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Anne Fortin, PPC pro!We have a lot of exciting career opportunities at Real Estate Webmasters, and one of those opportunities is with PPC! I met with Anne Fortin (pictured), who is my co-team lead of Marketing and doubles as the PPC educator, to find out a little more about PPC careers at REW.

MV: Hey Anne, so what exactly is PPC?
AF: PPC is pay-per-click advertising. These are the ads that show up on Google, Facebook, and lots of other websites. The great thing about PPC is that advertisers only pay when someone clicks their ad. These advertising campaigns are very successful, as they can be tailored to only show to your target market, based on keywords searched, or by online behaviour.

Can you give us a general idea of what a PPC person does in their day-to-day work at REW?
AF: An average day in PPC will see someone working with a variety of campaigns and clients. We write new ads to go after new opportunities, analyze current ads and campaigns, and communicate regular updates with clients. The cool thing is that we're developing campaigns from the very start, and get to be responsible for growing a campaign into a high-performing lead generator for clients all over North America. Our results tend to be very successful, and there's great satisfaction in that.

What's your favourite part of the job?
AF: The people! The entire team at REW is an amazing group of people, from a variety of different departments. Our marketing team is made up of over 10 individuals, and we all mesh really well together. It's a really fun place to work! At the same time, I also love working with our clients. We build relationships with our clients; we get to work with the same people month after month, and many of our clients are very long-term.

Are there any other perks to working in PPC?
AF: It's a dynamic position! Each day is different in terms of the clients we're working for, and the projects we're working on. Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Texas and Calgary are just some of the major markets we're in, so there is variety in the types of campaigns we work on. I think another perk that people appreciate is that this position gives us the freedom to organize our days in a way that is best suited for each person's lifestyle. We can choose the time of our shifts, create a client schedule that works for us, and develop our own tactics for time management.

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What makes someone a good fit for a PPC career?
AF: I think the number one thing we're looking for is a positive attitude. We're looking for someone who will be a great fit with the team and the company. Someone who is also great at time management, customer service, and has a strong interest in marketing and advertising would be right for this position.

Is the PPC team doing anything cool?
AF: We're constantly looking at new ways of improving our PPC campaigns. One thing that is really cool is that we're a Google Partner, which means we have the approval of the most popular and respected search engine in the entire world!

Who should apply?
AF: Anyone who is looking for a great job with an awesome company! We have a "work hard, play hard" culture at REW, and we're always looking to find talented individuals who are looking for a rewarding position in marketing and advertising.

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