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Our SEO team is expanding again and that means we're on the lookout for hot talent to join us! I met with Hannah (pictured), one of our in-house SEO experts, to get the inside scoop on what her job is like. Find out what it's like to have an SEO career at Real Estate Webmasters!

Hello Hannah! What does a typical day as an SEO expert look like for you?
HG: Depending on the client, I could spend a day writing about lifestyle and homes in South Florida, or I could be setting up goal conversions and reporting on a Google Analytics account. As SEOs, we get the best of the creative and technical worlds. SEO is an art and science!

My favourite days are when I get to chat with a client about new strategies or help them get their site ready to launch. Usually, they’re managing so many other projects and are grateful to have a helping hand cover the finer details.

What are the best parts of your job?
HG: Each project is entirely different. All of our clients are in real estate, but they’re spread across North America, target different types of buyers and sellers, and have sites at different points of development. We get to create tailored programs for their site and see them through. It’s rewarding to see a new approach take off!

And what's the best part of working at REW in general?

HG: Definitely the team. Every member of the marketing team has a unique background, and they bring a different perspective to the way we do SEO. When we brainstorm together, someone always has input on taking the site to the next level. Of course, that spirit extends across departments, and it really shows when a site requires different departments to collaborate and innovate.

Are there any cool things happening in the SEO department right now?
HG: Yes! We recently welcomed Tony Gilbert to the company, and I know we’re all eager to learn from his years of experience in SEO and real estate. I’m looking forward to seeing the forums alive with tips and tricks!

How would you describe SEO?
HG: When our department tackles a new SEO project, we’re making sure we cater a client’s site to two target audiences: the users and the bots. Not only does the site need user-friendly, relevant content, but all of the site info needs to signal to the bot what the site is for and how it’s useful to the users. Whether we’re writing content, changing behind the scenes settings, or creating social media campaigns, we’re creating a cohesive, engaging online presence.

What skills do you think an SEO expert needs to be happy and successful?
HG: Curiosity and determination. SEO is very diverse in terms of strategy, so you have to be willing to dive into it and change the status quo for each client. And when you start to see it really take off, you’ll know it was well worth it!

Who should apply to join the SEO team?

HG: Anyone who loves to write or who likes to know how things work would fit the SEO bill. When you’re on the SEO team, you can really let those skills shine and put them to good use.

Thanks, Hannah!

Think you're a good fit? Check out the official SEO job description for details on how to apply!


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