey

This should be taken care of

Ryan Ward

It works for me. I think this is very helpful as well. Thank you Morgan.

Joshua Keen

I received the e-mail this morning. Thanks.


Got your email and just wanted to say thanks for all the creataive opportunities you open up for us real estate webmasters and realtors.

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