REW Charity Proposal: The NCDC Silly Boat Regatta!


Silly Boats Aaron & MelissaLast summer, Aaron in programming and I decided to volunteer for the Silly Boat Regattaan annual family-friendly fundraiser for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre. We signed up online and were promptly delegated the task of running a cotton candy concession stand. We loved it!

But it was the day prior, during the volunteer orientation, that we learned the waitlist for NCDC assistance is over 300 kids long. That's more than 300 families in our own community who need help right now and aren't getting it. These are our neighbours, our friends and our loved ones, and they must wait nearly half-a-year to receive support they need today. That's heartbreaking.

Luckily, we can help and have fun at the same time. Together, we can raise pledges, build a ridiculous boat and participate in the 30th annual Silly Boat Regatta!

Why support NCDC?

It's our responsibility as a community to ensure our children are taken care of. We need to know that our families have the resources they need to succeed and make Nanaimo into an even better place to live. Everyone needs help from time to time and it's up to us, as a community, to ensure that help is available to those who ask for it. Our children are the future of Nanaimo and they will determine the strength and health of our beautiful city.

"Our vision is an inclusive community where children and youth with developmental needs, and their families, are able to achieve their potential without experiencing barriers. Families are supported to ensure their children are happy, successful, accepted by their peers and contribute to their community with the gifts they bring." -Vision, Nanaimo Child Development Centre 

But Wait, What Are Silly Boats?

The Silly Boat Regatta goes something like this: teams have a maximum of 4 hours, start to finish, to build a 2+ person boat out of recycled materials. Almost anything goes except motors and pre-constructed parts. Then, everyone runs down to the ocean and watches these silly boats compete. It's chaotic, it's competitive and boats always sink. What's not to love?

A Not-So-Silly Proposal

We can show our support for our neighbouring families, help them get the assistance they need and have TONS OF FUN doing it! I propose to organize a Real Estate Webmasters corporate team for the 2014 Silly Boat Regatta races, comprised of any REW employee who wants to participate. Together, we will fundraise, collect recyclable ship-building materials, formulate a winning strategy and build a totally awesome boat!

Proposed REW Contributions:

To support the REW Silly Boat team, I propose that REW contributes:

  • $1000 to participate as a Silver Sponsor for the event 
  • $1500 to match REW employee pledges & fundraising initiatives dollar-for-dollar (up to $1500)
  • $500 for supporting costs, like fundraising start-up investments and equipment rentals, with any surplus being donated directly to the Child Development Centre

In exchange for this support, I'm willing to organize the REW team, liaison with event-coordinator Michelle, collect pledges (we need $500 to qualify a corporate team), fundraise for additional donations, discover who's secretly harbouring the skills to make a boat that won't sink, and otherwise coordinate everything we need for a successful race day. 

How Do We Make It Happen?

Simple: vote for it and support the idea! Real Estate Webmasters is donating $100 a day until July 25 to put together a pool of charity contributions. Each month, one of our employee charities will be chosen to receive the funds and make our vision a reality. The winning charities are decided by the Nanaimo community! If you want to see REW participate in the 2014 Silly Boat Regatta, visit this proposal on the REW Facebook page and show your support for it!


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Count me in! I've participated in the Silly Boat Regatta before (when I was young-er) and would love to be apart of the team to represent REW in this year's event.

Jennifer Dorby

This blows my mind! What a wonderful idea guys- I'm rooting for you 100% of the way. Thanks to thoughtful community work like this we can seize a solution to this growing concern!!!


Mike, I'm glad you're in. It's guaranteed fun for a great cause!

Jennifer, thanks for your kind words and your support. :)


Is there somewhere we need to sign up? I'm in 100%.

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